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by OPOVV, ©2015

The U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon was bombed by radical Islamists on April 18, 1983, killing 17 Americans and 46 others

(Feb. 24, 2015) — Fighting the heathen savages while in Southeast Asia, one didn’t take the time nor make the effort to determine the sex or the age of the person shooting at you or throwing the grenade. It just doesn’t make any difference. None at all. Never gave the subject a passing thought, and still don’t, and the only reason why it’s being written about now is for the lead-in to the topic at hand: ISIS on a major killing spree. Muslim teenagers beheading and cutting children in half by dull knife and hand saw. One video shows a chain saw being the instrument of death.

But that’s not the news. Why, Muslims have been committing unspeakable atrocities for 1,400 years. What is the news is that most Americans haven’t a clue about how close to home those atrocities are.

[NOTE: It used to be 20 or so terrorist training camps scattered around the USA; then it was reported to be 27; and now the number has grown to 37 Muslim (is there any other?) terrorist training camps within our borders. Same to be said for Canada and Mexico.]

A couple of weeks ago the UN made mention of the atrocities being committed by Muslims worldwide. The overwhelming targets are Christians. The children are beheaded and their heads placed on stakes in the public park or around intersections, as are the crucified remains of young adult males.

On the internet, there are videos showing ISIS teenagers driving around and indiscriminately shoot people walking on sidewalks, waiting for buses, or driving down the road. It make no difference whatsoever if the people they killed were pro-ISIS or not: the exercise is to install the fear of death in the populace.

When the United States pulled out of Vietnam, a vacuum was created, which paved the way for the Khmer Rouge to make Cambodia into a bloodbath. I thought we’d have learned our lesson, but obviously not, since it’s déjà vu all over again in Iraq.

It used to be that roadblocks put up by the police were to catch drunken drivers, but not so today. They may use the “drunken driver” as the excuse, but what they’re doing and why is twofold: 1) because they can and, as a by-product, catch impaired drivers and, 2) using the roadblocks as an excuse to search your car for weapons, which they confiscate if they think they can get away with the theft. Either way, avoid roadblocks at all costs. Get yourself a scanner.

So what’s the idea behind the title “It’s a LOT Worse Than Imagined”? A matter of time, is what. It’s not Will it happen here? but when.

There are a couple of salient facts that we should be aware of.

1. 2003: Muslim soldier murders fellow soldiers in Kuwait and the military continues to allow Muslims in the military.

2. 2009: Muslim murders fellow soldiers at Fort Hood.

3. 2012: LTC Terry Lakin convicted in a kangaroo Court-Martial after asking to see Obama’s Birth Certificate.

These are important milestones in American history, plus the fact that billions of petrol dollars have been invested to influence the gullible into believing that Socialism/Communism/Totalitarianism are viable alternatives to Capitalism and the Constitution. The direct result of the Far Left point of view, besides Obama, is the terrorist training camps allowed to operate WITH IMPUNITY  within our borders.

Think of greyhounds at the starting gate itching to run after the rabbit. Now think of all these Jihadists in these terrorist Boot Camps itching to cut your throat and take your wife and daughter as sex slaves, or just kill them outright after they have their way with them, just as it teaches in the Quran, as was done to the children at Beslan, Chechnya, in 2004.

[NOTE: reading the reports of how they killed the children is not for the faint of heart, but it’s what Muslims do; it’s how they act.]

The “LOT Worse” part is that it’s not that far off. Our enemy, the followers of Islam, is not waiting around forever to cut our throats. Figure in the not-too-distant future that all of these imported and homegrown terrorists will be unleashed upon America, and then what? Will you be able to defend your family against the military, police, and crazed Jihadists dragging people out from their homes at 3 o’clock in the morning and making the gutters run with blood? Where will you be? Will you be pumping lead into the enemy or will you go meekly to your death?

[Support the 2nd Amendment by owning weapons and being able to protect yourself and your family. Also, be active in supporting the deportation of illegal immigrants and Muslims from our country.]

Semper Fi



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