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by New York State Grassroots Groups

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(Feb. 23, 2015) — Regarding FULL Repeal of the Safe Act [Easy instructions – quick – free – no obligations whatsoever]

It takes many efforts many times by many people to convince Albany “to do what they were elected to do.” Many thousands are participating – thank you – many more needed to participate more – WE ARE Winning!!!!

This is great – Free – no obligations, and it is sure to make YOU proud.
Please participate – Flood Albany with OUR message! [BTW – Albany Lobby Day March3]

WOW – SCOPE does the work and bears the cost! In less than two minutes of your time, YOU will notify YOUR NY Senator and Assemblyman. There is no cost and you do not have to join – absolutely no obligation whatsoever. [Thank YOU, Steve Aldstadt]

SCOPE has done a fantastic job. They put up an internet page that you can click on (see link below) to send a letter in YOUR name to YOUR NY Senator and Assemblyman – Thanks to SCOPE for a great service to New York


This takes less than 2 minutes
Step 1 of 2
Insert your address in the text box
Insert your zip code in the text box
Click either “NY State” or “NY Leadership”

Step 2 of 2
Insert Name, address, phone, email
DONE / COMPLETE / FINISHED – you have now done a civic service
This is the letter that will be sent to YOUR NY Senator and Assemblyman:
RE: The Time Has Come to Do What You Were Elected To Do
Dear [[Recipient’s Title and Name]:
The S.A.F.E. Act is an unconstitutional law that must be fully repealed. The Constitution is NOT up for negotiation!
It is often reported that there is nothing that can be done, legislatively, in order to repeal the S.A.F.E. Act. We are told that our only hope is to wait for decisions in the multiple lawsuits that are going through the courts.  Again, I remind you of the recent power shift in the Senate.   We did not make that happen to hear you say there is nothing you can do.
There is something that YOU can do! Several bargaining chips are at your disposal. As my representative, I want you to use them!
1. REPEAL! I would like you to add the full repeal of the NY Safe Act (S1193-2015) (A3943-2015) to the budget.
2. DO NOT VOTE for the continuation of rent stabilization. More than 2 million New York City residents benefit from rent control making it a critical bill for downstate representatives to get through. Imagine the uproar from downstate if these regulations are not passed then remember the uproar when NY S.A.F.E.. was passed.
3. DO NOT FUND the SAFE Act! As you go forward with budget negotiations, you must go through that budget completely and look for areas that hold funding. No excuses this time! If funding that you find necessary aslo funds the SAFE Act funding, you must find a way to separate it, or vote no on it. You cannot get away with saying that you support the Constitution and then turn around and vote for budget money to fund the unconstitutional SAFE Act!
4. Stall the budget, if necessary! If funding for the SAFE Act makes its way through, do NOT vote for the budget!
We must fight the tyranny that has taken hold of New York State. Corruption is beginning to be rooted out in Albany…that is a start. A Now is the time for action!
[your name inserted on your behalf]
Message from; SCOPE President Steve Aldstadt
SCOPE-backed “Repeal” Bills in Albany! — Urge your representative to do what they were elected to do
Not a SCOPE member yet? Make sure you join SCOPE.
Do you remember how you felt when the three men in a room rammed through the NY Secure Ammunition Firearms Enforcement Act and because of an acronym fooled the downstate people that it was somehow keeping them safe?
Do you remember the standing in snow rain and mud to get the leadership in Albany to stop ignoring us and listen to reason?  Well they refused to listen and many of them paid the price in November.   We were able to return the leadership of the Senate to the Republicans who told us they were on our side.

Now we are hearing that there is nothing they can do legislatively to repeal the law which creates a secret database for all New Yorkers, infringes on the rights of gun ownership and creates criminals out of law abiding citizens.
There is something they can do legislatively, and that is; stand up to the downstate city Democrats and the Governor.
1.      Support the full repeal of the NY Safe Act (S1193-2015) (A3943-2015) and attach these bills to the budget.
1.      Refuse to VOTE for the continuation of rent stabilization which is set to expire on June 15th, 2015.  Restore our Rights or let their rents go up!
2.      Refuse to Fund any aspects of the NY S.A.F.E. Act

3.      Stall the Budget.
With a few minutes of your time and a couple of clicks you can make sure these legislators get the message.  Please take the time and send this message and pass it along to your friends and family.
Thank you for taking action to restore that which was taken away in the middle of the night.Your message for “SCOPE-backed “Repeal” Bills in Albany!
§  Urge your representative to do what they were elected to do” was sent.
§  Please get other to send this message to Albany. Flood their mailboxes with the simple and direct message.  REPEAL THIS ILLEGAL LAW.
Pass it along in emails, spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, forums and social media.

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