by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 22, 2015) — The Post & Email recently heard from Tennessee inmate Mike Parsons, who was reincarcerated last February after allegedly violating the terms of his parole.

Parsons was first incarcerated in 2009 after being convicted by a Tipton County, TN jury of “aggravated assault” and “theft of property” against a man identified as Barry Laxton who arrived at his property without provocation and shot one of his dogs, killing her, in September 2007.

Like CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) in Monroe County on April 1, 2010, Parsons attempted to conduct a citizen’s arrest on Laxton, who reportedly resisted and then “walked away.”  Parsons was then arrested by a sheriff’s deputy and charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault and theft of property.

Tennessee law validating a citizen’s arrest has been upheld in a ruling which stated that “a private citizen has the right to arrest when a felony has been committed and he has reasonable cause to believe that the person arrested committed it. Reasonable grounds will justify the arrest, whether the facts turn out to be sufficient or not. (See Wilson v. State, 79 Tenn. 310 (1833).”

Parsons has alleged wrongdoing on the part of the General Sessions judge, the sheriff’s department, the jury, and the public defender appointed to represent him.  He described the jury as “hand picked…by the election commission officer [sic] manager who was appointed by the county executive Mike was suing.”

Parsons reported that during voir-dire, a potential juror lied about her familial relationship with the accuser so as to secure a place on the jury.  Parsons was ultimately acquitted of the aggravated assault charge but convicted on the remaining two.

Fitzpatrick is also in a Tennessee state prison in Tiptonville after having attempted on multiple occasions to present evidence of public corruption to the McMinn County grand jury.  Instead, the grand jury indicted him without reviewing his evidence, and a trial jury convicted him of “aggravated perjury” and “extortion” in June.  Fitzpatrick’s attorney, Van Irion, has appealed the conviction and asked that his client be immediately freed based on what Irion said were violations of the law and Fitzpatrick’s due process rights.

Irion himself has been the target of a smear campaign while running for Criminal Court Judge in the Tenth District last year.

Tennessee code allows any citizen with evidence or firm belief that a crime has been committed to petition for a hearing with the grand jury in his county.  However, the courts have overtaken the process by installing judicially-selected foremen who carry out the judge’s wishes to include using the grand jury to retaliate against citizens they wish to silence.

In November 2006, Parsons was a candidate for county executive, expecting to win the election based on overwhelmingly favorable early election returns.  However, he was told that the final results showed that he lost the election, after which he filed a lawsuit against his former opponent, Jeff Huffman.

In a recent letter to The Post & Email, Parsons explained that if his lawsuit had succeeded against Huffman, others running for public office on the same ballot and declared the winners would have had their victories invalidated.  “It could have forced a new election and cause [sic] the Sherriff of Tipton County, Poncho Chumley both General Sessions Judge William Peeler, Circuit Court Judge Joe Walker, the DA Mike Dunavant and the County Executive Jeff Huffman to run in another election where they might lose if the votes were properly counted),” Parsons also wrote on his website following the filing of his suit.

Prior to his first incarceration, Parsons was hosting a radio show with a focus on “corruption in government and restoring our constitutional rights and liberties.” He was a licensed general contractor and entrepreneur, helped to run the farm he and his wife own, and served as a rescue mission pilot with the U.S. Air Force Civil Air Patrol.

Following his legal challenge to the August 2006 election, Parsons had called out the local media for bias and received a shocking reply, by any standard, from the journalist in question.

On February 11, 2014, Parsons, who was out of prison on parole, was accused of violating its terms by having access to his wife’s firearms, a charge he denied.  A raid was conducted on his farm, after members of PETA accused the Parsonses of mistreating their farm animals, a claim of which they were ultimately exonerated by state authorities.

Parsons reported that upon departing his property that evening, an unidentified man accompanying local officials asked, “Do you plan to run for county executive again?”

As in December with Fitzpatrick, Parsons was imprisoned in a facility (BCCX in Bledsoe County) which is more than six hours from his home and family.  Eventually moved to a closer facility in Clifton, Parsons waited nine months for his parole revocation hearing to take place.  In his recent communication to The Post & Email, he enclosed a report he prepared summarizing the event as having the predetermined outcome of upholding his incarceration resulting from a bias on the part of the parole board officers holding the hearing.

Of Cherokee Indian heritage, Parsons is currently working within the prison work detail along Highway 64, which coincides with the Trail of Tears, traveled by his forebears in the early part of the 19th century when they were forced to leave their homes to go to an “Indian Colonization Zone.”  The removal of Native Americans from their homes in the Southeast was approved by President Andrew Jackson, who himself hailed from Tennessee.

Parsons is appealing the decision of the parole board on the grounds that “Significant new information that was not available at the hearing,” “Hearing Officer Misconduct,” and “Significant Procedural Errors” existed during the review process.

The following is Parsons’s appeal:

[Editor’s Note:  The Obama regime has labeled those standing up for their constitutional rights as “sovereign citizens” and “potential domestic terrorists.” It has funded “sovereign citizen” training programs through the FBI and state “fusion centers” across the country with significant input from the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

On February 20, an alleged “report” issued by DHS, but not released to the public, allegedly claimed that “domestic right-wing terror” is an imminent threat within the U.S. following Obama’s “summit” on “combating violent extremism.”

A law enforcement training program developed by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) features Fitzpatrick, Raudenbush, and Darren Wesley Huff as “sovereign citizens” in the same category as convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and a father-and-son team who gunned down two police officers and wounded two others in May 2010 in West Memphis, AR.

Eyewitnesses have stated that Huff was unarmed when he patronized a restaurant after being turned away from the Madisonville, TN courthouse in April 2010 where a hearing was taking place for Fitzpatrick, and evidence has shown that the FBI affidavit used to justify Huff’s arrest contained false statements.  He is serving the last several months of a four-year sentence for transporting firearms across state lines with the intent to cause a civil disturbance after no such “disturbance” occurred.

Raudenbush was retaliated against by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, local law enforcement and the “judicial” system because he had filed a lawsuit against Bivens for confiscating a trailer with contents valued at more than $120,000 used for the Appalachian Youth Missions organization.  As a result of grand jury indictments issued early in 2011 listing seven vehicular crimes alleged against him, Raudenbush was tried and convicted on eight charges and denied counsel by Judge Carroll Lee Ross.

Spending more than two years in state prison, Raudenbush’s convictions were ultimately reversed upon appeal and remanded back to Monroe County for retrial.  In November, he was retried on the same charges at reduced levels, which could have violated the Fifth Amendment’s provision prohibiting a citizen from facing “double jeopardy.”

Raudenbush filed a second lawsuit against the State of Tennessee alleging unlawful incarceration which he believes led to the jury’s conviction of him a second time, although Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood did not send him back to prison.]

Regarding his original prosecution and conviction, Parsons told us:

The most significant thing that I wanted to convey is that this was an entire county-wide election.  The judges, the District Attorney [General], the Circuit Judge, the General Sessions Judge, the clerk of the court, and the county executive which I was running for would have potentially had to run again if I won my lawsuit. That was why they wanted to get me out of the picture.  Everyone had a vested financial interest in my going away.

Parsons asked where Fitzpatrick is now housed, to which we answered, “NWCX.”

The Northwest Correctional Complex in Tiptonville, TN

“Is he in the compound or the annex?” he asked us.  When we indicated we were not sure, he said, “There are two annexes up there:  Lake County and NWR. Either one of those is good and safe, and that’s the primary thing that he needs.  He’s like me…People kill people in these places.”

Of his conditions in prison currently, Parsons told us:

Tonight we were told, as we walked into the dining hall, by the food stewards, “Don’t eat the fish; we’re sorry; it’s bad; it’s spoiled,” and the food steward called Nashville and said, “Hey, we’re going to substitute…” and Nashville said, “No, serve it to them anyway.”  But they gave us fair notice that it was bad.

If we miss going to eat, that’s OK, but you don’t dare miss going to the med window.  They will hunt you down and put you at the med window to make sure you’re drugged.

It’s all about “hygiene;” one hand washes the other.  The pharmaceutical company makes a profit; the profit helps pay for these politicians’ elections.  It’s all about “hygiene” in Tennessee.

When we asked, “Which medication are they forcing you to take?” Parsons responded:

Oh, I’m not on any.  I refuse everything.  I stand my ground, and that gets them mad.  They hate me with a passion.  But they’re not allowing me any alternative stuff.  All of a sudden, I’ve developed a skin cancer on my face that they’ve diagnosed, and they want me to do some chemo or cryogenic.  I said, “I need some black salve,” which is a natural curative which will cure skin cancer.  It’s a Native American thing and has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, well-known worldwide; it’s no big deal.  It’s not anything that is hallucinogenic; it’s not a drug that people take other than for skin disease.  They’re refusing me that, and I’ve had to go through the process of arguing with everybody about it.  The doctor over this department himself said that in his private practice, he refers people to take it.  But here, it’s pharmaceutical drugs only.

The Post & Email responded, “They’re doing this to foster kids also; it seems that any child showing signs of anxiety or a little extra energy is a candidate for psychotropic drugs.”

“It’s the destruction of this country from within,” Parsons replied.  “They drug you up, dumb you down…the people here are so uneducated.  You’re talking to a guy who made Cs and Ds in high school until he came back home to Tennessee, where he made straight As and never cracked a book.  In Washington State and Texas, I struggled to get Cs and Ds.”

Parsons explained that he was raised in a military family and therefore moved around the country.  He described people “who have never left the county” as “Backwoods Bubba, slow and steady.  They listen at this speed, and they think at this speed.”

He then made the following revelation:

In my case, the county attorney, after I was convicted, made the comment at the country club that they were going to rue the day that they railroaded Mike Parsons, because “it’s going to come out.  He’s not one of these backwoods bumpkins who’s going to roll over; he’s going to fight this, and his family is going to fight it, and somebody in another position higher up is going to listen, and its all going to come down on them.”

Well, two weeks later, his brand-new Escalade, which had an automatic fuel shutoff switch in the gas tank – the official story is he ran head-on into a tree, the truck burst into flames and he died in the ensuing fire.  The other story that I heard from a guy who was a sheriff’s deputy where it occurred said, “Mike, there were some skid marks for 200 feet; it looked like a dump truck rammed into the back of his truck and shoved him, and he locked up the brakes but he was shoved into the tree and they lit the thing on fire as he was stuck in the truck.”  The back end of the Escalade was crushed.  In a head-on collision, the back end’s not going to be crushed.  The back of this thing was squished-in more than the front, and he was burned to a crisp, and then they shredded the thing a few days later.

Of his and others’ wrongful incarcerations, Parsons told us:

It used to be that the Parole Board was independent; now they’re under TDOC, so they’re feeding at the gate.  It’s a business.  They want to maintain a 95% occupancy, just like a hotel.  It’s managed, it functions and is run just like a hotel.  The only difference is that it’s a hotel that you can’t get out of.  In my case, it took me five months to get six days of “program days” that they didn’t give me in June.  I got it just last month. Well, now I’m trying to get the back pay, and the same person that’s over that is very vile and rude and obnoxious. She’s a government bureaucrat who doesn’t want to do her job, and they let her get away with it.

There’s no accountability within this system.  The people who have the ability to hold people accountable at the lower levels won’t, and then the people above them at the state level – I don’t know if they’re too busy or hope that it just goes away.

Here are two things that I’ve identified:  This is run literally just like Nazi Germany was pre-World War II, where they’re eliminating people, creating a police state, a prison industry for the select few who are running the industry.  Other than that, the people have been duped; they think that there’s justice and liberty and a constitution.  The reality is that what they operate under is what they call an adversarial system.  In the courts, their goal is to convict you; it is not about the truth. People are deceived into believing that they’re looking for the truth. Not at all; it’s about a win-loss ratio, just like the mentality of football:  win at all costs.

They don’t care about you, they don’t care about your family, they don’t care about how you affect society by your absence, your employers, your children, your community – everyone who depends on you be damned because their almighty back pocket has to be lined with money, and you’re the cash cow.

“This is exactly what Walter described in the Tenth Judicial District:  a human trafficking operation.”

I call it a warehouse of humanity.

Parsons said he has written to Oathkeepers and Gun Owners of America (GOA) regarding his plight on several occasions but has received no response.

Where are all the patriot attorneys and legal counsels out there?  We need to return to legal counsels. An attorney is a creation of the state.  Nowhere in the state constitutions of any state nor in the U.S. Constitution does it say you have a right to an attorney.  An attorney is not legal counsel.  That’s why they have different words, and the definitions of those words are found in the dictionary.

Section 1 of the Tennessee constitution is very clear as to what the remedy is:  the power is with the people, who have the right and the duty to alter and abolish the government by any means they see fit.  If you can’t fix it, you get rid of it. Certainly, we want to fix the broken system, but unfortunately, the system’s been hijacked.

A document Parsons wrote in December but which was received belatedly by The Post & Email on Saturday reads:

The Post & Email asked Parsons when he expects to be released, to which he responded:

“Trail of Tears” route taken by Southeastern native Americans beginning in the 1830s

If I stay where I’m at and I get my “good days,” which is the days for working, walking up and down the streets picking up trash along Highway 64 – the original Trial of Tears, no less, and being Cherokee, I’m reminded daily of my ancestors and the oppression of their time – I’m looking at about May 15 unless they hold back some of my days and mess with me on those.  However, if the Parole Board either does it on its own or if the court forces them to release me on parole, that could happen any time.

The fact is that if we can’t get justice in the Tennessee courts, if we can’t go forward into the district courts, U.S. courts, then we go to the World Court.  Just recently, there was a guy who was in Guantanamo Bay for five years who actually had to go all the way to the World Court, but he finally won, and the charges against him for being a terrorist were overturned.

We don’t want a one-world government; we want the sovereignty of the people, but unfortunately, with them holding all the power, the guns, and all the people being brainwashed into believing there’s no other choice, therein lies your last remedy.

In closing:  where are all the patriot lawyers out there, the patriot legal minds?  We’re out here fighting the fight on the front lines, and we’re paying a high price.  The sad thing is that unfortunately, all you’ve got is a bunch of vultures lined up ready to take all of your money and literally exhaust your family’s resources while you sit in a prison exhausting your life.

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  1. Why will we have to wait until the next election to be able to prosecute any of the DNC guilty of blocking Criminal Presentments? Will there ever be laws to prevent political criminals like Hillary, Pelosi, Axelrod, Jarrett from blocking Presentments and denying our rights?

  2. If this was all being carried out by Republicans, every minute would be getting coverage in mass media since it would be against Democrats. America has never seen such mass violation of Law, Constitutional Law, Federal Law and all other laws covered under U.S. territory. Democrats have abandoned the middle class, Military, Constitutional Law to achieve some type of upper entitlement supremacy in their minds that traverses anything we have seen en-mass in politics and crosses all lines of legal anything. Yet, we have seen the total coverup by Republicans and Democrats knowing Obama is an illegal dual citizen POTUS being used as a tool for the DNC Operatives like Jarrett, Axelrod, Pelosi who are pulling all the strings in the embedded DNC corruption of culture and giving orders to carry out all these at their orders.