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February 21, 2015

Dear Friends of Liberty,

On Monday morning, February 23 at 8:00 a.m. in Room 137,  the House Judiciary Committee will be hearing HB-583, a bill being introduced by Representative Randy Pinocci from Cascade County.  We have worked for a very long time to see this plan for world government be exposed to the Legislature and citizens of Montana. We thank Rep. Pinocci for putting himself at personal and political risk to defend national, state and personal sovereignty as guaranteed by our founding documents. I am sorry for the very short notice, but the bill and committee assignment only happened yesterday.  To get this bill into the hearing process and to provide time for action on the House Floor for the required three “yes” votes before transmittal to the Senate, this whole process must be completed before the end of next week.  After Transmittal Break, the Senate will hear and act on the bill in similar fashion. Assuming that HB 583 passes both Houses, it will end up on the Governor’s desk for signature, which indeed will be a whole other story.

We have a lot of headwinds in presenting this bill, not the least being that I will have only around 15 minutes to present the case for DO PASS to the Judiciary Committee, with maybe another 15 minutes for proponents to speak in favor. Because of the effort by a dedicated group of producers, patriots and sponsors, many Montana Legislators and County Commissioners have been exposed to Agenda 21 through a series of DVDs and documentary movies that have been distributed over the past several years.  This may make the learning curve a little less daunting.

Later that day the Judiciary Committee will meet in executive session to vote for or against passage onto the House Floor for action. We had hoped that we would be allowed to bring in experts from all over the country to testify on our behalf through Skype or teleconferencing, but that is not allowed with this particular committee and we would probably not have adequate time anyway.  I will do my utmost to ensure a positive outcome, and request a strong showing by the many supporters of our effort to expose the goals of globalism.  The one advantage of such a short notice in hearing is that it will likely not allow time for the promoters of Agenda 21 policies to organize a strong opposition to the bill.

Please try to attend the hearing and show your strong support for this bill, and if you cannot attend, please contact the Legislative switchboard and register your support for HB 583 with the Judiciary Committee members. 

Legislative Switchboard  (406) 444-4800

In liberty,

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