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(Feb. 20, 2015) — Convincing “The Albany Cesspool” that passing the Safe Act was corruption equal to the criminal charges against Silver, Libous, Skelos, all the lawmakers indicted and/or convicted and the 200 Moreland Commission investigations isn’t easy.

THEREFORE: WE must Keep Pushing – Keep Fighting!!!!! FULL Repeal of the Safe Act is Priority #1 in returning New York to a decent and respectable place to live. Don’t Quit – Don’t Back Down……We ARE Winning!

Below is another of OUR letters to the lawmakers. This one is to Senator Sue Serino. As you may know, or as you will see, Skelos and crew have now tapped her and others new to the senate into the Status-Quo expansion of “studies” and “task forces”. While WE do not condemn Sue or others for taking the position – if they didn’t someone else would – but WE hope this doesn’t lead to us losing others to “The Albany Cesspool.” WE must keep them on the straight and narrow – Yup, if WE don’t, no one will. Ain’t Civic Duty fun? ……lol

Please Participate and send Sue – and MANY others in the Senate and Assembly a call and letter urging them ALL to cosponsor S1193-2015 FULL Repeal of the Safe Act along with any message you deem appropriate. – Thanks

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Please READ ONMessage to Senator Sue Serino

—–Original Message—–
From: albel1 <albel1@aol.com>
To: Serino <Serino@nysenate.gov>
Sent: Fri, Feb 20, 2015 9:55 am
Subject: Re: Congratulation and Request

Dear Senator Serino,

Recently Dean Skelos appointed you to Senate’s task force on Lyme disease – congratulations!

We are not sure what this task force will achieve that the medical profession can’t but we have faith that you will keep your statement in mind as you lead this task force: “I believe we must safeguard taxpayers’ money and invest it in the things we really need,” / “We need to get government spending under control”. [From “Meet Sue Serino”]

As you know – and you have been a part of – there is a huge movement to rescind the illegal passage of the illegal Safe Act. Dean Skelos is largely responsible for that irresponsible action in the Senate and its eventual passage. We are in hopes that you may be able to persuade Skelos to see the error in his ways. Please convince him to cosponsor S1193-2015 and help bring it to the floor for a vote and passage. FULL Repeal of the Safe Act will go a long way to restoring the integrity of the NY Senate and the image of Albany.

Here is your statement that we rely on:

Second Amendment [From “Meet Sue Serino”]

I fully support the Second Amendment and, in the County Legislature, I sponsored legislation opposing the SAFE Act. Our personal freedoms are under assault from big government in Washington and Albany. I won’t compromise on our constitutional rights.

On your task force committee are George Amedore, John Bonacic, David Carlucci, William Larkin and Michael Nozzolio. Of those AMEDORE and LARKIN have signed on to MARCHIONES 1193-2015. And AMEDORE, BONACIC, LARKIN and yourself have signed on to NOZZOLIO S511-2015. Carlucci has not signed on to either.

1.      Will you sign on as cosponsor to MARCHIONE S1193-2015?
2.      Will you lobby SKELOS, BONACIC, NOZZOLIO and Carlucci to cosponsor and support S1193-2015

3.      Will you lobby the entire Senate and Assembly for FULL Repeal of the Safe Act?
4.      Attach FULL Safe Act Repealer to the budget?
5.      Add a clause to the Budget to Prohibit ANY Funding of the Safe Act?
6.      Introduce a Referendum of Repeal of the Safe Act?
7.      Support Efforts to restore the people’s Right to Referendum?
8.     Then take the current budget proposal and flush it down the toilet and draft a new one with NO special interest grants and tax giveaways?
NOTE: Mark’s Law and Mental illness issues can be passed as separate issues after FULL Repeal of the Safe Act.
Your 2014 election platform reads as it agrees with the Moreland Commission and with Preet Bharara’s evaluation of Albany. Therefore, we have great hope that YOU will be a major part of “Cleaning up the Albany Cesspool.” Priority #1 FULL Repeal of the Safe Act – Keep Pushing – Keep Fighting…….please.
Our coalition will be in Albany on March 3rd. We hope to have a conversation with you – thanks.
Thank YOU for your service to New York
We eagerly await your reply
Al Belardinelli

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