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(Feb. 12, 2015) — So they dragged the body of an American soldier (Mogadishu, 1993) through the streets, an impromptu parade amid laughter and cheering, and we didn’t turn them all into a sea of glass. No, we just watched it all unfold on the six o’clock news. And now, twenty years later, we’re moving whole Somalia villages into our country. The very people who were laughing and cheering our dead soldier are now living among us.

When America turned tail and ran away from Vietnam, it was a classic case of what happens when you don’t defeat the enemy: you lose and have to run for your life. They say it was the first time America lost a war, but that’s not quite true. In the 1940’s, after World War II, Eastern Europe was lost to the USSR, and after the 1950’s, North Korea is still one giant gulag. The rule of thumb of how to win a war: all those who wish to do you in: kill them.

Yesterday the embassy in Yemen was taken over and our Marines had to boogie out of town, but before they left, they were ordered, by the Department of State, to destroy their weapons. Illegal order, by the way (the statement read: approved destruction plan. Not on my watch). So they, by all current reports, followed the illegal order.

Now listen up. There’s all kinds of orders. There are regular-normal orders, then stupid orders, followed by really stupid orders, which are the orders which may get you killed by following them. Destroying your weapon falls into the category of a really stupid order, and it doesn’t make a bit of difference if the order originated from the Secretary of State or the President of the United States; irrespective of which civilian government employee gave the order, it is a really stupid order. Any really stupid order to destroy personal weapons, which may directly affect the longevity of those who are toting them (their ticket back to The World), is, by definition, an illegal order.

Furthermore, any order by the de facto president Obama is, by definition, a really stupid order because Obama isn’t even an American citizen, for Pete’s sake. And on top of that, he’s using a stolen Social Security number, which makes him a felon. And Obama has a fake Selective Service Registration card. I mean, how many strikes does a person need before the conclusion is reached that Obama is an illegal immigrant? Take orders from an illegal immigrant? Fat chance.

Meanwhile, back to the realities of the circus in which we find ourselves, LTC Terry Lakin is looking on the whole sorry situation, perhaps thinking, “You brought the dishonor upon yourselves.”

And that’s it, isn’t it? The picture the world has of America is one of America running away, tail between the legs. Lost the Yemen embassy and running for their lives, and you would, too, if you destroyed the very weapons you needed to protect yourselves.

In my day, 1965, no way would it have happened. And that’s the main difference between today’s military, which thinks of Obama as the Commander-in-Chief, to the military of 1965, half who were draftees, citizen soldiers (like myself) who would’ve stood, shoulder to shoulder, with LTC Terry Lakin.

Once a military of honorable men has changed to today’s military of, well, decide for yourself. Those ex-military who are on Fox News (Lt. Col. Peters, Cols. Hunt and North, MG. Vallely, and General Jack Keane, to name a few): too bad they’re not on the Joint Chiefs of Staff today instead of no-accounts such as General Dempsey. Nope, the military of today is just one of running away with its tail between its legs: deja vu all over again.

Semper Fi


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  1. We have 6, that is SIX Veterans that have been illegally arrested by DNC Operatives for Obama to keep their mouths shut. Fitzpatrick, Lakin, Wood, Huff, Butler, Bennett were all illegally arrested and imprisoned, denied their legal rights and forced to rot while viewing the most aggressive Muslim/Marxist push we have seen in America. Godless and proud, they have been programmed since the late 1950’s when White and Black elitist/entitilement anti-American radicals combined to pool their efforts against America and it’s Military.