False Measles Scare


by OPOVV, ©2015

“I’m a usurper”

(Feb. 9, 2015) — Government manipulation on the subject of the news. Manufactured crisis overwhelming the real concerns of the citizens of America: Constitutionally-ineligible president (Obama). Mumps, chicken pox and measles are the three common childhood diseases that most people have survived, and for the measles, today, taking the front-page news is irresponsible by the media.

Polio and smallpox vaccines I can see as a viable concern: measles not. But that’s not what’s at play here. What’s going down is more Obamacare idiocy in the form of government control of our children’s (and our own) health.

Government manipulation in the response of horrific acts of savagery by Muslims as “workplace violence” or no comments at all. Government blaming an amateur video on the four murdered in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012, and we still don’t know who gave the “Stand-down” order. Let’s say we replace the word “measles” with “Benghazi” and learn the truth, for once.

The Obama Administration has done incalculable harm to our men and women who find themselves in harm’s way. There is a possibility that those killed in Benghazi could not have been saved, but the fact remains that they were left to die because any effort that may have been mobilized in which to save them were overridden by orders from one of three people.

1) Valerie Jarrett, the puppetmaster of our country. The real ruler behind the throne.

2) Obama, a Muslim plant who takes his orders from an Iranian Muslim Brotherhood operative, Valerie Jarrett.

3) Hillary, aka Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton, aka Hillary “Let them eat cake” Clinton,” aka Hillary “I got four killed” Clinton, would not have generated the stand-down order but may have passed it along, and then again, maybe not. Maybe she was bypassed completely, knowing how incompetent her stint as Secretary of State was. Perhaps she was included in the chain-of-command and passed the order from the White House along.

It’s up to each of us to determine what is and what is not important in our lives. This measles hoopla is no more newsworthy than a dead weasel alongside a highway. Let’s get our priorities right: eligibility and Benghazi.

Semper Fi


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