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by OPOVV, ©2015

Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Ahmed Karti, who is reported to have ordered the genocide in Darfur, Sudan beginning in 2003.  Karti’s country, which is on the U.S. sponsors of terrorism list, nearly put to death a pregnant Christian mother last summer for refusing to recant her faith

(Feb. 6, 2015) — “Thou shall not bear false witness.”

Lie Thee not, Pilgrim. Depart from these succulent shores; begone, never to return. Spread Thy seed yonder but do not dare influence our prodigy with falsehoods and made-up stories to suit your despicable desires, for We do not share in the vision of Despair and Hopelessness.

We, who are whole in Spirit, foretell the future of Freedom for ALL in the world, inalienable rights, that cannot be ordered to cease to exist with but the stroke of a pen.

We honor our ancestors, be they not of blood, but of Spirit in the never-ending quest so each individual is able to live as he chooses to live: poet or stonemason; counselor or a designer of kites.

W allow, even to the point of encouragement, all to cherish the Freedom to express ourselves as we see fit, above all of the freedoms. We seek not to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater, nor do we wish the destruction of any persons or ideas that benefit the continuation of free speech, be it in the form of music, songs, stage or film, live or recorded, and whether we like it or not, even if it seems outlandish and inappropriate to us. We support, if need be, to the death, the right of ALL people to contribute to the common good by supporting anyone’s right to the 1st Amendment in the Constitution.

We allow, even to the point of encouragement, our fellow humans to put their foot in their mouths, if they so wish to make a fool of themselves. It has been said that satire is good for the soul, to keep one’s feet firmly planted so as to not go off on some tangent and run amok. A mirror, of sorts, to see the possibility of “going over the edge,” possibly so far out there as potentially doing harm to others.

Any darn fool can say, “In the name of Christ, I’ll plunder, kill and burn.” Any intellectually immature mind can conjure up any feeble excuse to cover any deed so as to avoid persecution from their peers. Any stupid person can go into a bank and say, “In the name of Jesus Christ, give me the money.”

But just because people can (and, apparently, do, as Obama just did on February 5, 2015) say certain words in a certain order, doesn’t necessarily make it true, or make whatever they said automatically become a fact, or something to be repeated in mixed company. The teachings of Jesus are as straightforward as one can possibly get. The message is one totally deprived of any possible ambiguity or misunderstanding: do unto others as you would wish to have done to you: The Golden Rule.

It is a sad moment in the evolution of Christianity that the name of Jesus is still being perpetuated in some circles as possibly advocating destruction and death. It is inconceivable that The Word hasn’t spread far and wide so even the most unread and isolated heathen hasn’t been exposed to the teachings of Christ: The Golden Rule. Only people who are filled with either ignorance or pure evil equate Jesus with anything other than The Golden Rule.

That Obama is a Muslim and supports the Muslim Brotherhood (a terrorist organization) is a given. Another given is that Obama is filled with a hate for the West and, in particular, the United States, to which his executive orders and words attest.

Many government departments have been corrupted by the Obama Administration, the NSA, IRS, DOJ and the DHS, to name a few. Keep in mind that Hillary and the other Obots have one purpose in mind: to destroy the Constitution and, by proxy, the USA. The writing is on the wall, starting with Obamacare: a giant step towards Socialism.

In the name of the corruption of our country, embrace the 2nd Amendment.

Bottom line? Yes, Obama is dumb, that goes without question: just got off the boat, but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous. Remember that.

Semper Fi


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