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by OPOVV, ©2015

Whose ally is Turkey?

(Feb. 2, 2015) — As in all endeavors, if you want the desired results, the quickest way to achieve them is also the safest. An ambulance driving onto a construction site is a sure way to make all work stop. A co-worker suffering a fatal heart attack at the water cooler: might as well send everyone home because whatever work accomplished that day may very well need to be redone the next.

The leader of a Cub Scout Troop must exercise the same command performance as a captain of a Navy man-o’-war. The troop has been assigned to sell American flags door-to-door. One leader gives arbitrary map coordinates; the other tells the Scouts to sell in their own neighborhood, which is the more appreciated method because, not only does it sell the most flags, but it is the safest.

On paper, the League of Nations was admirable. Same to be said for the United Nations: on paper it looked great, just as the Constitution of the USSR, but the execution was nothing but a total failure due to the total collapse of rational thinking. Today, the UN is nothing more than an Islam admiration society.

NATO, the North American Treaty Organization, started off with a bunch of countries pooling their military resources with the hope of thwarting any Communist aggression, and for many years it delivered as promised: the USSR didn’t attack. Nowadays, the aggression comes in the form of a political force disguised as a religion: Islam. Recently, NATO has allowed an Islamic State (Turkey) to become a member, thanks to political pressure applied by the USA, bringing the world just that much closer to the “New World Order” nonsense.

Western Civilization is under the gun, at war with Islam, and to have an Islamic country in the same club made of countries of the West is ludicrous, at best, and self-destructive, at worst. What military “secrets” could NATO ever have when the enemy knows everything NATO knows?

When I was in the military, operating in countries around the Mediterranean, the only countries that I actually set foot in were NATO allies. Never did I fear for my life; after all, we were on the same side. We were warned to stay away from the “Arab Quarters,” which was easy to do, since they smelled so bad you wouldn’t want to go there anyway.

Just a couple of months ago, the USS Ross pulled into the port of Istanbul where the sailors were allowed to go on liberty. Sightseeing the town, a couple of our sailors were physically threatened. If those sailors hadn’t made their escape, surely they would’ve been hog-tied and beheaded, on film for all to see on Al Jazeera television.

As soon as those sailors made it back to the safety of the ship, the ship should’ve blown it’s whistle in a certain code informing all other sailors on liberty to get back to the ship ASAP. As soon as the last sailor was aboard, all lines should’ve been cast off and the ship hightailed it out of port. The heck with Turkey: if an American has to fear for his life, Turkey is no friend of ours.

But the captain didn’t blow any warning whistle, didn’t summon his crew back on board ASAP, and didn’t hightail it out of there. No, he just sat there for a couple of extra days. Sitting there like a good little captain, taking his orders from the Pentagon, White House, and/or NATO (leading from the top down, not the American way. The American way is to allow our troops to think on their feet while in dire straits): NO EXCUSE. If the captain can’t protect his crew, then he has no business being the captain. The captain of a ship has sole authority over the safety of the vessel, and for the captain to follow conflicting orders between what had to be done but wasn’t is a clear case of not serving in the best tradition of the U.S. Navy.

Actually, had I been the captain, on my way out I would’ve placed a few well-positioned ordinances on a few valued targets as a going-away gift.

Semper Fi


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