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by OPOVV, ©2015

On January 23, 2-15, three members of a family, including both parents, were killed by an illegal alien previously apprehended and released by ICE

(Jan. 31, 2015) — The philosophy goes like this: stay in bed and nothing bad will ever happen. A couple of thousand years ago it went by the name of the “Ostrich Defense.”  Nowadays we call it the “Hiding Under the Covers Defense,” which is pretty popular. Sounds good, too good to be true, really, because we have other factors directly affecting our lives such as plate tectonics, dodging space debris, floods, and so on, including influenza epidemics. But let’s not forget the neighborhood bugler, or the just-released sex offender now a red star on the “People-to-be-On-Guard-Against” the next street over.

No matter what we do, or don’t, it’s all a risk. A risk of not working is trying to survive without a paycheck. A risk of driving is getting hit by someone who’s driving without insurance. A risk of going to school is having your head stuffed with skewed information supporting make-believe junk. A risk of checking out books from the library will get you on some government terrorist list for being a “thinker,” an “intellectual,” or being labeled a person who may be able to discern the lies that the politicians expect the voters to accept.

The real risk in allowing illegal immigrants to roam freely within our borders is murder by drunk drivers, knives, guns, lead pipe, strangulation, and by whatever means is available such as being pushed off tall buildings and getting beheaded. Also illegal immigrants steal by breaking into private residences and businesses; committing car theft, whether someone is in the car or not, purse-snatching, or kidnapping for possible ransom or for the sick sport of torture and murder, many filmed that make their way to the computer.

Another daily risk is from the adherents of Islam. It is not up to us to discern which particular Muslims are prone to be a suicide bomber today but not yesterday, which ones are willing to kill innocent civilians by hijacking a plane next week but not this week, which of the millions are more than willing to kill a Jew, Christian, or anyone else if they think they can get away with it, or not. Face it, if it were the other way around, any distinct group of people would do the same in order to protect themselves, their children, and their way of life. The USA must refuse to allow Muslims to interact with any other people except themselves. Therefore, it is paramount that we have no Muslims within the borders of any country that give no deference to women, do not subscribe to cruelty to animals, and who have demonstrated for the last thousand years that they are an integral part of the human race.

Unfortunately, Muslims dramatically fail the litmus test. Even today they behead people for leaving Islam or not following Islam. Even today they conduct “honor killings (premeditated Murder One)” because a daughter was seen “looking at a boy,” “talking to a boy,” or being caught wearing fingernail polish or lipstick. But there’s also “honor disfigurement:” boiling water or battery acid poured on the faces of wives and daughters; ears, noses and lips cut off; and severe beatings that leave the helpless victim maimed and crippled for the rest of her hopeless and torturous life. It’s happening today. Somewhere wherever there are Muslims, a beating, maiming or killing is taking place. Now. As you read these words.

The fact is that the Muslims who kill and wish to kill in the name of Islam are not being singled out and identified, arrested, prosecuted and convicted by the so-called “Moderate Muslims” is the Achilles’ heel in the argument to accept Muslims within our country.

Until we see the light; until we are sick and tired of allowing murderers to walk freely in our country, we will continue to experience bloodshed and theft on a monumental scale. We can execute deportations in a timely and secure manner, but we must start now.

Semper Fi


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