HAVA Complaint Receives Financing!


by Sharon Meroni, Executive Director, DefendtheVote, ©2015

(Jan. 21, 2015) — I wanted to let you know that we have raised sufficient funds to add a legal team to represent us in our HAVA complaint. (DTV posting here)  The complaint, now in mediation, will quickly begin to work its way through the system. I am interviewing several legal groups to represent us.  If any of you have suggestions, please do let me know!

Will we still need more funds?  Of Course!!!! We are going to continue to dedicate contributions in January and February to our legal funds! Every dollar makes a difference!

On another note, Defend the Vote has new offices set up in the 6th Ward in Chicago at 511 East 79th Street.  There is a story to tell here as dedicated Republicans work to secure the vote for all Chicagoans during this non-artisan election! More information to come!

Lots of activity in 2015.  Our next email will address election judge hiring practices in Chicago.  We have partnered with other groups to assist in the non-partisan election to assure the election judges are legally staffed in Chicago.  The Chicago Board of Elections has stonewalled all of our efforts.  Things are heating up as deadlines loom…

Have you checked out the updates on Defend the Vote’s website?  There is more work to do, but we are organizing the site so it is easier to follow the many actions Defend the Vote is involved in.

Cheers for 2015 – May your year be filled with grace, prosperity, and joy!

Sharon Meroni
Executive Director, Defend the Vote

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