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(Jan. 20, 2015) — Ice and snow covered the freeway, leftover snowflakes wafted in the night air from the blizzard that had moved in fast recently and passed just as quickly away. Doing seventy on the road was careless but a moderate fifty conservative miles per hour for the conditions moved traffic along in the very dark stretch. Suddenly and with no apparent explanation other than a slight angle on the freeway, things were not going well as a panoramic view through the windshield of the SUV begin appearing in all directions.

The vehicle was spinning like a top or a jack given a full twist on a hardwood floor. Forward progress was nearly halted and the thought flashed, “This is not good” about the second 360 that occurred. There seemed nothing that could possibly be done except a gentle tap on the breaks through every breath. As I was flying past a number of objects I thought, “Glad I didn’t hit that one” which would have been a massive pole to wrap the car around.

Somehow through a barricade of cement barriers an opening appeared that might in the milliseconds ticking away in slow motion allow the safest stop, but it was over an embankment which I could not see an end to. Over I flew, catching a little centrifugal forced air, and splash into the body of water that had gathered in the bottom of a drainage or low point of freeway hill.

Thank the Lord movement had stopped, I was safe, and the car wasn’t totaled. I’d heard the splash but didn’t understand how much water I was in until I opened the door and realized my vehicle was pointed down and water was flowing into the cabin. I stood waist-deep in an ice cold stagnate in a little shock of what to do next, thinking, “God help me.” Had I said it out loud or had I just thought it? I didn’t know.

“Are you OK?” I heard a voice yell down as I looked up and saw a man looking at me standing in the water with my car engine, no doubt, completely submerged under water. “Yes, yes, I’m okay, but I’ve got to get this out quickly!” my voice echoed back in the air. “I don’t have anything to tie to ya but I got my truck here I could pull ya out. Do you have anything we could hitch to you?” my angel said.

My mind stepped on the gas and I was already scrambling back in the car for the fifty-foot, one-inch nylon rope I used a few times before in a tow for others. This time it was me it would be helping, I thought. I took a deep breath and dove under the shock of my rear tire in the cold water. I was completely under pulling and feeling my way to my rear axle. My freezing hands fumbled the rope around once, twice for good measure, and I come out with a gasp with the other end. Crawling up the embankment, I hoped it would reach.

He pulled his truck as close to the edge as he dared and I horse-tied a slip-knot to his frame. “Take it really slow. I’ll get in mine and try to get it going in reverse to climb out, but that rope isn’t all that big and could snap any time,” I said while thinking, “Please, God, I need one more miracle. I need my engine to start under water.”

It fired up the first try and the line tightened as we began our reverse maneuver. The line stretched with the tug-of-war. I prayed she wouldn’t break. It was as if I could hear her screaming being pulled with the 3000 lbs. she was tied between, “This is too much!”

“Come on, Baby…come on, Baby…hold..hold… hold,” I encouraged out loud, as I steered back up the embankment. Oh, wow! The engine was running, all four tires were on solid ground, and soaked as I was, the adrenalin was warming me. I bailed out of the car and went back to thank the man who had helped me. I wanted to embrace him as a brother as I untied the rope from the frame of his truck.

He was beaming in the night. Perhaps he’d struggled to make payments on that truck and gone through a torture of trouble at many turns from others in his love and defense for it, but for him this was good enough reason to have endured all of it. He understood the parable of actually “being the good Samaritan” who’d stopped to help, and he knew that reward would never be stripped from him, even if the bank took his truck back.

The cold prevented much of an adieu but I tried to convey in words how profoundly grateful I was as I narrated for him the circumstances of discomfort he’d gone through in delaying his trip, wherever he was going, braving the cold night air, for someone he’d never met before. I stared into his eyes, hoping to burn his soul into my understanding for future use. He’d stopped, and a hundred cars had passed us since then. It seemed hours had passed, but it had been only fifteen minutes. We shook hands and parted ways.

As he drove off I began to feel the numbing sensation dissipate over my whole body and the new raw sensation take over, bearing in mind all the circumstances that had just happened. I needed just a minute more with the heater going full blast to grip the wheel when I noticed a different set of lights in my rear-view mirror.

These were red and blue and I didn’t know how to feel about them. As the officer sauntered up to my window, the scene of the accident completely cleaned up, he wondered out loud, “What’s going on?” “I just slipped a little bit but everything is fine, Officer,” I suggested, hoping he didn’t notice the only sign left – my soaking-wet clothes.

There was no doubt his nose was working like a bloodhound’s for a trace of brew which I knew he wouldn’t find, but I just, well, I just wanted to get home. I didn’t feel like being frisked and spending another twenty minutes on the side of the frozen freeway explaining the details. I just wanted to put it behind me. Was that possible?

“If YOU SLIPPED you were driving too fast for conditions!” he barked. “Yes, you are right,” I politely answered, thinking no defense existed that would settle his conclusion. I was more amazed now at the man who had helped me. He seemed to understand sometimes accidents just happen and the best possible solution is to just try to clean up the mess as best as you can. If anyone had been placed at the podium of a lecture to me, he had, but he gave nothing but his helping hand.

The officer seemed disgusted that he was out in the cold from the heat of his car not issuing a ticket and he gestured adamantly for me to move on and stomped back to his car. I thanked God again he hadn’t written a ticket out which I couldn’t afford and I had been allowed to leave without too much hassle.

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It’s been over a decade since that happened, but they say accidents have a way of retelling themselves over and over and over again. Indeed, our country is in trouble. We were seventeen trillion dollars under water November 28th and with a big spike lost 40 Billion in two days December 1st, 2014 diving into the 18.005 trillion-dollar hole.

Our Constitution has been ripped and ridiculed by the very people elected to uphold it and the deceit and deception of a fraudulent identification has put a usurper in the White House who has no legal authority in the Office of the President except an illegal election of his person based on the Fraud’s forged identification.

Law enforcement seems content to issue minor citations for policies, holding watered-down hearings and diluted versions of the truth about a host of scandals such as Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS profiling, and spying on Americans randomly without any need for warrants, rhyme or reason, but refuses to remove the storm that has set up as a resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Without a ‘natural born Citizen’ qualified in the Office of the President, things that we’ve thought were progress like Obamacare, ObamaAmnesty, and ObamaOminibus have submerged us into a heap of trouble. Yes, the engine of small business in America is waning with a heap of overdraft charges that don’t look likely to be dismissed.

Can the Constitution of the United States be the rope that pulls us out? Has it been so stretched that it will snap or will it, “Hold, baby..hold, baby… hold.. hold.. hold”? Will we be able to perform a reverse maneuver after being thrown off the freeway, and is there anyone who will help us, or is our car destined to be towed, trashed and crushed?

2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 in the Bible talks about a great apostasy that is to take place prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. What is apostasy and what would constitute a great apostasy in your eyes worth a mention in all of the ages and generations of man? There are probably more people involved than ever before and hence much more economically at stake than ever fathomed before. Forty billion in two days and over 18 trillion dollars in debt is a point in history one might see registered on the heavy side of the Richter scale.

Read the rest here.

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