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by Tom Pastore, ©2015

Demonstration against Charlie Hebdo killings on January 11, 2015 in Brussels, Belgium

(Jan. 18, 2015) — The angry cry of “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) by millions in France gives a glimmer of hope that citizens all over the world are awakening to the vile and fanatical desires of Islam followers who use religion to justify a sick and evil desire to conquer and rule others. We can only hope that people’s continuing efforts in a real moment of world unification will remove the festering poison of the fanatically obsessed.

I truly hope that those in support of France and other victims of this evil obsession remain true to the cause of removing this global infection. Should our unified efforts to quell this sickness fail, then we must be prepared to recognize that today’s America, under today’s alleged leadership, had a clandestine membership in this “club of Jihad.”

Here in America, though, we the people have shown unity with France as understanding and suffering citizens. Sadly, we have failed to reflect any leadership elements to give the world comfort in who exactly leads the people of these United States. The world wonders if “We the People” have any form of representative government or just some delusional elitists who need to hire more staff just to try and keep their lies consistent and to battle growing lawsuits from the people of America.

The United States and its inadequate leaders have shown a lack of true concern for people’s rights of expression, protest, and free speech, not only in faraway lands, but right here in our back yard.

In the land to our south which has caused and continues to cause division and grief in an America that used to hold true to its values lies a tragedy that should have all of us screaming, “I am Student” in the same justified spirit as the French have declared with “We are Charlie.”

In September of 2014, 43 Mexican college students, most in their early 20s, were in their school bus and vans  en route to exercise freedom of speech and protest the lack of funding for the college they attended.  Should they had been able to graduate, they would have become qualified teachers who could have aided in teaching the poor and forgotten people of Mexico. As the story appears to unveil itself, it appears they were pulled over, removed from the bus by Mexican police, and turned over to one of the many notorious drug cartels which actually rule Mexico. The short and brutal version to this story is that they were all killed and burned beyond recognition, as was discovered when their remains were found buried in filled pits. Forty-three young people, children, who were just going to practice free speech and let their voices be heard so they could continue their education were murdered and burned to death at the whim of those who have NO regard for human life in a country that compels its people to illegally come to America, because the government lacks honor, leadership and love for its own people!!

Graphic containing photos of the 43 Mexican students abducted and killed by a drug cartel suspected of acting under orders of the town of Iguala’s mayor and his wife in September 2014. The students were on their way to hold a protest during a conference given by the mayor’s wife. Iguala is located in the state of Guerrero in the southwestern part of Mexico.

How does this brutal “Murdered-43” NOT qualify for a world unified cry, as did the events in France, where they also were killed for the innocent exercise of free speech?  Where is the American outcry for this savage attack that was as brutal or even more so than the attacks in France? Where is our sanctimonious government, and where is the mainstream “holier-than-thou” American media? Where is the global outcry, where in unity, we must demand responsible action?  Mexico should hear our unified cry of “I AM STUDENT (43)”  (Soy Estudiante (43).  The parents of these 43 children and their supporters protest alone and struggle alone in a world that claims to detest the brutality of those obsessed with control and power but has shown NO support for the innocent of Mexico!!

The reports claim that 97 people have been arrested for this crime; 36 of them are municipal police officers, along with a former mayor and his wife.  The question that remains for the people of Mexico is, Will anyone ever really “pay” for this crime? After all, the rest of the world is too busy attempting to quell another evil that should have been deleted decades ago, and they have only enough self-righteousness to go around!! We can only hope that someone in America and the world cares enough.

We as individual Americans have all been students at one time or another and must remember our hunger and desire to seek answers and truth as we became educated. We all felt we could do it all and make a difference. I suspect that these 43 students, too, felt they could make a difference, and for that we must still give them a chance to do so.  Raise your voices in unity and join to show support.

Though I am but one voice, let me say in support for the truth and for justice for these “Murdered-43,” for they can still make a difference.  I say, “I AM STUDENT (43)”….Soy Estudiante (43).”

I shall revive this story when the ignorant and greedy in America prepare to celebrate the embellished “Cinco-de-Mayo” NOT-worthy day in May. Let us hope that we are ALL Students of the “College of Life’s Experiences” so we can ensure that we learn from our history and deny the opportunity to repeat it.


Editor’s Note:  While there were protests both in Mexico and the U.S. over the brutal slayings of the Mexican students, global outrage has not reached the level as that which was seen after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, a policewoman, and a Jewish grocery store in France January 7-9.

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