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(Jan. 16, 2015) — My fellow American Patriots:

Thank you for your attention in this matter and your concern as Americans for out United States Constitution. Many of you are discouraged thinking all is lost in our Republic. A psychological assault has been laid upon you from many directions with the intended purposes of burning you out, making you tired, and stripping any hope you have away.

I am here to tell you that you outnumber them and your voices, however small and individual, do indeed matter. I am fighting for that very thing. Across this nation valiant and courageous men and women have done extraordinary things as individuals to take a stand for our Republic. The results are noticed and taken into account.

As you may or may not know, I put out a Blog Piece Dec. 29th,2014 that itself scoured the web so quickly it was picked up on radar and noticed as TRENDING.

TWENTY DAYS have passed since then and I have made two other calls checking on the status of the Case Judy v. Obama et. al., 14-4136 and have been put off by the clerks of the Court. I know that you are home working your jobs, paying your bills and contributing towards your communities and that matters, as these are often the furthest from your minds and concerns. Jan 14th, 2014 a report came out in the Washington Times that cited Mr. George Soros giving $33 million dollars in contributions towards activist groups hoping to tear Ferguson apart hoping to spur civil action.

When there are gains to be made by dividing, separating, and spoiling, you better believe there will be men who will finance it while good people like you are really kept home working your jobs and struggling to put food on the table for your children. I know how hard it is to balance staying afloat with staying active, and more than once I have sacrificed staying afloat to be active. Today I shared on Facebook the remembrance video of my testifying in New York at the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial that found Obama guilty, and the transcripts have been passed on to Congress. Over that two-week period of travel, I lost my job, my home, and my family to divorce and started over with less then $100 to my name.

I have no doubt in my mind those sacrifices were called for by our Father and Creator in Heaven, and with only enough money to get there, I was uplifted by a few contributions to be able to get home, but it was very scary. Throughout 2008 I made great sacrifices in my Las Vegas, Nevada lawsuit to warn the Republican Party of the perilous road taken when an unqualified person usurps the Office of the President in my Judy v. McCain lawsuit, and I continued with my standing as a candidate for President in 2012 against Obama clear to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Time and space prohibit a full disclosure of those proceedings here and now, but they are in Court Records. I understand how much time it takes to get Court Records, read and digest every word and every motion that was taken in the past, especially when you’re involved with so many other things. The biggest thing that I want you to understand at this time is, “So Do The Courts.”

Not always, but sometimes the Courts themselves will ‘gauge’ a ‘public concern’ regarding the case. They will research stories to take a public temperature reading and ascertain what justifying one decision over another will do. In every case, two sides argue and many factors come into play. The ‘public factor’ is a big concern. Picture sweeping your kitchen with no one in it and how much easier that is than sweeping your kitchen with twenty people in it and you’ll know exactly what I’m saying.

It is much easier to sweep something under the carpet when no one is looking, and this is what I’m afraid of. It’s happened quite a bit and my last post detailed two nationally-known reporters who themselves have taken action regarding this happening to them. Imagine the horror as a reporter knowing a story to be true and being told you could not run it. Imagine your computer and phone tapped and wired by government because you were writing stories that detailed government corruption.

There are times when we must take a stand and at the very least on a ten-minute break or lunch hour, call our Courts of Law and let them know that we know about a case and would like an update. That is what this suggestion of a Patriot Activate Call is and nothing more. I have informed you a decision is taking place; you are concerned about that enough to call and ask the Court if it has been made. The process makes it more difficult to sweep any dirt under the carpet and frame a case as ‘improbable’ and ‘unlikely successful.’  It’s always interesting when a judge starts to entertain language like that as if he is guessing what the jury taken from the public would likely decide.

Well, I know what the jury decided taken from all over America in that CIA Columbia Obama Trial in New York, and it was “guilty” on many counts. We do surround them, and at times it must be noticed that we are watching them very closely, like children who are always demonstrating their ability to stray out in the road that could cause an accident to happen.

Let’s put that to rest because I know there are more patriots out there than hooligans. I know there are more working men and women wanting their children to have a chance in the land of the home of the brave we call the United States of America, the same Union and Flag that we pledge allegiance to the Republic, for which we stand, one Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. I know you’re out there and that you can pass this on and in your busy day while you’re having a coke and chip break you can call and just be a voice on the telephone for a one-minute call that says, “God Bless America and justice for all.” I am a concerned Citizen about this case; how’s it going? Case No. 14-4136 Judy v. Obama. Any news? The phone number to make such an inquiry of the 10th Circuit Court Clerk is (303) 844-3157.

Thank you for this consideration, and may all you who have held signs, traveled far for protest, rallied for the cause of our Republic, be blessed for your sacrifices. You touch my heart and I am inspired by you. I know we got a lot right in this case and that fundamental legal values are to be swept under the carpet if the facts of this case also are allowed to be swept under the carpet. Please help in any way you can.

Yours truly,

Cody Robert Judy
Candidate for President 2008, 2012
Plaintiff in Judy v. Obama 14-4136

Judy v. Obama is indeed in chambers and is set to be ruled upon shortly. I don’t know exactly when it was submitted for a decision as ripe by the Clerks and I don’t know how long it may be in chambers, much as one doesn’t know how long it will take for a jury to reach a decision, but we do know now for certain that the process of a decision is under way, that all arguments have been submitted and now are closed. The U.S. District Court Records have been submitted and a decision is now close at hand.

Cody Robert Judy

For those wishing to read the court action I have filed in Judy v. Obama filed in the Tenth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, Denver, CO, I invite you to here. I also would like to make an appeal to you for contributions which you can send to the address listed on the Court document to me if you’d like or you can now do that online at the website now.


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  1. @Mr. Hiller- Thank you for calling, and forwarding your results. I’m very appreciative.

    @Sslcraig Thank you for standing with me.
    In addressing your question “legally enforceable” means there is no penalty attached in or as a the criminal code.

    As a distraction, many have elaborated upon the Constitution not expressly saying what a “natural born Citizen” is by definition. They also fail deductive reasoning as we know it must have to do with two things that we acknowledge are considered in types of inherited citizenship/or subject loyalty. , place of birth and parental inherited .

    There are indeed “circumstances” laid out in the COTUS regarding this. Wither it be read remains to be acknowledged.

    The “circumstances” I refer to are of course, entered as “or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of the Constitution ” these are indeed circumstances.

    Games of word deception can be played with anything. We could surmise we don’t even know what Constitution he was talking about, or what Citizen meant at the time, or what was meant by execution of office, or what was really meant by the word “president”.

    The capture of security through obscurity would actually render the Judges office and his bench moot as well but I’m guessing he doesn’t want that happening?

    During the “Ballot Challenge Erra” in 2012 we challenged more word smithing. We are now into Civil Rights and Congressional Act violations. Completely different ball of wax. .but still demands recognition of interpretation.

    If we cannot agree natural born Citizen is something more the Citizen and deduct parents and place of birth as co-efficence of the circumstances we can’t agree on the Court having any authority to interpret either.

    Penalties for violating Congressional Acts and Civil Rights are laid out plainly but if logic reasoning ,philosophy , and facts can’t lead us to truth, we are damned to bear the penalty of lies.
    Thanks for your comment

    1. Cody, et al;

      Why so dismissive of the 1st Congress’ usage of the term of words (U.S.) “natural born Citizen” in a provision that provided for the acknowledgement of them at birth to a wife of a U.S. Citizen father EVEN when out of the limits of the U.S., within the 1790 Act “to establish an uniform Rule of (U.S. Citizenship,{implicit}) naturalization, post the “collective naturalization effect of the Ratification of the COTUS upon the Founding Generation of State Citizens….???

      Is it really so hard to connect the Constitutional dots that make up the Rule of Law of the Supreme Law of the Land, the Common-Law of the United States of America.

  2. Cody,

    I stand with you in body and soul and praise your persistence in the face of adversity.

    However, you, like so many others, miss the bulls-eye.

    There is only one (1) Constitutional issue that needs answering.

    I have expressed it in a Motion for stipulation of adjudicative fact in my previous filings and NOW find support for it from Judge Thomas Anderson of USDC for the Western District of Tennessee Western Division in Case 2:12-cv-02143-STA; as he HELD in a Ruling on Motions in a Case at Bar;

    “… ANALYSIS .. It is undisputed that the material fact at issue in this case is whether under the circumstances of President Obama’s birth, the President is a “natural born citizen,” a term set out in the United States Constitution and construed under federal law. “
    “…The federal issue presented is obviously contested in this case. Likewise, the Court holds that the federal issue is substantial …”[pg 6/7/8]

    In order to understand the issue considered by Judge Anderson just focus on the specific’s; … ” … under the circumstances of birth, WHO is a (U.S.) “natural born citizen,” a term set out in the United States Constitution and construed under federal law. “

    Judge Anderson’s question proves that there is NO uniformly acknowledged legal, (enforceable), identification of CIRCUMSTANCES that conforms with the usage set out in the COTUS.

    By extension the question must be asked if there is no legally identifiable circumstances that constitutes being born a U.S. natural born Citizen then can there be a legally elected POTUS / V-POTUS…under A2S1C5’s exclusionary language…???