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by OPOVV, ©2015

Should the IRS audit the man known as “Barack Hussein Obama” to find out what he is hiding?

(Jan. 6, 2015) — Wouldn’t pass Square One; wouldn’t get by the first box to be checked; wouldn’t make it past the FIRST page.

Name? How many aliases does Obama have?

And now we come to the dreaded “What’s your Social Security number?” Now, for you and I, that’s no big problem. Why, it doesn’t even reach the hurdle stage; it’s a non sequitur; a no-brainer; it’s just nine short little numbers; it’s no big deal. But for someone (Obama) using a STOLEN Social Security number, it is a big deal.

As a matter of fact, for all the false information that someone may want to give the IRS, the last, the very last false information would be an incorrect Social Security number. That’ll get you a visit faster than you can say “Jackie Robinson.” It is, after all, the first thing they check.

Obama’s Social Security number matches some dead guy’s name from a place (State) where Obama never lived, had a job or went to school. So why’s he using a stolen Social Security number? (Hey, Mr. Attorney General, Eric Holder: did you know that identity theft is a felony? Hey, just maybe you’re part of the problem; ever think of that?)

Let’s make a list of the possible reasons why someone would want to use a stolen Social Security number. At the top would be to hide one’s true identity, but to what nefarious end? Why, to hide money transactions for the purpose of defrauding the US government of taxes owed. Also to disguise where the money came from and where it’s going. We have a simple and comprehensive term for such transactions: money laundering.

So Obama has been caught (red-handed) using a stolen Social Security number for money-laundering purposes. Now we always hear about drug money leaving the country, but what about money entering the country? Maybe you want to back a candidate: you need posters, radio and television time, a saturation ad campaign. Nothing, but nothing, talks any better than cash.

Why, you can buy an unlimited amount of support when you pay by cash. Those posters and banners cost money. Did you see those posters that the protesters were carrying in Ferguson? You think they paid for them? And in New York City?

Okay, so, I believe, we’ve proven way beyond a shadow of doubt that Obama is, in Truth, a de facto president, meaning he’s a fake.

To what end did all those billions of Saudi Arabian petrol dollars go to? First, the dumbing-down of Americans through liberal political nonsense that has been taught in our schools and pushed down our throats from Hollywood, television shows, and, most importantly, commercials.

Second, the purchasing of businesses, from football teams to used car lots so as to overtly back Muslim political candidates for any and all political offices.

What kind of “hope and change” has Obama brought to the United States?

And last, the reason for the whole charade is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and to force Sharia Law down Americans’ throats.

Muslims are in Congress. Recently the Muslim Brotherhood had the audacity to announce that it is a viable political party in the United States. Bills will be passed with amendments that will slowly but inexorably end up shoving Sharia Law down our throats.

The Saudi Arabia’s Wahabbi political philosophy (Islam) is financing the whole shebang from money we’ve paid them over the last half-century for oil that we discovered, pumped, delivered and refined. In my book they’d be lucky to get ten cents on the dollar. Think about it: just because we’ve been shafted in the past, just because we’re being taken for a ride now, does not mean we have to take the madness that’s been handed out by our State Department for one more day.

So if the IRS did audit Obama, he’d walk, wouldn’t he?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Listen: previous wrongs can be put right. We need someone with the moral courage to, for once, tell the truth in Washington, DC, and we need them now. Know of anyone, offhand?

Semper Fi


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