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(Jan. 6, 2015) — Unfortunately, illegal aliens have been voting in U.S. elections for years now, in pretty much every state, and most Americans have no clue about it. Furthermore, election data indicates that they vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.

Most Americans assume that illegal aliens are not able to vote in U.S. election simply because it is “illegal” for illegal aliens to vote in the U.S. – Guess what! It’s “illegal” for illegal aliens to be in America, too, and the government does not enforce those laws, either.

First, realize that States are NOT in the business of enforcing Immigration and Naturalization laws. Enforcement of these laws falls under the legal jurisdiction of the U.S. Federal Government. Each state is to “report and advise” Federal Immigration Agencies regarding illegal aliens in the state, at which point, those Federal Agencies are operating under Executive Memo to “stand down” on enforcement of our immigration laws…

So, no one is doing anything to stop the ongoing flood of illegal aliens or remedy the crisis by arresting and deporting them once they are here.

How do they vote in our elections?

It’s much easier than you think. Let’s look at a few examples…

TennesseeRepublican Governor – Republican House – Republican Senate

The state of Tennessee requires the following in order to vote in any Tennessee election, including federal elections.

“Valid and current photo identification required to vote. Examples include a Tennessee driver’s license, a valid photo ID issued by any state, a U.S. passport or valid U.S. military ID with photo.” – Source

Sounds great, right? – Except the state of Tennessee issues both driver’s licenses and State Photo I.D.s to illegal aliens on the following basis.

“Proof of U.S. citizenship (or) legal residence is required for obtaining a driver’s license or state ID.” – Source

If an illegal alien can show “legal residence” by way of a phone or electric bill in their name, they are issued a Tennessee driver’s license or State photo I.D. – at which point they have all they need to vote in any election in the state of Tennessee.

Oh, they also need a Tennessee voter registration card, which the Tennessee DMV issues to them at the same time they issue the driver’s license or photo I.D.

Pretty neat, huh? Tennessee allows illegal aliens to vote.

WyomingRepublican Governor – Republican House – Republican Senate

Wyoming, also known as a very conservative state, has much more strict rules on issuing driver’s licenses and state photo I.D.s.

“Must present U.S. passport or state-certified birth certificate, proof of Social Security number and two current documents proving Wyoming residency (utility bill, etc.).” – Source

However, Wyoming does NOT require any form of I.D. in order to vote in any election.

“No voter ID requirement.” – Source

Yep, once again, Wyoming will have illegal alien voters due to their refusal to make sure they don’t.

If you think these two states are unique in this circumstance, think again. YOUR state is most likely allowing illegal aliens to vote as well. Look it up under your state Immigration Laws. If they register as Republican, Democrat or Independent, they can vote in most state primaries, either party.

BEFORE Amnesty

While millions of Americans focus on blocking any form of amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, both federal and state governments were focused upon giving illegal aliens the same rights as American Citizens even before any form of amnesty could pass the federal legislature.

According to every state immigration law reviewed for this report, illegal aliens are gaining access to social welfare benefits even though federal law prohibits them from doing so. Each state Immigration Law has language similar to that found in Tennessee…

“Under federal law, illegal immigrants are prohibited from receiving most public benefits. However, they are allowed to receive emergency services, health care and other programs that have been deemed “necessary to protect life and safety.”“ – Source

All government social spending is done under the claim that it is “necessary to protect life and safety” of the less fortunate. What do you think it means, “emergency services, health care and other programs,” when we know that “food” is essential to life and safety, and we know that illegal aliens sit in the same classrooms with legal American citizens because “education” is “necessary” and a “basic right” according to our elected public servants?

Although it has all been done “illegally” and “unconstitutionally,” it has all been done already. Most Americans just don’t know it yet…

Who is Responsible for it?

According to government documents, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has five basic responsibilities and the authority to carry out those assigned duties.

#1 – “Protecting the American people from terrorist threats is the founding principle of the Department and our highest priority.”

Yet, DHS is calling the shots on Obama’s open borders policy, refusing to enforce our immigration and naturalization laws, importing Islamic Jihadists under the Refugee Resettlement Program, and granting known terrorists captured on and off American soil constitutional rights, including taxpayer-funded defense counsel provided by Obama’s Department of Justice.

#2 – “Fulfilling our mission also means securing our borders—our Southern border, our Northern border, and our air and sea ports.”

Again, it is DHS who is issuing “stand down, do not arrest, do not deport” orders to all Federal Immigration Law Enforcement agencies.

#3 – “When it comes to immigration, we need to facilitate legal immigration while we crack down on those who violate our nation’s laws.”

Instead, DHS is acting on the illegal and unconstitutional orders of Barack Obama by ordering all Immigration Enforcement Agents to “NOT ENFORCE THE LAW” and instead, assist with the processing of illegal aliens into American society and shipping them out to all fifty states.

#4 – “As a nation, we must develop a more urgent sense of readiness.”

In this area, the Obama Administration has focused DHS mostly on readiness for “potential domestic terrorists,” also known as American Citizens who oppose the global socialist direction of the Obama Administration. As it pertains to Islamic Jihadists and threats from abroad, the Obama Administration has taken a stand-down, appease and negotiate posture, while releasing numerous known terrorists from Guantanamo Bay and returning them to the field of battle against the West.

#5 – “Finally, we must unify and mature our Department. Our goal is simple: one DHS, one enterprise, a shared vision, with integrated results-based operations.”

This agenda item resulted in cross-training between the U.S. Military, Federal, State, County and Local Law enforcement, bringing all under the direction, command and control of DHS, which operates on the order of the White House, in this case, Barack Obama.

The “unified effort” is to NOT enforce our Immigration Laws, our border security, National Sovereignty or Security from the greatest threat of all to Americans, global socialism, being ushered in by the very people American taxpayers fund to stop all of it.

So, DHS and the Obama Administration are responsible for this mess, and every State Governor and Legislature who is going along to get along is also responsible.

A Solution?

For starters, work with State Legislators to change your state laws. Stop issuing driver’s licenses and photo I.D.s to illegal aliens, and stop allowing anyone who cannot demonstrate proof of legal Citizenship to vote in U.S. elections or gain access to any taxpayer-funded benefits. If you fail at your state level, there is nothing you can do at the federal level today.

Then, force the new Republican-controlled Congress to terminate all Obama orders which were not within the Oval Office Executive authority to issue and begin enforcing all immigration and naturalization laws immediately.

In case the above is not insane enough to motivate you yet… let me finish with this!

The Federal Government is refusing to enforce our immigration laws and giving illegal aliens more constitutional rights than even American Citizens have today. In addition, they are allowing illegal aliens to vote in our elections and access public welfare assistance, despite both being against our laws.

But making matters even worse, the Federal Government has also made it illegal to employ illegal aliens, which means that they have no choice but to live on public welfare benefits and/or commit crimes in order to feed their families.

In short, our Federal Government is replacing anti-Globalist Americans with pro-Globalist illegal aliens.

If “the people” don’t stop it, nobody will…


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  1. What does it matter if illegals vote? The legal voters tried to get rid of Boehner by voting overwhelmingly for those who said they would do that. When they got a chance, we saw what happened. At least with illegals we KNOW what they’ll do.