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We are very pleased to update you on action in the state of Texas, where the Balance of Powers Act (BOPA) created and distributed by our organizations since 2010 is finally gaining some steam.

You may recall that Tennessee was one of the first to erect a Balance of Powers State Legislative Committee in 2013. That Committee spent much on 2014 working on several key Individual and State Rights including Second Amendment Rights for citizens of Tennessee.

Louisiana just passed a similar measure from their Senate Commission on the Balance of Powers and expects to erect a Louisiana Balance of Powers Committee there in the upcoming sessions. To assist with this effort in Louisiana, please contact lead coordinator Jim Walker.

Now Texas Representative Dan Flynn has introduced his version of the Balance of Powers Act in Texas in HB98 titled The Texas Balance of Powers Act.

We want to thank our active leaders in Texas, Tom, Larry, William and Ken for working this initiative forward in Texas and staying on top of the effort to assure that the best possible version of the act becomes LAW in Texas. To help in Texas, contact info@northamericanlawcenter.org.

Our BOPA Model is just that, a constitutionally crafted and vetted MODEL that legislators in each state may adapt to the varied circumstances of the individual states. When this happens, too often, what was originally designed and vetted as “constitutional” becomes “unconstitutional” or at least questionable in the effort to “make it stronger.”

This has happened when local groups have tried to improve upon the Model, like in Georgia where the final proposed legislation in no way resembled the BOPA Model and was subsequently dead on arrival in the Georgia legislature as “unconstitutional,” – and it happens sometimes when state lawmakers attempt to improve the model as well.

It takes “active people” with boots on the ground to shepherd this Model legislation through the legislative process and end up with the desired outcome, protection of both Individual and States Rights at the State level.

Work needs to be done to correct a few issues in the Texas BOPA HB98…. and it will take active and engaged members on the ground in Texas to do it. HB98 is the right start and the people of Texas have to make the necessary corrections and carry it across the finish line.


The Balance of Powers Act Model continues to grow in popularity as the best means of blocking unconstitutional federal overreaches at the state level. So if you are not pushing this Model legislation in your state, you should be, right away.

Leaders at NALC stand the ready to assist….

WE ARE AT A CRITICAL TIME IN OUR COUNTRY! Things like The Balance of Powers Act simply must get accomplished now, and we simply MUST HAVE enough financial support to continue making the right thing happen in America.

So, please take a moment to JOIN, RENEW or DONATE below!

Thanks to all who make what we do possible!

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