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by Martha Trowbridge, ©2014, blogging at Terrible Truth

Private Investigator Neil Sankey

(Dec. 27, 2014) — Terrible Truth is pleased to bestow upon Private Investigator Neil Sankey its 2014 Man of the Year Award.

Since 2011, when he stepped forth to assist Martha Trowbridge in her investigative research into the actual personal history of the man who fraudulently presents as “Barack Hussein Obama II”, Neil has provided a steady stream of expertise, knowledge and wisdom.  Formerly of Scotland Yard, Neil’s investigative work since the late 1960’s on global radicals facilitated his identification in 2012 of Terrible Truth’s “Jo Ann Newman” – the actual, living mother of the man who falsely presents as “Barack Hussein Obama II” – as one and the same with F.B.I. Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist aka “Elizabeth Ann Duke.”

With his striking humility, indefatigable patriotism, British humor, and plucky good nature, Neil Sankey is a true gift from God.

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Sankey, Terrible Truth’s Man of the Year.

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  1. Neil
    Since you are a Brit and Martha has my vote for the first woman as well as the last ‘slot’ on the ‘front’ Mt. Rushmore, you can be on the ‘other side’ that I’m going to carve, as soon as I can buy some rope and hang from the top and start sculpting …so, you will join along with Orly Taitz and maybe, MAYBE Trey Gowdy, if he doesn’t tern out to be another Dan Issa.

    In other words Neil, THANK YOU.
    Now, if we only had one Patriot in CONgress like you and you’re not even AMERICAN, instead of the feckless coward traitors that infest the rats nest called D.C.

  2. I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations to my friend and fellow Private Investigator and Obama critic, Neil Sankey.

    Neil is a true blessing to freedom and a true patriot. I thank you Neil for your untiring efforts to restore the blessings of liberty to the United States, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

    “Live Long and Prosper”- Leonard Nimoy as Spock in Star Trek.