by Nicholas E. Purpura, ©2014, TPATH Contributor

(Dec. 25, 2014) — The last six years Obama has systematically shredded the Constitution as Congress cowered, reminiscent to the Reichstag before Hitler.  Hopefully the American citizen has had enough of these do-nothing windbags in Congress who are allowing this wannabe dictator to systematically act as if he is the supreme law of the land.

No “Treaty,” “Executive Order,” nor any “Executive Memorandum” grants this usurper, or any past or future President, the authority to circumvent the United States Constitution.  Each of these three instruments are null and void absent cited constitutional authority.  If the Judicial Branch and the Congress would do their duty, those documents, as instituted by Obama, would be rendered as meaningless as an off-the-cuff Obama speech.

No President or any Senate decree has the authority to relinquish or dilute the protections and immunities guaranteed by the “Bill of Rights.”

Shamefully, the spineless empty suits of most in  Congress, fear adhering to their oath of office.  Doing so would compel them to familiarize themselves with the “Supremacy Clause” which would lead to the only plausible next step: prosecution of Obama for his abuses of power and violations of the Constitution.

Ref; Article VI:
“This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and Judges in every state shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

It may come as a surprise to some that Obama never actually signed an “Executive Order” related to his unlawful immigration scheme. The media lap-dogs and Congressional stooges would have you believe he did.  Obama and his wranglers of obfuscation, all of whom are devoid of any thoughts of being honest or upfront with the American people, have again outsmarted the RINO Republicans in Congress.  Those manipulators of meaning are fully aware that an “Executive Order” must cite what Constitutional or statutory law exists which would legally support the order.  Hence the stealthy use of the Presidential Memorandum was the actual order they employed and the usurper signed.

This little-known requirement was omitted from the use of Presidential “Memorandums,” though in reality the requirement is the same with or without its being explicitly stated.

The immigration fiasco is a test, and based upon semantics, the fact is the usurper issued an “Executive Memorandum” that has the same force of law as an “Executive Order.” If he can with this sleight of hand succeed, he will use this same precedent to implement future “gun control” using this same unconstitutional tactic to circumvent the Constitution. This has been an ongoing practice while Congress repeatedly turns a blind eye.

We the People must take this reprobate to court! The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that Constitutional guarantees cannot be abolished by any President (even a legitimate one).

The whole purpose of the Supremacy Clause, to which all acts, treaties, Executive Orders and/or Executive Memorandums, statutes, and State Constitutions must conform to, is to render “null and void” anything which violates the Constitution.

There has always been an effort by responsible guardians, those in charge, to prevent schoolyard bullies from disrupting recreation time or to stop hoodlums from dominating our neighborhoods.  This country is in great need of “responsible guardians” who would provide that same protection for our laws and the Constitution.  Sadly, those we hired for that job are AWOL.

The time to push back is long overdue, not with violence, but with law. However, without the legal push-back, as occurs in the schoolyard and the neighborhood, without the protection of the leaders, violence and turmoil will ensue. This may in fact be part of the plans of that illegal posing as President.  If Congress does not act and act soon to stop these crimes, the criminals will get what they want.  Civil unrest, martial law, and perpetual control of our government.

The Supreme Court has dealt with those who have attempted to subvert the Constitution in the past. Here are three examples:  in 1803 see, Marbury v. Madison; in 1928  see Nigro v United states 276 U.S. 332, 341 (1928) and in 2011 also see Bond v United States, 09-1127.  Each time the Supreme Court of the United States has been consistent:
“…a law “beyond the power of Congress,” for any reason, is “no law at all.”

This renegade, whose actions can only be described as racist and dictatorial, has arrogantly abused his legal authority by threatening to use his pen and his phone to evade Congressional opposition.  President Harry Truman tried these same maneuvers when he used his pen to nationalize the steel mills throughout the United States, only to be shot down by the Supreme Court.  That Supreme Court, however, did not have to adjudicate under the shadow of the NSA data files.

This Marxist has no intentions of stopping his destruction of our nation.  Repeatedly claiming his presidential memorandums have no requirement to adhere to the Constitution, his latest memorandum has declared Bristol Bay, Alaska off-limits to oil and gas exploration.

There appear to be no limits on his treachery.  The Bill of Rights, which includes our 1st and 2nd Amendments, may be mere months away from being dissolved.  This schoolyard bully has proven he does not intend to stop disrupting the playground, and our Congress has proven they cannot be counted on to send him to the principal’s’ office.

If we needed any further proof of the doom headed our way, a federal judge, appointed by the imposter in the White House, has just ruled that Arpaio, the sheriff of one of the largest counties in the country where illegal criminal aliens have vandalized, robbed, raped and murdered thousands of the citizens he was elected to protect, has “No Standing” in a case filed against Obama’s illegal amnesty. She threw the case out of court.

Do you think the rule of law is still the rule of this country?  The schoolyards are heating up, my friends.

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  1. Nobody, and that includes the military and the police, has the right to violate any US Citizen’s Constitutional rights.
    Neither the DOJ, IRS nor the Department of Homeland Security (DHS is otherwise known far and wide – all the way to the Middle East – as the Muslim Relocating Service) has the right to violate a US Citizen’s Constitutional rights. To fall back on the Patriot Act as to circumvent the Constitution is not and can not be a justifiable excuse to violate the Constitutional rights of a legal US citizen.
    AND any US citizen has the Constitutional legal right to defend him or herself if any of his or her Constitutional rights are violated, and that’s by any means deemed necessary to protect life and limb.
    Who knows if, when or where the first shot will be fired in the defense of our country, if so needed in defense of the Constitution from enemies foreign or domestic..
    If an officer of the court will entertain following illegal orders from the de facto Constitutionally ineligible president, or if a military person will, they must expect a lawful and just defense by any means by any legal citizen.
    It can’t be made any more simpler nor plainer than that.