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by Sharon Rondeau

Feature story at Numbers USA on Wednesday afternoon, December 10, 2014

(Dec. 10, 2014) — A Numbers USA news alert states that the House Rules Committee will meet at 4:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday to “set the rules” to discuss an omnibus spending bill and possibly an amendment which, if approved, would defund Obama’s “amnesty” plan.

Funding to operate the federal government expires at midnight on Thursday.  Without a budget, Congress must approve an appropriations bill to continue government operations.

On November 20, Obama announced unilateral changes he wished to make to federal immigration law which would allow as many as five million illegal aliens to remain in the country by virtue of their familial relationship to participants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which Obama began in 2012, also without the input of Congress.  Aliens approved under Obama’s proposal, which he already expects to carry out with 1,000 new federal employees, would obtain work permits, Social Security numbers, and receive government tax credits if they qualify.

Many see Obama’s “change” in the law as unconstitutional and un-American.

The Omnibus “amnesty” amendment was introduced by Reps. Dave Brat, Matt Salmon and Mick Mulvaney and, according to Numbers USA, “would block funding” for Obama’s plan.

House Republican members of the Rules Committee and their phone numbers are as follows, as provided by Numbers USA:

Chairman, Rep. Pete Sessions — 202-225-2231

Rep. Virginia Foxx — 202-225-2071

Rep. Rob Bishop — 202-225-0453

Rep. Tom Cole — 202-225-6165

Rep. Rob Woodall — 202-225-4272

Rep. Richard Nugent — 202-225-1002

Rep. Daniel Webster — 202-225-2176

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen — 202-225-3931

Rep. Michael Burgess — 202-225-7772

More information on the Mulvaney/Salmon/Brat amendment is here.  The amendment had 53 cosponsors as of 12:13 Wednesday afternoon.

Obama’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) director admitted publicly that the goal of Obama’s “amnesty” program is to “cement their place in society,” making it presumably virtually impossible for them to ever be deported.

According to The Daily Caller, Speaker of the House John Boehner is planning on funding amnesty along with all government departments in his proposed spending bill.  There is reportedly almost $1B in funding for illegals allowed into the country over the past year in what Obama termed “a humanitarian crisis.”

The Post & Email contacted all of the offices listed above within the last hour.  Rep. Sessions’ line was busy; Virginia Foxx’s phone was answered by an automated system which did not take voice messages; and Rep. Ros-Lehtinen’s line was busy.  However, we were able to speak with staffers at the other respective offices who were very courteous and promised to relay our comments to each congressman.  We specifically mentioned Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate and Selective Service registration form and asked that an investigation be launched by Congress or a federal grand jury into the perpetrators and the reasons for federal felonies to have been committed in place of Obama’s release of real, paper documents.  We stated that if the reasons for the production of forgeries could be exposed, all of the other actions Obama has taken over the last six years would be explained.

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  1. It’s a good thing we have lot’s of politicians with suits and smiles since nothing else seems to be happening even with a dual citizen POTUS being protected by controlled media and Congress and Senate. What kind of comedy should we call this? Our Constitutional right to petition the judicial has been quietly removed and we have been told we are “stupid” by “officials” getting overpaid for cushy jobs and entitlements while America, it’s military, it’s job market slowly sinks in mud. Why have multiple Veterans and citizens been arrested trying to get and illegal POTUS investigated? What could they be hiding? Or are we not supposed to ask? Are they sending us messages through illegal arrests and imprisonment of multiple Veterans? Who do you flush cowards out of the bushes? Maybe like birds-make lots of noise.