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by Dwight Kehoe, ©2014, Editor, TPATH

New Jersey State Senator
Joe Kyrillos

(Dec. 8, 2014) — Attn: State Senator Joe Kyrillos
Re: Request an Amendment to New Jersey Title  NJS.2C:58-4
From: Dwight Kehoe
Date: December 7, 2014

Dear Senator Kyrillos,

Before I get to the substance of this letter it is important that you know a bit about me and why I am involved with many conservative issues and writing to you today.

My State Senator, until this last redistricting was Senator Beck, so this is the first time that I have contacted you.  Although I may be a bit more conservative than are you, I have supported and voted for you on several occasions.

I wholeheartedly endorse the concepts and ideology of many of the Tea Party groups here in NJ and across the country.  However, while I was involved with some early on, now I am not a  “signed up” member of any of them.  I started a website (www.tpath.org) several years ago which is dedicated to conservative views, news and commentary.  It has been very critical of Democrats and their socialist agenda and of course it has taken to task, the Republican Party, as well as some Tea Party activity, when the need arose.  Having said that, I know those two latter entities are the only hope for this country.

Senator Kyrillos, please do not take the following information I include here as any indication that it is my belief that you or your colleagues do not know and understand history and the US Constitution.  It does not. It is offered to you only for the purpose of letting you know why I take the positions I do and why it is important for Republican politicians to support and defend that document.  Clearly the Democratic Party and those associated with it, will not.

The founding fathers were a brilliant and experienced group of scholars and historians.  They understood the dangers of tyrannical and repressive rulers.  As a consequence every aspect of the Constitution was prepared with that in mind. They prepared the Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments, for the sole purpose of limiting government control over the people.  Those Amendments were listed in order of importance, as they saw them.  The freedoms and rights of the Second Amendment, by virtue of position, indicates the value they placed in them.

None of the Amendments in the Bill of Rights were authored for the protection of the government or to enhance its power and control over the people.  Quite the opposite.  In that light, it is difficult to believe that, as some on the left continue to espouse, the right to keep and bare arms was meant only for a State controlled militia.  That concept is contrary to  the Bill of Rights and to the known ideology of the founders.

They also knew that times would change and that the future would look very different from the way it was back then.  They feared that if there were not some mechanism to legally change the Constitution and its Amendments, the entire document would be weakened and could possibly be discarded as portions were ignored or unenforced.  No one needs to be reminded that as of this writing those fears are becoming a reality.

The Democratic Party can not be counted on to stop this destruction.  Those of us who fear the loss of liberty, not for us, but for those who come after, are counting on the Republican Party of our wonderful state, to help us.  If not our Republican Party and if not you Mr. Kyrillos, then who?

There is a process to remove or amend any portion of the Constitution or its existing Amendments.  The founders gave us that tool.  So until and when or if, the Second Amendment becomes adjusted or repealed, it is the law of our country and our state and every Senator and Assemblyman has taken an oath to support it.

While statistics are very often ignored, they don’t lie.  The most telling of FBI statistics compiled over many decades prove that the founders were correct.  Locations where honest citizens are not denied their rights to self defense are safer.  Not by a small amount, but by huge numbers.  The statistics are overwhelming.

Some might say that ghettos and large cities where the under educated and minorities dominate the demographic are areas where the right to arm one’s self should not be allowed because those people, under the apparent thinking of leftist politicians and some not so left, can’t be trusted with firearms.  That misguided and ignorant assumption has cost the lives of many hardworking people and has imprisoned and continues to imprison people in their own homes as they fear the shadows and the night.

Those “supposed” caring politicians have successfully disarmed the honest citizen and taken the fear out of criminal activity.  Life and reality is not a controlled sporting event.  Violent crimes are perpetrated on civilians who can’t call a timeout as they await the arrival of police protection.  This is wrong, it’s unequal application of the law and it’s evil.

Many of the gun laws here in New Jersey contribute to this situation.  Yes, New Jersey does allow for the citizen to be armed.  But only in intentionally disguised diversionary rhetoric and the words used in the Firearms Title laws implement an opposite reality.  The actual right is dissolved by the inclusion of the phrase, “and that he has a justifiable need to carry a handgun”.

As you read this, there are many New Jersey statutes which are unconstitutional. But the above referenced phrase of Title NJS.2C:58-4 may be the single most egregious of any of them for it essentially prevents citizens, except for criminals, law enforcement and the elite, the right to self protection.  It applies unequally across the spectrum of honest citizens because it affords some the right while denying it to others, based on an arbitrary conclusion of a non-elected official of the state.

No one on my side of this argument wants a “wild west” scenario where every person is carrying a weapon and arguments are settled with gunfire.  If that were the case, thousands of people would be killed everyday in states where citizens are legally armed.  As mentioned above, those states are the safest and even though most people do not carry weapons, the criminals have no idea who might be.  They tend to behave themselves a bit more.

The organizations I am working with considered a petition that would either request the Senate or the Assembly to take up the removal of that phrase from the law or even getting the request on the ballot on November 3, 2015, in the form of a Public Question.  Both of those ideas have been, at least for now put aside in favor of using the more direct approach.  That is, asking our Senate and Assembly representatives to present this to the legislature in the form of an amendment to that Title..

In closing, I have spent much of this Sunday preparing this letter for you.  It is my hope that it will be answered in specifics and not a form letter which is of course not much different from tossing it into the circular file.  It is hoped that you or one of your aides would either answer this request, after giving it considerable thought, with a phone call or an email or letter which would explain your position on this matter.

Senator, this is an important issue of the day and times.  There are dangers growing everywhere in every part of our society.  As efficient and hardworking as our police are, more than ever, they will not be able to protect the citizens of New Jersey.  Criminals, terrorists and gang members must know that every citizen,  not just the elite and the powerful, are able to protect themselves.  That was the intent of our founding fathers.  The Second Amendment is law. You have, by virtue of your oath, only two options. Defend it or change it.

Note: Senator, you will be receiving this letter in hard copy via the US Postal Service.

Warm regards,
Dwight Kehoe

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