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by New York State Grassroots Groups

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. was a police officer for 24 years with the Milwaukee, WI Police Department and has served as Milwaukee County Sheriff since 2002

(Dec. 3, 2014) — Ferguson identifies OUR problems – LAWLESS Government

·        LAWLESS politicians are wrecking OUR society – from top to bottom.

Maybe Mark Levin has a great idea – Elect Sheriff Clarke President

·        Mark Levin says, “Sheriff Clarke is outstanding.”
Click the link – listen to Sheriff Clark and Levin’s 8 minutes of praising him.

·        Click this link to see Sheriff Clarke’s historic 6 minute speech

The incident in Ferguson is bringing ALL our problems to the forefront. Most of all it is making us realize that ALL the problems stem from LAWLESS politicians knowingly operating a LAWLESS government. Their mission: Divide and Conquer.

Will Americans die and go away? Or will Americans FIGHT?

A tremendous NY Grassroots coalition is coming off a horrendous beating in the last election. NY reelected a bunch of known criminals, misfits, inept, incompetent politicians and the same corrupt cabal of leadership – why? I can tell you this – it ain’t because they don’t care – it ain’t because the true Grassroots isn’t trying. It is because of the overwhelming power of LAWLESS politicians in concert with hypocrites claiming to be Grassroots purists.

  • BOYCOTT ALL Politicians
  • Look for NEW sources of Leadership
  • Become a FREE Committeeman
  • Revolt and FIGHT

Here Comes The Sheriff………PRESIDENT

WaDaYaThink? Are YOU going to sit back and continue watching OUR society be flushed down the toilet?

Sheriff Dave Clarke for President

And Now – An Al Rant:
WE fought hard for FULL Repeal of the Safe Act but were sabotaged by phony political hacks.

When the Safe Act was passed, massive numbers of people were ready and willing to fight. They turned out in droves in hope a leadership would have a plan [of action]. They were willing to follow a plan that would result in justice. They saw that government is LAWLESS. They were hoping the protests would result in government being forced into obeying the law. What they got was a leadership that was nothing more than an extension of the government, a leadership where the only goal was to sidle up and join government.

What began as a revolt quickly turned into nothing more than a political campaign…… and the people correctly saw the hypocrisy of the leadership. Yes – the leadership thinks the people are stupid but found out they aren’t. A leadership that was drooling to gain power wound up being nothing more than a paper tiger – they were soundly defeated in the election. The people that righteously began the revolt wound up revolting against the leadership – they stayed home and did not vote.

The question is asked, “Why didn’t the people turn out and vote?” The answer is simple; they saw the lies, deceit and hypocrisy of the so-called Grassroots leadership and revolted.

Start Fighting?

A message to the past Grassroots and new ones too:

We are Grassroots – nothing fancy – not even a Website or face-book. Our sole way to communicate is through personal email and phone. We urge ALL plain folks to spread the word and join us.

Get Connected to the new Email List albel1@aol.com …“sign me up”

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  1. Mark Levin is ok but if I got on his show and mentioned all the Veterans that Obama has had imprisoned, I would probably get cut. FOX has received many email communication attempts about this ongoing coup and they have never answered. Most of the current “talk show mike jocks” play just on the outside of what is always going on. Getting to the point and reality real time is usually why you have to go through screeners to be allowed on and stay on THEIR talk points. Sheriff Clark is a good man also but what ever happened to Martha Trowbridge’s demand for a forensic voter machine investigation? Voter fraud has been strong for the DNC from 2008 up and we know the DNC had programmers set up flip programs to change votes. How about the Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philly? No word on that. How about “Michael” who Obama refereed to at a gathering that was being thanked for traveling with him-would the real Michelle/Michael please stand up? What ever happened to that “gun felon” violation by Eric Holder when he was at Columbia College when he pulled a gun at the college student lounge and demanded the college change the name of the student lounge to “The Malcolm X Lounge”? Was the felony charge “expunged” because he was a “law student”?