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by Sharon Rondeau

Dr. Ben Carson during live chat with Faith Gateway

(Dec. 3, 2014) — In a live chat session beginning at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, Dr. Ben Carson, who gave a speech critical of Obamacare in February 2013 which Barack Hussein Obama attended, described how within 15 minutes of making his remarks, he received a call from a White House operative asking him to “call the president and apologize.”

Carson had been highly critical of Obamacare, Obama’s “signature” health care law which caused millions to lose health care plans they liked and could afford.  The official name of the law is the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”

According to Fox News, Carson did not offer an apology.  On the live chat, Carson said that Obama had approached him after the speech, shaken his hand, and, while not saying he appreciated the speech, did not appear to be upset.

The Obama regime has successfully “controlled the media” since 2008, when he first sought the presidency.  Rather than investigating Obama’s background, the media acted as a sycophant, vilifying anyone who seriously questioned Obama on his policies or previous political statements.

During the live chat, Carson also spoke of what he sees as the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, who he said “understood the weaknesses of man” and studied all types of governments before writing the Constitution.

Carson spoke about his Carson Scholars Fund, which provides exposure to books, learning materials, and the encouragement of learning for young people, especially the disadvantaged.  Carson said he still “does a lot of reading,” including The Naked Communist, which he said illustrates how to “fundamentally transform America,” a phrase Obama used in his 2008 campaign.

He responded to an initial question by saying that reading is essential to a well-informed citizen.

The moderator, Mark Smith, spoke about Carson’s first book, his autobiography Gifted Hands, and asked Carson how he prepared for a complex neurosurgical procedure while working at Johns Hopkins Medical Center.  Carson said at those times, he tried to help people focus on what was important and to work effectively with other doctors with different specialties.

At 11:16, Smith asked Carson about his mother, who was one of 24 children who married at the age of 13 but “refused to be a victim.”  Carson revealed that his mother was from “rural Tennessee” and had “only a third-grade education.”  Divorced with two boys and few resources, Carson explained that his mother was resourceful by mending torn clothing and canning fruit picked from an orchard on a Sunday morning in the country.

Carson’s upcoming book, You Have a Brain, is expected to be published early next year.  Carson said that the book was written to urge individuals to “look for solutions” and “use that brain in an active way.”  He said that the first 25 years of life are spent in preparation to make sound decisions later in life.

Smith asked Carson about the children of single parents who may not spend enough time with them who later end up in trouble with the law.  He said that respect for authority and personal responsibility are key.

Carson has coined the slogan “Think Big,” for which elements beginning with each letter in the phrase are part of the success formula.

In response to a question from a high schooler, Carson said that the best advice he could give is to “learn how you learn,” providing an example of how he performed poorly on his first medical school exam, after which he was told by an adviser that he was “not cut out for” a career in medicine.

Carson said to make the decision whether or not to run for president by May 1, he will “seek wisdom” from “the source.”  “I’m 100% that the right decision will be made” as a result, Carson said.

Carson urged a second questioner about race relations to delve into issues more deeply than short sound bytes issued by the media.  “You have to learn how to empower yourself,” Carson said.

In response to Smith’s question about dysfunction in government, Carson said that the people must understand that the government works for them, not the reverse.

Carson told Smith that “rational conversation” is essential to bringing Americans together to solve problems.

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  1. We have to regain our ability to communicate through personal contact and interaction with those we know and love. Human beings are treasures. Internet, telephones, and TV are only tools.

  2. Carson is a very intelligent and wise man. He was not a man born with the blessing and support of being wealthy but with the blessing and support of God which kept him in the proper guidance. Having a caring and supportive mother and learning the art of study was key to his exceptional ability. Carson, Condi Rice and many other educated “Black”/”African Americans” have used the unlimited opportunities in America to achieve success. Color really doesn’t have a lot to do with success-it’s about the talent, sincerity and coming from the heart. The “Black” community in all fairness needs recognition and appreciation for many things throughout America’s history and growth. That doesn’t include people of any color or race that are troublemakers. Everyone suffers, rich or poor, regardless of color. Learning to make the “system” work for you is what Carson is talking about and if we could eliminate the selfish/greedy/over achievers/over aggressive/obnoxious/violent/angry mine mine mine crowd it would be a perfect world. Check out 2,000 years of the Old And New Testament and we see the recorded history of man and what results are reaped when he is left to his own decisions and sinful ways. All wars were fought for the rich and the politicians from the beginning of time for various reasons. We are in 2014 nearing 2015 and the last 6 years have laid open a book we really didn’t want or need to read and has shown nothing but theft, lies, promises, waste, fraud, deception as DNC white and black leaders carry out an old plan that goes back to the late 1950’s with Malcolm X/Farakhan/Marxism/Black Muslim/Socialist/Communism/Saul Alinsky/Cloward Piven/Frank Marshal Davis/Bill Ayers/The Weather Underground/Black Panthers, etc. This soup of ideologies has cemented the radicals from that period and their blind aggression to the point of madness-but for what? How does a woman like Bill Ayers wife Bernadette Dorn- if that is her real name-go from a member of Charlie Manson’s 1960’s gang who murdered multiple people-she claims she was only an “observer”-goes to prison for 20 something-is released by Eric “gun felon” Holder-is catapulted to “honorary professor” in an American college over night and lives happily ever after? Are these the people that Ben Carson was hanging out with in his life? Ben was learning to study and went to medical college that is 24/7 until the end-not much slack going on there. Who would you rather be with-Dr. Ben Carson or thieves/murderers/bombers/radicals/political losers/social losers/self centered people that haven’t learned anything in 50 years? Choices have consequences. Since the DNC has illegally blocked Criminal Presentments/Controlled Judicial Action/Forced Laws Enacted we have little choice or potential to find Discovery and see prison buses pulling up in front of the White House. We are wondering why ZERO press has been given to Cdr. Walter Fitzpatrick, Veteran Darren Huff who are illegally imprisoned by Obama’s DNC thugs and criminal assistants while FOX News does stories on other Veterans that are being put above other Veterans when all should be considered equal? Fair and Balanced? I don’t think so but I would like to interview some of the program directors from FOX to hear their answers on why FOX has not featured any stories in 6 years on the multiple Veterans that have been imprisoned by this coup. Ben Carson is Obama’s and the DNC’s worst nightmare-he is black/intelligent/educated and they can’t control him because he is “black”-he is Dr. Ben Carson who may not agree with the current usurpation and criminal elements of the current DNC power brokers. If America’s future leaders are like Ben Carson, they and America will be successful.