Canadian Writer and Obama Critic Marc Patrone to Appear on WOBC on Friday Evening


by Sharon Rondeau

Mike Volin and a group of volunteers in Washington, DC in November 2013, where they distributed Sheriff’s Kits, met with members of Congress and with attendees at a November 19, 2013 rally organized by Atty. Larry Klayman

(Dec. 1, 2014) — The Post & Email has been informed that Calgary Sun editorial writer Marc Patrone, whose latest article was featured on these pages on Sunday, will be a guest on the WheresObamasBirthCertificate (WOBC) radio show on Friday evening at 8:00 p.m. EST.

In 2008, Mike Volin founded WOBC with the intent of discovering the background of “Barack Hussein Obama,” who had released virtually no information about himself before seeking the highest office in the land.  Volin has produced thousands of “Sheriff’s Kits,” DVDs designed to inform the public and elected officials of the conclusions reached by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse that Obama’s only proffered documents, his “long-form” birth certificate and Selective Service registration form, are “computer-generated forgeries.”

Volin has visited Washington, DC on several occasions with other volunteers to meet with members of Congress while distributing Sheriff’s Kits and generally raise the awareness of the public about the forgeries.  Thus far, Congress has refused to investigate the crimes committed, which are federal felonies.

Patrone’s November 26 article was titled “The once great country of America is crumbling before our eyes, so what will our U.S. neighbours do about it?” and began, “America is a mess and the world can barely tear its eyes away from the unfolding train wreck.”

Referring to Obama’s foreign policy; response to the rioting and destruction carried out by those disagreeing with a St. Louis County grand jury concerning Ferguson, MO officer Darren Wilson and 18-year-old Michael Brown, who Wilson shot dead on August 9; and Obama’s “executive overreach” as evidenced by his illegal-alien declaration on November 20, Patrone despaired that the Republican Party will not take a stand against Obama despite their new majorities gained in the November 4 elections.

On Monday, the Congressional Black Caucus condemned the grand jury’s decision not to issue a “True Bill” of indictment against Wilson, citing “racism” and “an apparent pattern of white police officers using lethal force against unarmed African American men.”  Obama spent part of Monday meeting with “civil rights leaders,” including Al Sharpton, with whom he also met following the elections last month.

As stated in the Fifth Amendment, the role of a grand jury is to impartially examine evidence and call witnesses to determine if probable cause exists to charge an individual with a crime.

Patrone called the mainstream media “traitorous” and accused them of having “gone full Benedict Arnold” for “covering up scandals such as Benghazi.”  Citing the silencing of former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson, Patrone contended, apparently accurately, that “attempts to expose what’s going on are stonewalled at the highest levels.”

CBS did not respond to a query from The Post & Email regarding whether or not Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer had received a call from former DOJ press aide Tracy Schmaler, who had stated to a colleague in October 2011 that she intended to contact Attkisson’s editor and Schieffer in order to prevent Attkisson’s reports from being aired.

During the engagement process for the upcoming broadcast, Patrone informed WOBC that “I can talk about what I wrote in my columns” but that he is “not up on the birther stuff.”

Patrone additionally stated in his latest article that “Fox, talk radio and conservative online newsites [sic]” are the only sources not acting as “a Democratic lapdog.”  At approximately 9:41 p.m. EST on Monday, Fox News’s Megyn Kelly criticized “the mainstream media” for failing to expose Obama’s “disingenuousness” regarding his previous claims made on 25 different occasions, as Kelly had exclusively reported, that he did not have the authority to “change” immigration law on his own.

Obama has reportedly denied that he ever made such claims.  Kelly’s guest, Judge Andrew Napolitano, responded that “Obama lies about whether or not he’s lying.”

Neither the mainstream media nor Fox News has been willing to report the forgeries of Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form declared by the Cold Case Posse nearly three years ago.

Doubts about Obama’s claim to be a “natural born Citizen” arose in late 2007 and were heightened when it appeared that he would not release his “long-form” birth certificate noting the hospital of his birth, the doctor’s signature, parents’ occupations and birthplaces, and other details not present on the “short-form” Certification of Live Birth posted at The Daily KOS on June 12, 2008 by an unidentified party.

At least one mainstream media outlet reportedly has admitted having “made a mistake” in failing to vet Obama and acknowledged that the exposure of the forgeries could end and nullify his presidency.

Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo told The Post & Email in an interview in May of last year that the long-form birth certificate was created and published on the White House website “with the intent to deceive.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who originally designated the posse to carry out the constituent-requested investigation in September 2011, launched his own investigation, the conclusions from which he promised to release if and when the time is right.

After decrying the current state of affairs in the U.S., Patrone concluded his article with, “Still, Americans are in a rebellious mood.  Hold onto that, America. It may be all you’ve got left. There is still time to fight back.”

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