Ridiculous Defined


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Screenshot from the official Ferguson, MO website

(Nov. 25, 2014) — Koreans Riot

Seattle: The Korean community took to the streets because it was revealed that they were working “excessive” hours in running their family-owned businesses.

“It’s un-American,” said a spokesman from City Hall. “They have an equal opportunity to sit around and be lazy just like everyone else. They’re undermining our Welfare State. We demand accountability.”

The rioters appeared to be marching in an orderly fashion carrying banners that read “We Hard Worker” and “We America Too.”

Chinese Riot

University of Chicago: A Chinese student, Stanley Lee, was issued the grade of a “B” in the class “Dark Matter and Inflation.”

The numbers vary, but somewhere around 30 Chinese were photographed marching in front of the Oriental Institute carrying signs such as, “We ‘A’ Students.”

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Mr. Lee overslept because of a power outage and that he will be allowed to take the final exam at a latter date.

Blacks Riot

Ferguson, MO: Looting and destruction followed the Grand Jury’s verdict that a person trying to steal a gun from a police officer deserved to be shot DOA.

We asked a rioter what could possibly be gained by burning locally-owned small businesses: “What you talking about? We after justice.”

This reporter is having a hard time tying to make any kind of sense between the relationship of putting their neighbors out of work and a punk kid adding to his already inflated rap-sheet.

A nationally-respected pundit has been reported saying, “What do you expect? We put them on the plantation and keep them dependent on the government’s teat. So why shouldn’t we be surprised when they act like spoiled brats? A riot in ‘The Hood’ is just as exciting as the circus coming to town anywhere else.”

Photo released on Twitter on November 25 of Ferguson, MO protests following the grand jury disposition announcement on November 24

We talk about “assimilation” of the illegal immigrants when 13% of real Americans haven’t gotten with the program, and as proof, they go out of their way to deliberately not embrace the Constitution.

It’s not complicated, but in the words of a true Democrat, Americans are “stupid.” If Michael Brown were still alive, he’d be one of the looters. Think about it.

And then think about this: wouldn’t it have been a crock if all the protesters in Ferguson, MO just all went home after the results of the Grand Jury were read? That reason was allowed to prevail? That the black community finally arrived in America? That the Welfare State has been declared dead and buried?

But it wasn’t to be, was it? The idiots let the destructive philosophy of Bill Ayers and Ward Churchill run rampant.

Ridiculous to riot and eliminate jobs by burning businesses, and for what? How about stupidity?

Semper Fi



2 Responses to "Ridiculous Defined"

  1. OPOVV   Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at 1:33 PM

    No! Say it ain’t so, Stephen. Replace “military intelligence”? No way.
    But, then again. . .
    I remember there was a riot in Chicago back in the ‘60’s and this one little girl was shot dead. Turned-out her brother was in the streets rioting and let loose a few rounds and, you guessed it, he killed his sister.
    Smart. Real smart.
    But, one thing, though, it’s nice to know that there are a lot of people out there dumber than yourself. Millions. Actually, billions. Scary, it is.
    So maybe, just maybe, you’re right after all: “common sense” is an extinct animal that we thought we once knew, but nowadays is nothing but a fading memory.
    Maybe if “Thou shall not steal” challenged Michael Brown learned to read he would’ve been minding his own business in the local library reading the “Iliad” rather than being a punk-looser, a no-account, a failure just walking around looking for a bullet to stop.
    Yes, I imagine that Brown’s reading level was above a “STOP” sign and below a Tom & Jerry comic book. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    Just look at our failures: public school system; Affirmative Action; parents turning their backs on the church.

  2. Stephen Hiller   Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at 10:32 AM

    Being black does not automatically make you right. Being white does not automatically make you wrong. Unfortunately this is the mindset in too many places in our country. Blacks voting for Obama simply because he looks black. Women voting for Hillary simply because she’s female. I guess “common sense” has passed “military intelligence” as the #1 oxymoron.

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