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by Sharon Rondeau

Sharyl Attkisson

(Nov. 21, 2014) — In an article dated November 20, 2014, PJ Media reports on a release of documents which Judicial Watch obtained from the Department of Justice which specifically target former CBS investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson.

Attkisson was released from her contract with CBS early this year after perceiving an “intentional bias” on its part which allegedly resulted in the network’s unwillingness to air her reports on the Fast & Furious gunrunning scandal which cost U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry his life.

In the PJ Media piece, writer Bryan Preston quotes from an email between DOJ press aide Tracy Schmaler and White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz referring to Attkisson as “out of control.”  Schmaler said that he intended to speak with Atkisson’s editor and CBS anchor Bob Schieffer about silencing her.

On page 522 of the documents released to Judicial Watch, Rep. Darrell Issa, who led the probe into Fast & Furious, stated that there were two border agents killed from the gunrunning operation.

Attkisson spoke with Glenn Beck about the emails and implicated “Obama” directly in what she said is an effort to “spin us and target us,” referring to journalists.

Attkisson is the author of “Stonewalled:  My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington.”  In the book, Attkisson describes how her computers were turned on remotely and files deleted with rapidity in what she believes was an attempt to intimidate her from publishing further reports.

Attkisson told Fox News that “numerous independent analysts” confirmed that both her work and home computers were breached, and it was later determined that it was done by a government entity or entities.  Fox also reported:

Attkisson names names, saying the blocking of her work became virtually routine under CBS anchor Scott Pelley and his then-executive producer, Pat Shevlin. Stories were repeatedly rewritten, watered down and delayed until they never made air, she says. And Attkisson says these weren’t just stories that took on politically charged controversies involving the administration, but also pieces that challenged government waste and corporate conduct, such as the questions surrounding Boeing’s Dreamliner.

In 2009, Obama’s then-communications director Anita Dunn stated that the Obama campaign “controlled the media” and its message to the American people, including “making the press cover what we were saying.”  Obama was elected president in 2008 on the mantra of “hope and change” and his promise to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

The email exchange quoted by Preston is on page 518 of 769 released by Judicial Watch.

An article Attkisson wrote while at CBS appears on page 735.  Her misspelled name also appears on the second-to-last page of the email aggregate with a transcript of a White House press conference given by then-press secretary Jay Carney.

While Attkisson is speaking out about her silencing by CBS and the Obama regime, the mainstream media remains controlled by Obama in that it refuses to report on the forgery of his long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form as determined by a law enforcement investigation spanning more than three years.  A second investigation was opened by Sheriff Joe Arpaio at an unannounced time stemming from the birth certificate investigation which reportedly “turned very dark.”

In an interview with Guerilla Media Network owner Pete Santilli earlier this week, Arpaio told Santilli that his investigation has continued and that its results will be announced at some point.  However, he despaired that “the media” would not report it.  “Who am I going to give it to?” Arpaio asked.  “Nobody wants it…congressmen, media..isn’t that a shame?” Arpaio asked Santilli.

Santilli said he is “a forensic expert in Adobe” and found within “eight minutes” of examination that the PDF posted on the White House website purported to be Obama’s long-form birth certificate is fraudulent.

“The public will hold, I think, even our congressmen and those law enforcement officials accountable and put pressure on them,” Santilli opined, to which Arpaio replied that he had “two more things” to accomplish before the information is released.

At 3:56, Santilli told Arpaio that he had spoken with someone at a major network who admitted that they “had made a mistake” presumably in not vetting Obama, as the statement Santilli related included that the media outlet said, “If this were to be uncovered, they’d have to undo all of those things that he’s signed.”

Arpaio then said that whether or not Obama is a U.S. citizen is a separate issue from his issue of a “fake, forged document.”

In the email exchange between the DOJ press aides, a “Susan Davis” was identified as a reporter to whom “leaks” could be provided.  David is now working at USA Today.  On November 7, that publication wrote a story titled “The Enduring Appeal of Bob Schieffer.”

On page 539 of the released documents is an Associated Press report which focused on “Operation Wide Receiver” carried out by the Bush administration.  Above the article appears the comment, “WOW!” with the sender’s name obliterated by the graphic, “Attorney General.”

On Friday morning, The Post & Email attempted to contact CBS News through its “Comments” interface, but after submitting our question, we received a message that we were “unauthorized.”

We then searched for CBS’s corporate headquarters and found a phone number for CBS Corporation which we called.  After identifying ourselves as media and being passed to three different people, the third person asked us what our question was.  After relating some background information, he said that we should have contacted “CBS News Communications” and spoken with “Media Relations.”

The link “cbspressexpress” leads to a page featuring “CBS Entertainment,” not press contacts.

The third person, Dana L. McClintock, asked us to send him an email providing the articles to which we referred and our questions, promising to forward it to the appropriate media contact at CBS News Communcations.

Thank you for taking my call just now.The report I am referencing is here:  http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2014/11/20/bombshell-email-proves-that-white-house-doj-targeted-reporter-sharyl-attkisson/and is based on documents released here:  http://www.judicialwatch.org/document-archive/control/
The writer in the PJ Media piece states:
“Judicial Watch reports that the Obama administration has turned over about 42,000 pages of documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal. The administration was forced to turn the documents over to Judicial Watch in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Judicial Watch is posting them on its web site. The administration turned them over on November 18, 2014.
“One of the documents provides smoking gun proof that the Obama White House and the Eric Holder Justice Department colluded to get CBS News to block reporter Sharyl Attkisson. Attkisson was one of the few mainstream media reporters who paid any attention to the deadly gun-running scandal.
“In an email dated October 4, 2011, Attorney General Holder’s top press aide, Tracy Schmaler, called Attkisson “out of control.” Schmaler told White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz that he intended to call CBS news anchor Bob Schieffer to get the network to stop Attkisson.
“Schultz replied, “Good. Her piece was really bad for the AG.”My question is:Did Bob Schieffer ever receive a call or communication from Tracy Schmaler or anyone else at the DOJ asking him to silence Attkisson?If so, what did Schieffer do?
Thank you very much.

Sharon Rondeau, Editor
The Post & Email
P.O. Box 195
Stafford Springs, CT  06076

As of press time, there has been no response.

Schieffer said that he was “dumbstruck” with revelations that Obamacare “architect” Jonathan Gruber had admitted to deceiving the CBO and the American people by mischaracterizing the cost and terms laid out in the bill before it was passed by the 11th Congress.

The First Amendment to the Bill of Rights states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

“Increasingly, by the general election, very rarely did we communicate to the press anything that we didn’t absolutely control,” Dunn said in 2009.

“If you dare to go after them, they will target you, try to assassinate your character, they’ll call your bosses, they’ll email.  We know all of this is going on, but we now have emails that they’ve been withholding under executive privilege that refer to this,” Attkisson told Beck.

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  1. From TheObamaTimeline.com:

    As previously reported in this Timeline, The White House was clearly furious that the Operation Fast and Furious scandal was getting any coverage. In October 2011 Attkisson told radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, “The DOJ [Department of Justice] woman was just yelling at me. The guy from the White House on Friday night literally screamed at me and cussed at me. Eric Schultz—oh, the person screaming was Tracy Schmaler. She was yelling, not screaming. And the [other] person who screamed at me was Eric Schultz at the White House. …In between the yelling that I received from the Justice Department yesterday, the spokeswoman—who would not put anything in writing—I was asking for her explanation so there would be clarity and no confusion later over what had been said. She wouldn’t put anything in writing. So we talked on the phone and she said things such as ‘the question [Attorney General Eric] Holder answered was different than the one he asked.’ But the way he phrased it, he said very explicitly, ‘I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.’” (The DOJ “spin” was that when Holder told the House Judiciary Committee in May 2011 that he had “probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks” he “did not understand the question” and meant only that he had not heard of any “problems” with the program until just weeks earlier.) Attkisson told Ingraham the DOJ and the White House “…will tell you that I’m the only reporter, as they told me, [who] is not [being] reasonable. They say The Washington Post is reasonable, the LA Times is reasonable, The New York Times is reasonable—I’m the only one who thinks this is a story, and they think I’m unfair and biased by pursuing it.” (Obama and Holder believed those newspapers were being “reasonable” only because they were barely covering the story—and because they were portraying Operation Fast and Furious as a problem within the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives about which the “higher ups” were not aware. In the world of the political left, if The New York Times and The Washington Post do not believe it’s a story, then it’s not a story.)

    In another incident involving Tracy Schmaler, after Elena Kagan was nominated by Obama for the Supreme Court, she (Kagan) tried to cover up her involvement with ObamaCare decisions so she would not have to recuse herself from any Supreme Court decisions involving the legislation. One email from Kagan read, “This needs to be coordinated. Tracy [Schmaler], you should not say anything about this before talking to me.” Former Department of Justice attorney J. Christian Adams has called Schmaler “the truth-challenged head of the Office of Public Affairs who disassembles the truth to the public on so many issues I have lost count.”

  2. More pieces to the puzzle. Eventually this will all come out but how long will it take to prosecute any of the DNC Operatives or criminal assistants to this coup/usurpation? How long will it take to trace stolen trillions in phony “stimulus packages” and other gross theft by this DNC money machine of theft and corruption? Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, POTUS Identity Fraud, Murder, Fast And Furious, Benghazi, Black Hawk Down, Judicial Scandals, Illegal Arrest And Imprisonment Of Veterans, Out Of Control State Corruption Of Tennessee And Florida Judicial And Constitutional Law and how many scandals will the DNC always bring to the stage when they are allowed to be in power? Tennessee LEO’s ordered by the Police Chief in Monroe County to murder Republican Commissioner Jim Miller and “still under investigation”? Tennessee State Judicial Orders ignored and violated since 1984 possibly nullifying criminal law there since that time? The lights are on-is anybody home? This is not the America I grew up in and look at what we have now.