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by Sharon Rondeau

Ferguson, MO was founded around the railroad in 1894

(Nov. 14, 2014) — Radio show host Jeffrey Kuhner reported on his show on Friday that Missouri authorities have advised residents in and around the city of Ferguson to purchase necessities and devise an emergency plan in the event of mass rioting after an anticipated grand jury announcement on the Michael Brown shooting.

The Fifth Amendment tasks grand juries with reviewing evidence of a crime to decide whether or not an individual should be prosecuted by law enforcement.

Over the last six decades, grand juries have become the purview of prosecutors and judges rather than operating independently, as they did since colonial times.  In Tennessee, grand juries are virtually completely controlled by the influence of a judicially-selected foreman who serves for years, like a court employee.

Brown, 18, was fatally shot by police officer Darren Wilson on August 9.  While Brown was unarmed, reports from eyewitnesses have stated that Brown lunged at Wilson, and Wilson was reported to be beaten by Brown and seriously injured following the incident.

Weeks of rioting, destruction, looting and confrontations with police followed the shooting.

One of the Browns’ attorneys wanted Wilson tried in court rather than the evidence going to a grand jury.  “Nobody’s saying he’s guilty until proven innocent,” said Atty. Benjamin Crump.

Kuhner reported that police officers have been instructed to wear “minimal” protection against prospective rioters.

Brown’s parents have called for “restraint” after the grand jury announcement is made public.

On Thursday, well-known forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden testified to the grand jury.

On his show, Kuhner asked listeners what they would advise if they were Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.  Some answered that they would advise area residents to sit on their porches with their firearms.  “The only announcement should be truly directed towards the criminals…just get your weapons and sit on your front porch,” said one caller in an obvious Boston accent (20:32).

On October 21, Nixon announced the creation of a special task force to “study and make specific recommendations for how to make progress on the issues raised by events in Ferguson.”

Nixon said he will not “tolerate” violence a second time and has put the Missouri National Guard on notice “to work in conjunction with Ferguson police.”

CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), who is serving three years in a Tennessee state prison for attempting to expose government corruption to the McMinn County grand jury in March, has said that “the grand jury is what makes us a constitutional republic.”  However, he has also said, because of the government having co-opted what were once independent investigatory bodies, that “the grand jury has been demolished.”

Instead of allowing local law enforcement to conduct an investigation as would normally be expected, Eric Holder ordered the FBI to investigate it.  On Wednesday, Holder, who announced he would be leaving his post, issued a statement which said that Holder participated in a conference call about “planning efforts.”

Both the FBI and DOJ websites do not present the entire statement, but rather, link back to the home page of the Justice Department, where the remainder is not visible.

Holder said that the DOJ is continuing its “investigations.”  In 2009, Holder asserted that blacks were “his people.”

Jeffrey Kuhner was born in Montreal, Canada and has been active in U.S. media since 2000

At the 29:54 mark, Kuhner said that the autopsy showed that Brown was found to have drugs in his system.  “Big Mike was high as a kite,” Kuhner said.

In late May, Kuhner led a protest rally for the release of Connecticut teenager Justina Pelletier, who was kept in the custody of Massachusetts Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) against her will on the word of two physicians who said her parents had medically victimized her.  Justina was ultimately released to the custody of her parents with no further DCF involvement in June.

In early October, Justina was hospitalized at Yale-New Haven Hospital for severe stomach pain.  Her condition as of this writing is unknown.

In July, Kuhner also led a rally against the “invasion” of illegal aliens encouraged and allowed by the Obama regime.

Kuhner has hosted The Kunher Report on Boston’s WRKO since January 2012.

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