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by Sharon Rondeau

Rep. James Clyburn was re-elected on November 4 and has been serving as Assistant Democratic Leader in the House of Representatives

(Nov. 13, 2014) — South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn has twice predicted that the man known as Barack Hussein Obama will be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives.

The most recent instance was when Clyburn appeared on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” on Tuesday stating that the GOP would find “some reason…to introduce an impeachment resolution” resulting in “an asterisk” appearing after his name “when the history books are written.”

Clyburn implied that Obama’s impeachment would arise from racism.  He said that the House “has the 218 votes” necessary to pass Articles of Impeachment out of the lower chamber of Congress.

On August 11, Clyburn had made a similar statement on Twitter where he tweeted, “No way to shut down the talk, nor should there be, it’s real and I predict if GOP maintain House, Obama will be impeached.”

Clyburn believes that Obama’s planned action on “immigration reform” will initiate the production of an impeachment resolution.

As early as 2009, citizens were calling for Obama’s impeachment over “His seeking to take over and control the banking institution” and “Voter irregularities around the country, during the 2008 Presidential Election, involving ACORN and illegal voter registration,” among other items.

At least one Republican congressman has recently confirmed Clyburn’s suspicion.  On Thursday, Breitbart reported that Rep. Walter C. Jones said in an interview that if Obama authorized “legalizing undocumented immigrants,” it would trigger a “constitutional” response such as impeachment as opposed to defunding the action.

Other Republican members of Congress suggested impeachment prior to the November 2014 midterm elections in which the U.S. Senate gained a majority of Republicans and strengthened the Republican hold on the House.  Former Rep. Allen West of Florida has advocated Obama’s impeachment for some time.

A current impeachment report contains nearly 2,000,000 citizen signatures from various petitions.  The website obama-impeachment.org takes no position on whether or not Obama should be impeached but is registering votes and comments in favor of or against impeachment.

Under the hashtag #impeachObama on Thursday, comments include “Ask Not how Germany was duped by #Hitler, ask how U R letting it happen 2day;” “Michelle Obama Admits Barack Hussein Obama’s Home…: http://,” referring to a speech Michelle Obama gave in 2008 in which she called Kenya her husband’s “home country;” “At least Nixon had the dignity to resign;” and “The duty of the president is to faithfully execute the law. Obama chooses to violate law.”

Also on Thursday, Fox News reported that there will be “an explosion” if Obama announces executive amnesty hurriedly.

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  1. Obama has never been the bona-fides President of the United States. He has never served ONE day as President. Obama has usurped the Presidency by fraud, during time of war making him a spy under 10USC, The U.C.M.J. (See: UCMJ 906.106). I stand with Constitutional Scholar Edwin Viera that Impeachment would be inappropriate in Obama’s case, if he is found to be ineligible. One cannot impeach a person who is not in the office from which impeachment would seek to have him removed. Obama is an imposter, usurper, fraud, traitor and spy. The proper measure to take against Obama, according to U.S. District Court- WDNY Magistrate Leslie Foschio, as told to me, is filing of charges in D.C. the issuance of an arrest warrant from the U.S. District Court in D.C. and Obama’s subsequent ARREST and incarceration awaiting trial in that very court on the many felonies that Obama stands accused of. Ronald Machen,U.S. Attorney for D.C. is an Obama contributor, the likelihood of his attending to his duty is slim. The DC Police, FBI and Secret Service have ignored my efforts to bring the criminal miscreant Obama to the Bar of Justice. Obama must be made an example of. He is America’s second usurper of the Presidency. Chester Arthur was our first. People like Rubio, Cruz, McCain, Santorum and others who are NOT Natural Born Citizens are coming down the pike to be our third pResidential fraud. This unconstitutional pattern must stop NOW!