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(Nov. 11, 2014) — On November 11th each year, we take a day to celebrate, honor and remember all who have worn a uniform of the United States Military and their families.

Three years ago today, VDA and Patriots Union members gathered near the Washington Monument in D.C. to call for the Restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

At the far end of the Mall, people gathered to remember our soldiers at the Veterans Memorial. But at our end of the Mall, we were still fighting for freedom and liberty with members who traveled from more than forty states.

At the top right is an image of a book titled Into the Blue – Uniforms of the United States Air Force 1947 to Present. The image on the cover details the medals of our own Col. James Harding, USAF (Ret.) Inside the book, you will find additional photographs and information on Col. Harding’s honorable service in the United States Air Force. (Click on the photo above to order a copy of the book)

Few veterans alive today are more decorated than Col. Harding… but this isn’t what makes us all so proud to serve with Jim in Veteran Defenders of America and The United States Patriots Union.

Today, Col. Harding is 80 years old. Today, Jim works as hard to fight for freedom, liberty, decency and honor as he has all of his life. Jim’s service to this great country has never ended and we expect it never will.

Where is the next generation of GREAT AMERICAN PATRIOTS?

As we honor all American Veterans today, we honor our own in Col. James Harding and many others who work every day to restore our constitutional republic.

We honor our Co-Founder Sgt. Timothy Harrington, USMC. We honor Col. Harry Riley, US Army (Ret.) and all who still serve the cause of freedom and liberty.

We call upon ALL military personnel and families to JOIN us at VDA in an ongoing strategic effort to Restore our Constitutional Republic.

We have a lot of work to do and it can only be done together, with plenty of soldiers and adequate resources. Col. Harding and Sgt. Harrington are still working to form a special delegation to meet with Veterans in Congress to initiate Impeachment of the Obama regime.

NALC carefully drafted appropriate Articles of Impeachment


The fight for freedom and liberty is never ending and we are at a critical moment in history. ALL HANDS ON DECK!

God Bless our Veterans and the United States of America.

VDA, USPU and NALC Staff

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  1. Yesterday I went to my local Lowes store to pick up some hardware items. I mentioned to the clerk I was a vet and she gave me a discount with the comment “we LIKE to honor our military”. What a far cry from when I cam back from VietNam. Maybe I no longer have to hide that fact like I’ve felt I had to for so many years.