by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2014

(Nov. 7, 2014) — The residual fallout from Tuesday’s national elections has begun to clear from the air and has settled nicely into the Socialist Democratic apparatus temporarily clogging up its anti-American machinery, hopefully enough to slow down many of their destructive policies.  It is important to know and understand that our patriotic battle against them and their policies will never be over.

The left’s relentless decapitation of our rights and freedoms makes the frenzied feeding of hyenas and vultures, tearing away at the flesh of a downed gazelle, in comparison, look like a wonderful day in Mr. Rodgers’ neighborhood.  Whether it’s the lunacy of man-made global warming, the idiotic war on women, the guiltless division of the races, the unreachable utopia of socialism or their very favorite pastime, destroying the United States Constitution, the hypocrites of the left never rest. They never accept or admit defeat and never, ever will they stop employing deceit and dishonesty to further their ideology.

For sure this election sent a very clear rejective message to them about their policies and the direction that that illegal usurper residing in our White House has been taking this country.  Fortunately the majority of our country appears to have awakened and joined that nationwide chorus, but alas, not everywhere.

Two examples are the state of Washington and the beautiful Garden State of Liberty and Prosperity better known as New Jersey.   More on Washington in a minute.

But first the incredible insanity of the New Jersey voter.
As the entire country was engulfing the leftists in a Whirling Dervish of dizzying defeat, the citizens of NJ failed to join that glorious event.  Every Democrat was re-elected without one of them even coming close to a concern about losing.  Cory Booker, the Democratic Ex-Mayor of Newark, a person of highly suspect illegal activities, the guy who was appointed and selected by Governor Chris Christie to assume the United States Senate seat vacated by Lautenberg, was very comfortably elected.

We could of course thank Governor Christie for allowing this to happen by not doing what any red-blooded Democratic governor would do, and that is appoint someone of his party to fill the vacated seat for the duration of the term.  But this article is not about thanking Christie for that assistance to his friends (co-conspirators) on the left.  That recognition, as well as many other questionable accomplishments such as the “Bromance at the Shore,” will be dealt with at the next appropriate time.

Not only did NJ voters fail to remove even the worst of the worst, they also approved two ballot questions, both of which further empower the state over the people.  In a nutshell, they voted to give permission for Trenton to use hard-earned taxpayer money to spend billions of dollars to buy up land and keep it out of the reach and use of the citizens. They also agreed to allow prosecutors and law enforcement officials to make arrests and without a court order, refuse them bail.  This proposal to change the NJ Constitution passed by better than a 2 to 1 margin. Mind-boggling?

It should be noted that New Jersey registered Republicans, thanks to NJ being a sanctuary and a welfare state, are outnumbered by a margin of 4 to 1 as compared with Democrats. To be fair, there was a very nice turnout for Republicans. Almost 75% of them voted.  That’s not bad, especially for a midterm election.  There are over 5 million registered Democrats and much less than 25% of them showed up to vote on Tuesday.  However, if one believes that not all Democrats are fools, very clearly, it was the wrong 25% who showed up.  Wrong for liberty and wrong for prosperity.

Now for the state of Washington.
There were only a few states where there were no statewide elections in that no US Senate races or governorships were at stake.  Of those states, only Washington has a dominant Democratic advantage in Congressional Districts.  Why is that important?  Clearly those anti-Second Amendment, multi-billionaire leftists sought out this state and this election cycle to impose the most aggressive gun control laws in the nation on an unsuspecting and clueless citizenry.

Billionaire and anti-large-soda activist Michael Bloomberg, Billionaire and Common Core benefactor Bill Gates, joined  together and spent over $10 million to target gun owners in the state of Washington.  Be certain of one thing:  this was not about gun owners in that state; it was about getting a win in an election.  They needed one since all their efforts to date have been futile.

Well, their gun-grabbing bill, I-594 passed with almost 60% of the vote.  As one might imagine, this is a great propaganda tool for them as they are now touting it all across the country as if the people are now agreeing with their efforts to destroy the Second Amendment.

This is, as usual for these dishonest and dishonorable people, more lies, as they know this new gun law would never have passed if there was a statewide election that would have brought out more voters. That of course is why Washington was selected for this ad campaign.

Here’s how it worked.  Local markets in the heavily Democratic congressional districts were flooded with scare ads paid for by Bloomberg and Gates.  The ads were not shown in the few districts that have been gerrymandered for Republicans.  It’s not that they were sure that those ads would not convince Republicans; they did not run them there so that the average Republican voter would not be aware of I-594.  Not voting no or at all is tantamount to a half vote for yes.

As in most states which have heavily gerrymandered party-protected districts, the average voter has no fear that his or her candidate will lose, so turnout is moderate to light, and with no Governor or Senator running, even lighter. Human nature.  Too, depending on which of the ten CD’s in Washington where one voted, there were between 5 and 7 other ballot questions.  Most people, who were not planning on voting, would not bother to even open the the pre-election day ballot sample mailed to them.

This tactic was very successful for these billionaire hypocrites, Bloomberg and Gates, both of whom go nowhere without armed guards protecting them.  In fact, during time Gates was campaigning to restrict everyone else’s gun rights, his house (umm, 66,000 square foot mansion) was invaded by a knife-wielding perpetrator who was quickly subdued by his armed guard contingent.

Check out this data website which shows that Washington state had the largest dropoff of all the 50 states for this midterm election.  Check it out here.  Only 39% of all registered voters, Democrats, unaffiliated and Republicans combined, bothered to vote. Just under 80% of the YES votes were cast in just 4 of the most heavily Democratic districts and where an equal percentage of ad money was spent. Clever?  Yes.  An honest win?  Hardly. Typical leftist conduct? Oh, yeah!

While we are on the subject, does anyone know which states have the least violent crime, the least forcible rapes, the least number of murders per capita?  If you want to know, check out this chart HERE.  It shows which states do not interfere with the citizen’s right to self defense. These low crime states coincide with the FBI’s report which list the safest states.  Coincidence? Hardly.  Significant? Oh, yeah!

TPATH and TeamNJ, in conjunction with several other groups, have taken on New Jersey’s illegal gun laws and are preparing to take this fight to them and as far as is necessary to secure the rights of our fellow citizens.  Please check out this web page for more information on this effort.

We are looking for two types of volunteers. First, people who can recruit others to take our proposed legislation, SAPPA, to Assemblymen and State Senators and secondly, people who were wrongly refused their rights to carry a firearm.  This is an ongoing project and we wish to thank all those who have already signed up HERE and wish to remind everyone we will not be asking anyone for money, we are self-funding this effort and that no one’s email or personal information will ever be shared or used without explicit approval.

Also, thanks to all those who have already signed up.  We will be contacting you soon.


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