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(Nov. 6, 2014) — The probability that Obama woke up to a chill in the air on Wednesday morning is about as far-out as thinking his long-form birth certificate is riddled with forgery and fraud as well as his draft registration. Oh, wait…they are. The shake-out in Iowa and Colorado as well as Arkansas has got to be a minimum-wage reduction on public speaking gigs for the Obamas and Clintons, who suddenly got the idea blood had been dripped in the political shark tank.

“What could be wrong with America?” ” Who didn’t get the memo?” “How do the changes in the rules of the U.S. Senate’s conduct of filibuster now square in 2013 with those pushing so hard for them?” had to be just a few questions going off inside liberals’ heads like a tennis ball.  Indeed, the new GOP wasn’t as hard-line on pro-life issues, understanding their own exemptions much as Obama created exemptions for fewer people who actually voted in the 2014 elections.

“Was that the problem?” Obama may have wondered. “Should I have included the exemptions for everyone in Obamacare?” Had his presumption the Senate was closed been too hasty, or had the fraud just become too exposed in repeating promises that simply angered too many women when they went to see a doctor they didn’t know, or worse, was America waking up to the value of the United States Constitution?

Had the people murdered in Fast & Furious and Benghazi really angered America that much, or were Hillary Clinton’s summarization skills overwhelming the public translated in a Republican tidal wave in stating, “What difference does it make now?” Did the tiny little facts that Obama was not a “natural born Citizen,” born in the U.S. to citizen parents, really matter or have anything to do with the intense shell shock America had brushed up against in a communistic grenade lit off in the White House, making Watergate look like child’s play?

Was the Pulitzer Peace Prize awarded dwarfing the support and arming of the Muslim Brotherhood jihadist rebels in the Arab Spring’s pulse for a Caliphate now? What sense did that make? Had Obama just not given the leeway he had relayed to Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Anatolyevich Medvadev to pass on to incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin?

Of course Obama had said himself that the election wasn’t about him on the ballot, but every single piece of legislation that had occurred over the last six years.

Republicans were not elected because America loves them or doesn’t remember what they have done. Republicans were not elected to get along with Obama or the Democrats. Republicans were elected to give them one more chance to right the truth about Obama as a fraud in qualification hearings they have been reluctant to hold because they did not control the Senate, which Constitutionally and traditionally holds hearings on such.

If Republicans refuse to do that in “the way they STOP Obama,” in just two years they will lose as big as they won on Tuesday. If Democrats who call other Democrats ‘chicken-****” for not standing tall with Obama and his policies don’t see the light today, they also will not win again with America. Democrats as well as Republicans have heard a BASE trumpet sound shaking America to the core! Get Obama out of the White House, Democrats. Propose it and vote for it or else you can kiss 2016 goodbye. I absolutely love the message of this not only to Republicans but to Democrats.

I don’t wish Sen. Harry Reid ill will, I extend my hand to him with a question:  Where has Obama gotten you? Where has the FRAUD & FORGERY of this man gotten you? It’s time for a change and we can’t wait until 2016, U.S. Senator Harry Reid. Americans should expect Reid to shape up, admit wrong doing in a cover-up of Obama’s Identification, and change course now.

Short of that, I don’t think Americans can expect a Republican-controlled House and Senate to take a stand for the Constitution at the root of the fraud and forgery which is Obama’s identification. They may dilly-dally here and there with Obama’s policies in a continued pass of the mess we are in. When you see Republicans miss Obama’s fraud and forged identification documents in his long-form birth certificate and draft registration as is reported in a Sheriff’s Report, his Social Security card, and continuous cover-up of college documents, then you will know Republicans are behind destroying the Constitution every bit as Democrats, and that might translate into support for a candidate for President every bit as ineligible as Obama in Sen. Ted Cruz. This is a race to see if America has a party willing to take a stand for the Constitution of the United States.

No longer is Hardball‘s Chris Matthews talking about “chills and thrills.”  Chris Matthews is questioning the “block” in Obama’s head. As Chris joined a panel at MSNBC’s Show NOW with Alex Wagner, listen to the opening “sigh” from Chris. In this episode Chris laments about there being something in this “guy’s” mind, speaking of Obama, that is not playing the game of politics where you can “compromise” rather than look for common ground. Mr. Matthews repeats the word “sycophants” twice in the segment describing the people who surround Obama and screams there is no common ground:  on.msnbc.com/1EjzbKe

We all have to keep in mind that up until this point Obama has had gravy-train, kid-glove treatment. He’s been able to pull out his racist card at will and use it if his sheer majesty didn’t work.

Obama has a “think tank” problem, surrounded always by a Democratic Party-controlled U.S. Senate, and for the first two years was surrounded by both a Democratic-controlled House and Senate.  Things are about to be realized which he has never experienced. The House cannot hold a trial to impeach. All the House of Representatives can do is send that recommendation to the Senate which has, up until this election in Obama’s usurpation, always been controlled by the Democratic Party.

Hey, anything short of being qualified for the Office of the President in regard to the U.S. Constitution and being in that position is usurpation. Locking the Constitution as the authority or teacher out of the classroom and taking over in the Office of the President is a form of usurpation. If Republicans want to water that down, I really think they are not understanding what has happened to the Democratic Party in this last election even though they are witnessing it. Up to this point, Republicans have had the excuse that the U.S. Senate, the only body that can have a trial on the person in the Office of the President, has been controlled by the Democratic Party. That excuse is gone now.

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  1. Sherrif Joe and others have irrefuteable evidence against Malcolm X , jr. The congress now has the political authority and a mandate to get rid of Malcolm in the middle. We shall see!

  2. Republicans and Democrats share no difference except in the spelling. Shakespeare said “a rose by any other name is still a rose”. What was true the is even more true today. Obama is now a dictator, just accept that as fact. Congress exists in name only. Actions still speak louder than words (I wonder who first said that).

  3. With so much evidence extant that Obama is NOT who he purports to be and/or who the DNC purported him to be, elected officials must take a sober if unpleasant look at this issue.

    Readers will remember one of your stories, Mrs. Rondeau, in which a NYS Congressman (District?), Gibson (supported by the Tea Party), told a WWII vet who questioned Obama’s credentials, ” He has a birth certificate doesn’t he?”

    The answer is, “Ostensibly NOT beyond an online forgery that would not work even in a bar checking IDs.”