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by Capt. Joseph R. John (Ret.), ©2014, Co-Founder, CombatVeteransForCongress

Obama at the November 5, 2014 press conference following the midterm elections which gave Republicans control of the U.S. Senate and a larger majority in the House of Representatives (White House photo)

(Nov. 5, 2014) — Last night was remarkable—-this is a great day for America—–American citizens have spoken!  Republicans have taken control of the US Senate (by 9 new votes when all the election results are in) away from Reid who prevented 350+ House bills (many that were bipartisan) from being voted on over a six-year period.  The Republicans have increased their control of the US House of Representatives to a margin of over 245 seats, which they haven’t had since 1929.  The Republicans took control of 32 governorships and state legislatures who will pass voter photo ID laws. The election was a referendum on Obama who told the American people, although he wasn’t on the ballot, that his policies were.

The American people have expressed their rejection of bloated government bureaucracy that has grown out of control, Obama surrogates using the race card in this election, saying the Republicans have a war on women, the hollowing out of the US military, opposition to the largest increases in taxes in US history, opposition to the repeated violation of the US Constitution and federal laws by Obama, showing their disgust by the disgraceful failure by Obama to issue “Cross-Border Authority” that would have allowed the US military to save the lives of two US Navy SEALS in Benghazi, their rejection of so many major scandals perpetrated by the Obama administration (Fast & Furious, IRS, Benghazi, NSA, VA Scandal, exchange of an Army deserter for five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world, etc.), the rejection of the Obama administration’s maintenance of the wide-open southern border, rejected the lack of action for nearly two years by Obama to oppose ISIL’s killing of Assyrian Christians in their communities in Syria and Iraq, and the failure of the Obama administration to properly protect the American people from the Ebola killer disease by refusing to restrict 150 passengers/day from West Africa from entering the US as 70 other countries have done to protect their citizens.

Because of the selection process, the patriotism of the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress, their heroism on the battlefield and their quality of leadership, the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress overcame a lack of financial support.  After two long years of diligent work, working with very little financial support, we were able to contribute substantially to electing and re-electing more Combat Veterans For Congress this year than in any of the last three Congressional elections.  The election  of the 24 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress listed in the attachment (3 US Senators, and 21 US Congressmen) contributed in a small way to the “Republican Wave” that occurred last night.

A number of the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress lost their first political races and in some cases obtained 49%, 49.8%, 47%, 46.5%, etc. of the votes cast  in their hard-fought campaigns.  It was a learning process for many of them, but several of them have informed us that they will run again in 2016.

We have no doubt that the elected Combat Veterans For Congress will work diligently to support the American people by campaigning in the US Senate and the US House to get Congress to work for a smaller government, lowering taxes, rebuilding the hollowed-out US military, changing the flawed Obamacare Law so that hardworking Americans can keep their doctors and insurance plans, guaranteeing the Freedom of Religion for Chaplains and members of the US Military that is being systematically violated, sealing the southern border to protect the national security of the Republic, taking appropriate military actions in the Middle East to prevent ISIL from killing Assyrian Christians and from threatening the homeland, encouraging the Obama administration to follow the lead of 70 other countries by preventing all passengers arriving from West Africa where Ebola is ravaging the population from entering the US, and protecting the freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights that have been under assault by the Obama administration for the last six years.

We believe we can speak for the elected Combat Veterans For Congress when we say that we hope the occupant of the Oval Office does not execute an Executive Order in violation of federal immigration laws by legalizing 6 million more illegal aliens to add to the one million Dreamers he already violated federal immigration law to legalize, and by so doing, to encourage millions of a new wave of illegal aliens, drug traffickers, human smugglers, terrorists, criminals, and children carrying infectious diseases to arrive in the country unimpeded.

24 Combat Veterans For Congress in 17 States

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