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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

Are Obama’s policies on the ballot today?

(Nov. 4, 2014) — Obama gave out the challenge to conservatives and the GOP – just bring it.  “I have my pen and I won.”  “I can do whatever I want to do because I am the President.”  Well…we were simply showing respect to our leader and we brought it.   “What is that look, Obama?  You don’t like the taste of the GOP muffin that was just pushed down your throat?  Oh…here’s a napkin for the mess and drool.”

What Obama could not control

1- Prayers of God’s people asking Him to save our country and fix our mess.

Millions of Americans have been praying to the God of the Holy Bible for help since the beginning of this Obama nightmare.  Believing Americans know that our God is bound by His own character and promises to deliver when we humble ourselves and trust Him.  Tuesday the 4th was the beginning of America’s miracle…turning her back to greatness, freedom and her Christian roots.

For years I have been calling my radio and reading audience to prayer via Deuteronomy 7:14 “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, then will I forgive their sins and heal their land.”  There is much power in prayer and the real God does answer prayer, folks.

Socialist-Communist transformation has proven to be a big zero for Americans

Obama has fanatisized from the beginning of his reign that America could be shifted to a socialist/communist creature he controls.  He is inspired per his own writings and associations with socialism and Communism.   We are now bored with how many times he has said he was ashamed of our country and was determined to pound us down in the board so we couldn’t stand up and lead anymore. You see, leading and excelling embarrass all those who don’t — so that is our fault.  That is really what Obama believes.  He must destroy us however he can, redistribute and control what is left.  Obama has faced the unique giant of ‘capitalist America’  and hit a big wall.  He keeps hitting and hitting with his communistic sledgehammer, desperately trying to put cracks in the wall.  Apparently no one told him that this capitalist wall was built by God himself and is steel to the core.

Though many millions of Americans have been slow as sludge to realize Obama’s evil plans, they have finally awakened.  Even the love-struck Democrats, minority groups and females have been forced to realize that Obama cares for no one except himself and perhaps Muslim leadership.  No matter how he has played with his teleprompter words…Americans, more media and pollsters realize he and his plans have hurt millions.  Many millions, including liberal Obama worshipers, have been dropped from health insurance plans and have finally noticed that Obamacare is rattled with tax and cost increases, saving people absolutely nothing.  In addition, they are forced to notice their own health care provisions and needs are greatly compromised.  People are dying.

Obama just kept on walking with his chain saw and blame speeches but that didn’t work anymore

The truth has finally landed on the heads of most Americans.  Obama is a chronic liar.  He was behind the massive illegal alien invasion that has purposely landed killer diseases, criminals and mostly child posers across the country.  While our public schools and communities are being infected and illegal alien criminals arrive in the cloak of darkness, Obama makes sure Ebola is minimized and all but ignored.  He fights with the kindergarten basics of stopping the flights from Ebola-infested countries and supporting quarantines.  Again, the public has finally noticed that this gross lack of leadership is a direct assault on liberals and conservatives.  This will kill many more.

He has failed with winning the upper hand with ISIS.  Instead he has reminded the world that they are not Islamic and mostly bombed a few empty buildings here and there.  All this is after he said he didn’t have a plan for ISIS…the plan that followed was pathetic and too late — that was only after the media lambasted him for his statement of no plan.  We were all dumbstruck that he had no plan in response to massive genocide, torture and murders of Christians by ISIS throughout Iraq and Syria.  Again, Americans have noticed his failure.

Pelosi, Reid and Obama can invent all the reasons and blaming speeches they want after this vote, but Americans won’t have time to listen up or offer them therapy anymore.  We have tons of cleanup, undoing and fixing on our plate.  American’s main job now is to keep on the House and the Senate to stay on point and undo what they can.  This is no time for more political power games.  This is no time to play it safe – trying to look cautious for 2016.  The House and the Senate must be American men and women understanding we are in a national emergency and in intensive care thanks to Obama.  They must be ‘bravehearts’ on a courageous mission to get America and her freedom back in line or they should get out of town and join the sellouts that were just thrown out of office.

Rejoice for our victory and answer to prayer…then shut up and get back to work.  We are Americans and we will be great, powerful, exceptional and God-fearing again.  Believe it…receive it and be a part of it.

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