by Joseph DeMaio, ©2014

(Oct. 28, 2014) — Any remaining any doubt over the complete forfeiture by the Democratic Party of any legitimate claim to govern even a colony of termites should now be laid to rest by the most recent revelations of its venality and deceit.

First, we now know that enough ineligible, non-citizen voters actually cast ballots in recent close election races to feloniously tip the results in favor of a Democrat as opposed to a Republican.  As a result, the Senate fell to the felons, who elected as their leader: Harry Reid. Great. Consequently, among other things, the laughably misrepresented “Affordable Care Act,” aka obamacare, became law instead of dying a well-deserved death in that chamber. Euthanasia is not always a bad thing. Like a legislative colonoscopy, the ACA was administered to the nation unilaterally by the Democrats, without a single Republican vote in support.

Moreover, the anesthesia for the procedure was supplied by a 5-4 Supreme Court majority opinion that found no problem at all in mischaracterizing the law’s sanction for noncompliance as a “tax” rather than – as the law actually declared it to be – a “penalty.” Seriously? With a moonlighting anesthesiologist like Chief Justice John Roberts, who needs another Ruth Bader Ginsberg? Word on the street, however, is that Roberts did stay at a Holiday Inn Express the night before releasing his brain cramp.

Second, we also now know that voting machines in both Illinois and Maryland seem to be suffering from the identical species of “calibration errors” which result in the electronic changing of votes actually cast for Republicans into … votes tallied for Democrats.  This on top of votes by ineligible non-citizens. Imagine that.

Coincidentally, of course, those “calibration errors” seem to be a one-way street, changing votes for Republicans into votes for Democrats…, but not the other way around. This magical morphing is, no doubt, a normal manifestation of the “change” promised under the “hope and change” fantasy touted by the Usurper-in-Chief at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. No word yet on whether these “calibration errors” are airborne-capable and will find their way into voting machines in other states to infect them before Election Day. However, the regime has assured us that there is no cause for alarm or concern because there is no chance the disease will spread. No quarantine necessary. Move along… nothing to see here.

Third, as we now move into the final week before general election day, with Democrats fleeing faster than a speeding bullet from a “leader” every bit as toxic as Ebola, they are turning up the racial dial in a panic-driven, last-gasp attempt to retain control of the Senate. Responding to a confidential memo penned by a former pollster for the Emperor which predicted “crushing Democratic losses across the country” absent a huge black voter turnout, the Democrats are now resorting to unvarnished racism: vote for those who support the black guy solely because you are black too. Don’t think your vote; just cast your vote. For the Democrat. Naturally, the blatant race-driven hypocrisy of that tactic is overlooked by the Democrats and downplayed, of course, by the Gray Trollop.

Their hypocrisy, however, is neither overlooked nor downplayed by increasing numbers of blacks who have finally awakened to the reality that it is the Democrats and the Emperor – not the Republicans; not Bush; not the Koch brothers – who are the ones directly responsible for the misery they now endure. And if you watch nothing else before the upcoming election, watch this.

Remember, if you believe that the United States of America is more than a colony of termites, vote carefully on Election Day. Very carefully.

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  1. Obama Officials Convicted of Voter Fraud
    But liberals say we don’t need ID’s since there is no fraud.
    Check it out:

    Why is it only Democrats deal in voter fraud, when it’s they who say it never happens? If this story does not convinced you the entire nation needs strict voter ID laws, nothing will.

    Two Democratic officials from Indiana have been arrested and convicted of ballot fraud, because Obama truly wasn’t eligible to be on the ballot. They knew it, but they went ahead with it. If you think something was funky about the 2008 and 21012 elections, here’s a little insight:


    To quote Aaron Russo, “Anybody who votes on an electronic voting machine needs to have his head examined.” I concur!

  2. “Vote only once … this isn’t Chicago.” BUT if the Republicans who no longer believe in our Republic stay in there, then we are no better off.