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Was Obama “elected” by means of voter fraud?

(Oct. 25, 2014) — Roving Reporter: “Hello, everyone. As you can see, we’re on Main Street doing yet another one of our most popular formats: on-the-street interviews.

“Before we start, let me say that we had a lot of mail about the ‘Doctors without Orbits’ broadcast, most accusing us of perpetrating a hoax. Let me assure you all it was all for real. A real hoax would’ve been the Alien landing in an SR-71 ‘Blackbird,’ not a ‘Hippie van.’ Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see what we can learn from our fellow citizens.

“Here comes a young lady. Excuse me, please.”

Young Lady: “Oh, I know you. I mean, I watch your show. That ‘Doctors without Orbits’ was entertaining; tell the writer I said so. So, what’s the question?”

Roving Reporter: “Oh, yeah, thanks. The question of the day is: What’s the difference between ‘self-medicate’ and ‘self-radicalized’?”

Young Lady: “Oh, that’s an easy one. ‘Self-medicate’ is an attempt to improve one’s health, while ‘self-radicalized’ is admitting to oneself that schizophrenia has invaded his brain.”

Roving Reporter: “I say, that was good. Well, thank you. Ah, here comes an older couple. Excuse me, Roving Reporter here.”

Older Gentleman: “Oh, my, look, Cheryl, the Roving Reporter. We liked your show with the Alien. Give our regards to the writer. Okay, what’s the question?”

Roving Reporter: “Well, thank you, but there was no ‘writer’. Okay, let’s get on with this. The question to you is; What should be done about people who commit voter fraud?”

Older Lady: “Hang ’em.”

Older Gentleman: “Now, now. I’m sorry, she gets a little wound-up. But I agree with her. The whole idea behind a vote is to allow an individual to have his say, and if you take away his right to choose, then that’s the death blow to our country. It won’t be the USA anymore: it will be some deviation of a Totalitarian political rule, like Stalin’s USSR, where regardless of who counts the vote, the results have been predetermined.”

“It’s like the Obama thing as soon as the Electoral College declared a winner. Did anyone notice how the television commercials changed overnight? Many, if not all, of these commercials were shot in the summer of 2008, months before they inundated the airwaves.”

“What I’m getting at is that the election was rigged, and you’d have to have been blind not to have noticed. Look at the fraudulent ‘elections’ of Al Franken and Harry Reid, for starters.”

Roving Reporter: “Great answer, for sure. Thank you very much. Pardon me?”

Older Lady: “Hang ’em all.”

Roving Reporter: “Yes, of course.”

Older Gentleman: “Got to stop it, sonny. If you don’t stop it, and I mean really stop this voting fraud, what’s the point? You got to protect our Constitution by doing whatever is necessary, and if hanging is the answer, so be it.  Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve a square dance to attend to. Bye.”

Roving Reporter: “Well, you heard. First, these so-called ‘self-radicalized’ Muslims are brain-damaged individuals, no doubt about it, and, second, these judges who go light on the sentencing for voter fraud creeps better get a grip on it. This is Roving Reporter, saying stay safe by being armed and supporting our 2nd Amendment. Goodnight.”

Semper Fi



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