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by Sharon Rondeau

Judge Jon Kerry Blackheart

(Oct. 22, 2014) — Two motions requested by Atty. Van Irion for CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) at a hearing on Monday have been denied by Senior Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood.

Irion had filed two briefs asking that judgment be arrested and requesting a new trial for Fitzpatrick, who was convicted on charges of “aggravated perjury” and “extortion” on June 25.

Fitzpatrick had attempted to submit evidence of criminal conduct on the part of court officials and Tennessee’s Tenth Judicial District prosecutors to the McMinn County grand jury, which then issued the indictments against Fitzpatrick without any evidence, a point Irion argued on Monday.

On August 19, Blackwood sentenced Fitzpatrick to three years in state prison stating that Fitzpatrick had not “learned his lesson” in regard to his continued attempts to expose systemic corruption, particularly in the county grand juries, which are commandeered by judicially-selected foremen who serve for years and even decades at the pleasure of the judge.  Defendants are therefore denied an unbiased review of the potential charges against them.

During the sentencing hearing, Blackwood called Fitzpatrick “a moral coward” and derided “people coming in here demanding their constitutional rights.”

In speaking with an eyewitness to Monday’s hearing on Tuesday evening, The Post & Email was told that Fitzpatrick does not look as healthy as when he was sent to prison and that he was kept handcuffed throughout while deputy prosecutor A. Wayne Carter accused him of further transgressions.

In a one-page order devoid of detail, Blackwood stated, “Whereupon the Court finds that the Motions are not well taken and should be denied.”

The Tennessee Supreme Court is involved in the corruption syndicate, as it should have known that Blackwood had a conflict of interest, having been the judge who presided over the trial and issued the sentence.

Fitzpatrick has called the judicial system in Tennessee “the dictatorship of the judiciary.”

Blackwood’s decision is here:  WFF 10 22 14 Order


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  1. It’s amazing creeps like this can remain on the benches for so many years hiding behind the system and getting big salaries while they violate their oath to the Constitution they swore to. These are the true destroyers of America-the cowards and takers that suck the system dry while doing nothing for anyone but themselves. They are a dime-a-dozen and a curse to every country they parasite in.

  2. Unless higher authority steps in, it looks like these Criminal DNC Operatives will continue to do whatever they want- regardless of the written law and operate outside the law as long as the “dual citizen” POTUS who is operating as POTUS in the White House is allowed to stay there illegally and outside the Constitution. As a Veteran, we know that the current state of gaming the system in its present “Corporate Fiction” after 1946 has reached a state of “cultural corruption that may be irreversible in it’s present state. Our Constitutional Right to petition the Judicial has been quietly obfuscated and denied on orders from Hillary through threats to the judicial. Most of those positions are very delicate and most members of the judicial don’t want to lose their position for any reason-even if it means violating oaths and Constitutional guidelines regardless of severity. At this point-since our rights have been taken away without our permission or vote- we must look at the damage done to our military, judicial, Constitutional rights and realize we can NEVER trust the government again-it can and will never return to it’s former balanced condition as long as Democrats are there to inject more corruption into the system.