Short Update on Terry Trussell


by Rodger Dowdell, Patriots for America

(Oct. 21, 2014) — [Editor’s Note:  This post was originally dated October 20, 2014.]

On Saturday, Marie and Canetha as well as Hagan got to see Terry through the glass and talk on the phone with him. They report his spirits are strong but he is looking physically a bit weaker.

1. Everyone’s calls and emails to Congressman Ted Yoho’s office are helping them understand how broadbased the support is from the People to get Terry out of jail.  Call Rep Yoho at 352-505-0838 or 904-276-9626.
Please keep the calls and emails coming and we will likely get Ted’s full attention and cooperation. As I mentioned before, Ted heard the audio of Terry’s voice answering the judge’s call of his name. We have learned from two sources that the establishment claims the judge told Terry to approach the bench, but that is not what I remember nor what the recording on Jason’s site supports.
2. We really need to get Terry’s story out into the broad Dixie County community so we are putting an ad in both Dixie County newspapers this week.
3. Through a contact Jason Hoyt has, Jason and I met for a short period with Governor Scott today at a campaign event in Orlando. The purpose of the meeting was to ask him for a dedicated meeting with him about Terry’s abuse by the courts. Based on the face-to-face request from Jason, Gov. Scott agreed and gave us the number to call to set it up. We don’t yet have a firm date, but we should shortly. Jason’s ability to get the meeting this a.m. and then his request to the governor worked well.
The back story on the meeting today is I called Jason and left him a message that we needed to get a meeting with Governor Scott. I then dialed Hagan and while talking with Hagan about 5 minutes later, I got a text across my screen that Jason had set up the meeting that took place today . I simply want to know how anyone can beat 5 minutes to get an appointment with Governor Scott???
4. John Darash has helped us with our paperwork, which we had hoped to be fully filed by today, but because of problems, including incompetence of the notary public at the jail, it won’t all be filed until tomorrow.
Pls don’t forget to send mail and extra paper, envelopes, and stamps to Terry at the jail address:
Dixie County Jail
Attn: Terry Trussell (0001-0914)
386 NE 255th St
Cross City, FL 32628

Editor’s Note:  A report from Jason Hoyt on last Thursday’s Dixie County Commissioners’ meeting, at which Trussell’s plight was raised, is here.

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