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by Sharon Rondeau

Linda Louise LaCasse is an “Unaffiliated” candidate for Connecticut’s 52nd District House of Representatives seat. The district includes Stafford and Somers in the state’s northern area located east of the Connecticut River

(Oct. 19, 2014) — On October 11, The Post & Email published an interview of Connecticut 52nd District House of Representatives Unaffiliated candidate Linda Louise LaCasse.  Her contenders, Democrat David Pinney and Republican Kurt Vail, did not respond to our respective requests.

The seat was occupied by six-term Rep. Penny Bacchiochi, who ran for lieutenant governor and finished a close second to entrepreneur and former mayor of Groton Heather Somers.

Somers is now running with former gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley against incumbent Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy and his lieutenant, Nancy Wyman.

Malloy oversaw the largest tax increase in the state’s history after taking office in 2011.

A debate among the three 52nd district contenders held at the Stafford Senior Center last Wednesday was videotaped by a citizen who maintained that despite Vail’s objections to televising the event, it was a public function and should be made available to those who could not attend in person.

LaCasse believes that if all unaffiliated voters in the two-town district of Somers and Stafford, CT can be reached and persuaded to cast their vote for her, she can win the election in an historic first for a candidate not associated with a major party.

Late last week, LaCasse told The Post & Email that her lawn signs posted throughout the district are being stolen in significant numbers.

A recent interview between LaCasse and former traditional radio show host turned blogger and internet broadcaster Dan Lavallo is headlined by Lavallo as:

Linda Louise LaCasse may be unlike any candidate you have heard in a long, long time.  Running as an unaffiliated candidate for the 52nd District State House seat in the Connecticut General Assembly, LaCasse is not afraid to talk about the U.S. Constitution or God.   She did not gain the Republican Party nomination for the seat, held by long time State Rep. Penny Bacchiocchi,  but that did not stop her.  LaCasse chose to run as an unaffiliated candidate.  Now she is shaking up the race with a refreshing approach to campaigning.

The interview can be heard here in which listeners will note Mrs. LaCasse’s pronounced Boston accent despite nearly three decades in Massachusetts’ southern neighbor, Connecticut, which does not use the broad “a” and lack of an “r” at the end of words as the Bostonians do.

Lavallo will host Mrs. LaCasse on WDRC-FM on November 1 at 8:00 a.m.

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  1. She did note that her lawn signs were disappearing in “significant” numbers which is a sign that “Democrats” are moving through the area and probably taking the signs. Democrats are good at stealing. Beware when driving through Boston-there may still be some debris from that Chapaquidick Bridge that the Kennedy family bought from the city and had it torn down-hoping to fade the memories of Mary Jo and when ole’ Kennedy had that terrible “amnesia” after swimming to “safety”. He did remember the numbers of all the officials that might be able to get him off. Now we have another rich kid/cop puncher trying to get into office in DC with a little help from dad. His daddy was also likely responsible for Col. Alan West when 4,000 votes mysteriously were “lost” at 2 am on a phony “recount” in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. West was railroaded out of the run. We never heard the results of the lawsuit involved with that. We will have to stay tuned on that.