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by OPOVV, ©2014

The U.S. Constitution provides for Congress to make laws, but Obama and his cohorts have no regard for such laws

(Oct. 18, 2014) — The most amusing figures of the 20th Century had to be the dictators who made a colossal mess of everything they touched. Here were a handful of individuals who had the golden opportunity to make their country, their “World View,” the envy of all nations, yet they managed to do the exact opposite. Hitler with his “Thousand Year Reich,” Mao’s “Great Leap Forward,” and Stalin’s “Worker’s Paradise” all resulted in fear, hardship and death, besides being an abject failure that missed the boat completely.

Imagine a place where the opportunity for personal satisfaction knew no bounds, where one had a panoply of avenues to travel to quench whatever it was that they were in thirst of: money, knowledge, fame, or perhaps just the pride in doing a job, any job, to the very best of their ability. Yet as with any commodity, there is a finite amount of everything except imagination. Dreaming is good, but it must be tempered with pragmatism; altruism is applauded, but not at the expense of others; and “Good Will” should be rewarded, but not at the cost of a nation’s future.

As with household expenses, a country must allocate a certain percentage of any money it has in order to protect itself: a finite amount goes to the military, and out of that the branches of services must compete for every dollar available. The Navy would like to have more destroyers; the Air Force more bombers; the Marines more APC’s; the Coast Guard more cutters; and the Army more of everything.

In order of importance, after the military follows the nation’s infrastructure: airports, roads, bridges, and keeping navigable waterways open.

Protecting the country from invasion lies with the military, and it makes no difference whether a country is invaded by people just walking across our Southern border or parachuting into Colorado:  the end result is the same.

In the history of “Countries that have Failed,” not having a common language is the number one reason, with large populations failing to assimilate a close second, and the combination of the two is the recipe for chaos. The USA of today meets or exceeds all the criteria for disaster, and we know this, yet this Administration and Congress sit idly by while the illegal immigrants are still here (and growing daily) and Muslims are still flying in by the thousands daily.

The USA’s greatest contribution to the human race has been its exporting of an idea: the idea of equality for all under the law. A Muslim within our borders tarnishes our Constitution (where everyone has equal rights), where everyone means every woman. An illegal immigrant makes a mockery out of our Constitution by breaking the very laws which make America possible: destroy those laws and you destroy America. Either America is a nation of laws or it isn’t, and from all current indications, Obama and his despicable and incompetent henchmen (and women) are doing their incompetent best to destroy the USA.

One can’t have it both ways: you can’t be pro-illegal immigration and support the laws of the land at the same time. One can’t be pro-Muslim and support equal rights for women at the same time.

Either the laws of the land will be upheld in an orderly and logical way, or they will not. Either the Muslims will leave our borders in an orderly and peaceful way, or they will not. But make no mistake about it: the simple equation for the survival of the United States of America rests with the deportation of our invaders and denying future access to our land to those who would wish to destroy us.

The “Battle Cry” of the 21st Century must be:  DEPORT! DEPORT! DEPORT!

Semper Fi


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