by Col. Harry Riley (Ret.)

(Oct. 17, 2014) — This is a first-party update of the Dixie County, FL County Commissioners Meeting (cited below) that was attended by Wendell Beattie and me, among others.

Wendell and I drove from Crestview, FL to Cross City, FL on 10-16-2014 and joined 50-100 other supporters fighting for Terry Trussell’s release and vindication of a charge for doing his duty as jury foreman and later convening a “common law grand jury” that voted presentments against government officials.

The Dixie County Commission Chairman started the meeting on a positive note.  Since Terry’s issue was not on the official agenda, it ordinarily would have had to be presented during the “public discussion period” at the end of the commission’s official agenda.  However, the Chairman, noting the substantial attendance, elected to move Terry’s issue to the top of the meeting.  He asked for those who wanted to speak to raise their hands, and the documentation of the travesty Terry experienced began and was shared with the Commissioners by Mr. Rodger Dowdell, Hagan Smith, as well as several other men and women who spoke in Terry’s defense, many who had witnessed Terry’s arraignment.

Rodger and Hagan laid out the law in a constitutional sense as well as the Florida constitutional application regarding common law and general miscarriage of justice in Terry’s case.  It was compelling evidence that 1. Florida is a “common law” State; 2. The U.S. Constitution clearly supports common law; 3. the Florida Constitution clearly describes the authority of a county commission as key in common law grand jury application; and generally related the absolutely bizarre nature of Judge Hankinson, State Attorney Siegmeister, and others’ behavior involving Terry’s arrest at the arraignment.

It was apparent to me that by the County Commission’s attention, they were grasping the serious nature of what was happening to a citizen in the United States, Terry Trussell, who is being punished for uncovering illegal activity and having the guts to stand for justice rather than contribute to more corruption.  (You can read the sequence of events of Terry’s judicial encounter below.)

There was one request from the floor for the Commission Chair to read US Constitution V Amendment.  The Chair declined but another Commissioner volunteered to read to the audience.  He read, “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, …” and of course there has never been a Grand Jury hearing any issue regarding Terry Trussell.  Bottom line, Judge Hankinson ordered Terry arrested and is holding him without bond, a V Amendment injustice.

I also spoke with Terry’s wife Marie as well as their daughter.  Both are doing well, fully committed to the path needed to exonerate Terry and prove to America that “we the people” are the power given through the US constitution and have rights from God that no judge nor any other human can take from us.  Marie indicated Terry was well. The medical episode he had after initial incarceration and landed him in the hospital resulted from him not having his medication for 2-3 days.  The obvious discomfort of a cell as well as absence from family is troubling, but Terry’s attitude is “he is right, they are wrong” and that means a fight for justice.

Finally, at the end of the presentation by Terry’s supporters, the Chair of the commission asked Rodger Dowdell, “What is it that you want?”  Rodger stated, “We are asking the Dixie County Commissioners to grant us a room in the Court House to conduct a ‘new common law Grand Jury’ proceeding.”  The Chair initially responded, “We don’t have that authority; it belongs with the judicial,” to which Rodger Dowdell cited Florida Constitutional authority that the County Commission has the authority to do exactly what is being asked, “provide a room in the Court House to conduct a common law Grand Jury proceeding.” At this point there was no further discussion as the Commission Chair was either convinced or had no further rebuttal.

The Chair of the commission stated there could be no vote on the request for Court Room space at the present meeting, as the issue related to Terry Trussell was not a formal agenda item.  It was agreed that the item would be accepted as a formal agenda point for the next County Commission meeting which I believe is November 7, 2014. (I was not given any information related to Terry’s release from jail.)

The general sense of Wendell, myself, and others as to the reception by the Commissioners was positive, encouraging, and uplifting,  particularly to Terry’s wife and daughter in spite of Terry’s continued absence from the family.

There is strength in prayer, which is our number one resource on Terry’s and the family’s behalf. Please be praying, and if you can, be prepared to visit Cross City, FL on November 7, 2014 in support of Terry, his family, and show strength to the County Commission that America is standing with Terry and his family.

Hankinson, Siegmeister, and others in the government establishment are wrong; Terry Trussell is right.  Someone has to drain the judicial cesspool…Terry didn’t ask to be thrown in it, but he will fight like hell to drain it……..

Use the “blow-by-blow” debacle description below to notify every media outlet, talk radio, editor, representative, FL Gov. Scott, AG Bondi, legal firms, FB, email lists……..far and wide……..let’s sink injustice and establish justice in the Florida and US judiciary.


Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret
Crestview, FL
When Injustice Becomes Law
Resistance Becomes Duty

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  1. What absolute nonsense…Terry Trussell died (appropriately in prison) while trying to finally–in his life–be the star quarterback instead of just the water boy. While I’m sorry for him, I’m far more sorry for his wife and daughter, both of whom sacrificed their personal financial security for his fool’s errand. Rest in peace, Trussell, and may God look kindly on the loyal, now bankrupt family of Trussell’s, who recognized his silly and egotistical foolishness, but loved him as husband and father (as they should; as I would have). What a sad legacy.

  2. Terry Trussell, Rodger Dowdell, Jr., Hagan Smith, myself and hundreds of others are promoting a return to People’s common law grand juries in every county in the country through the NationalLibertyAlliance.org website.

    You see, in the unwritten common law from our Creator, which is far superior to government laws (i.e. statutes, etc.), we the people are the law and each of us is already well versed in its rights and wrongs. It is now only a question of mass implementation to clean house of the bad elements that ruin America to soon win her back.

    We need as many of We The People as we can muster to begin lighting the fires of liberty in our 3100+ counties. Please visit the above website to confidentially register your interest by State and county.

  3. I have lived in Florida for 55 years and never seen any thing like this going on. Florida has DNC and RNC but this type of corruption is being pushed by this administration under Obama as frontman to real DNC button pushers like Axelrod, Reid and Pelosi. Pelosi and Biden falsified Obama’s eligibility in 2008, do you think they care about crushing anyone that challenges them? Treason, murder, misprision of felony, election fraud, perjury, obfuscation, judicial corruption, Constitutional outright violation, illegal imprisonment of Veterans means nothing to reaching their DNC agenda.

  4. Justice Scalia’s written opinion explaining that the Common Law Grand Jury is an EQUAL BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT should be posted everywhere far and wide, in digital and in paper on courthouses all across the LAND. THE PEOPLE RULE!