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by Sharon Rondeau

At an arraignment hearing last Thursday, Dixie County resident and former grand jury foreman Terry George Trussell was reportedly arrested for “failure to appear” despite identifying himself as present when the judge called his name

(Oct. 15, 2014) — A letter has been sent to the Dixie County, FL Board of Commissioners in advance of a meeting scheduled for Thursday evening, October 16, 2014 regarding the jailing of Terry George Trussell at an arraignment hearing last week.

Trussell is a 70-year-old Vietnam combat veteran who was present in Washington, DC for Operation American Spring (OAS) and served on two trial juries in Dixie County, both times as foreman.

Trussell had been duly empaneled and sworn in as foreman of the Dixie County grand jury in April of this year.  When the grand jury was convened by state’s attorney Jeffrey Siegmeister to review a complaint from a member of the community involving alleged criminality, Siegmeister and three other court officials insisted on being present while the grand jury deliberated, in violation of Florida statute.

Historically, tasked by the Fifth Amendment, grand juries performed their own investigations into allegations or suspicions of crime in the community, including those involving public officials.

In several interviews, Trussell explained to The Post & Email that he ultimately brought the citizen’s complaint and his own against Siegmeister to a common-law grand jury because he believed the statutory grand jury of which he had been foreman had been contaminated by Siegmeister.  During our last conversation with Trussell before his incarceration, he indicated that he and perhaps others had filed criminal charges against Clerk of Court Dana C. Johnson for allegedly removing documents from an official court record book and replacing them with two others.  The two pages removed comprised a “Bill of Information” submitted by Trussell alleging wrongdoing on the parts of Third Judicial Circuit Judge Greg Parker, Johnson, and Siegmeister.

When The Post & Email contacted Siegmeister’s office, we left a message with someone in his office requesting comment but received no response.

On September 2, Trussell was himself arrested and charged with ten felonies relating to the “simulation of a legal process.”  Last Thursday, a citizen reported that eyewitnesses to Trussell’s arraignment observed Judge James C. Hankinson call Trussell’s name, upon which Trussell identified himself as present three times.  According to the reports, Hankinson then declared Trussell as having “failed to appear” and ordered him incarcerated.

Several days later, a citizen related that Trussell had taken a fall of some kind while jailed and was taken to a local hospital.  The Post & Email has been told, but not yet been able to verify independently, that Trussell’s wife was not permitted to see him while he was hospitalized.

The citizen reporting Trussell’s condition on Monday wrote:

Fwd: Update on Terry 10/13/2014

1. Terry’s wife Marie, their daughter Canetha, and Hagan and Bonnie Smith traveled to the Dixie Jail Sunday morning to visit Terry only to learn that Terry had some kind of fall Sat around 3 pm and was taken to the hospital to get checked out. Although the Officer on duty said he was ok and they were taking him to get checked out as a precaution, we were interested in tracking him down. I called the 3 main hospitals around Gainesville and no patient was registered as Terry Trussell. I then called the jail and talked with Officer Allen and asked if Marie could at least go see Terry while he was in the hospital. She said no. I then asked if Marie could at least talk with him on the phone and she said no and that there could be no contact with him while he was outside the jail.

Late Sunday afternoon, Marie got notification that he was back in jail, yet we still have no clue what happened to him, what the tests were that he was subjected to, and what the test results were.

Marie and Canetha should be able to visit Terry sometime today, Monday.

2. I have talked with two lawyers Sunday that were recommended by friends of Terry and expect calls back today or tomorrow from both of them.

The letter submitted to the county commissioners reads as follows:

Terry George Trussell is an outstanding member of the Dixie County Community with a record of positively contributing to the community in many ways. Additionally, he is an Army veteran, a courageous Patriot, a loving husband and father, as well as a retired business person. He loves his country and his community deeply. He is now being severely punished for doing the duty he was asked to do by his county government as the Foreman of the Dixie County Grand Jury.
     1.            In April of this year, Terry was asked to serve as a grand juror for Dixie County, was sworn in, and selected to be the Foreman of the Grand Jury.
     2.            Terry read the Florida rules for grand juries and the Florida Grand Jury Handbook. He understood his duties as Grand Jury Foreman.
     3.            As Foreman, Terry had a sworn duty to bring any criminal complaints he became aware of to the attention of the Grand Jury in Dixie County.
     4. Terry learned about alleged criminal behavior of Dixie County Public Officers and State officials regarding the deployment of Common Core curriculum into the public schools, where after money was paid, the agreement was made to change the curriculum before the new curriculum was published.  Terry brought before the Grand Jury this complaint of official wrongdoing (bribery) associated with the adoption of the Common Core curriculum.
     5.            In the process of bringing the complaint in front of the Grand
Jury, 3rd Circuit Court State Attorney Jeffrey Siegmeister breached multiple Florida statutes by interfering with the official work of the Foreman and manipulating the Jury, thereby causing the Jury to become tainted.
     6.            Terry documented the events and put the evidence in the form of a Bill of Information into the public record and also gave a letter to Judge Munkittrick, the presiding judge who empaneled the Grand Jury.
     7.            As Grand Jury Foreman, Terry now faced a difficult problem: he is duty bound to bring forward two criminal complaints, one on Common Core curriculum and the other on Jeffrey Siegmeister’s unlawful and illegal behavior.  However, the sitting Grand Jury was already tainted by Siegmeister’s actions. Terry knew that Florida is a Common Law state, so he set up a meeting with We the People of Dixie County to ask if they wanted to reestablish their Constitutionally-guaranteed Common Law Grand Jury. The People voted yes to move forward.
     8.            The Common Law Grand Jury was renamed The People’s Grand Jury Under Common Law in Dixie County and convened to consider the two criminal complaints.  They handed down two True Bills of Presentment, which meant that they believed enough evidence existed to require investigation into both issues. The two True Bills were entered into the public record.
     9.            Through interviews with members of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), it became clear that Terry, because he did his duty as Grand Jury Foreman, was now under attack by the judicial system and FDLE in a systematic effort to engineer a cover-up of Siegmeister’s alleged crimes. In other words, simply because he did his duty and the Grand Jury voted two True Bills of Presentment, he was being charged with 10 felonies for “simulating a legal process,” the possible penalties if convicted of 70 years in jail.  In fact, Terry did nothing but what was his sworn duty to do. The evidence clearly shows he DID NOT simulate a legal process.
10.            On September 2nd, Terry was arrested and jailed based on a fatally flawed affidavit. Judge Hankinson’s then issued an order, and warrant for the arrest of TERRY GEORGE TRUSSELL. A Void Judgment True Bill was drafted and filing was attempted in both Dixie County Court Clerk Office as well as with the Court Clerk in Perry (seat of the Circuit Court where Judge Hankinson is assigned), both clerks refused to file these important legal papers in terry’s defense.  Additionally, it was discovered that the Court Clerk in Dixie County, Dana Johnson, removed and altered, or had removed and altered, official paperwork that Terry had filed previously into the public record.
11.            This past Thursday, October 9th, Terry was prepared and present for his 10:00 AM arraignment at the Dixie Court House when at about 9:30 AM, the Deputy Sheriff delivered a 3-page document to Terry and told him the Judge stated if Terry wanted to speak at his own arraignment, he would be required to sign the document.  Terry knew if he signed this document, he would be giving up his Constitutionally-protected right to a trial by a jury of his peers. He, therefore, declined to sign it.
12.            In the courtroom at 10:00 AM, Judge Hankinson asked “Is Terry George Trussell here, and if yes, please step forward.” Terry was sitting in the courtroom, and he stood up in a clear voice and said “I am here to speak on this matter.”  The Judge responded with a question “Are you Terry George Trussell?” As Terry began to respond, the Judge began speaking over Terry and, once again, asked “Is Terry George Trussell here?” Once again, Terry responded affirmatively. The Judge ignored Terry’s response a second time. Finally, the Judge asked once again with which Terry responded “For the record, I am here to speak on that matter.” The Judge then said, “Let the record show that Terry George Trussell has not appeared,” and ordered his arrest on Failure to Appear while also suspending his bond.  Terry then said in a very clear and loud voice, “I object! I am here.” The Sheriff Deputies walked over and took Terry by his arms out of the courtroom, handcuffed him, and took him to jail. There are 26 signed, sworn, and notarized affidavits from people who witnessed the events in Judge Hankinson’s courtroom that day.  You may click on this link to hear an audio file of these court proceedings at Terry’s arraignment.
13.            According to the Florida Grand Jury Handbook provided at FloridaSupremeCourt.org, a Grand Jury Foreman has complete immunity for his actions except in the case he breached the rights of a witness. Because there were no witnesses, brought before the Jury, Terry George Trussell maintained his immunity.
The evidence in this case is clear: if you report a crime by a government official in Dixie County, you will be prosecuted as a criminal.  Every action Terry took was based on the Constitution for the united States, the US Supreme Court decision in the case of US v Williams (1992) and as well as the Florida Grand Jury Instructions and the Florida Grand Jury handbook.
Terry is now suffering the loss of his Constitutionally-protected rights for doing his duty. The Dixie County judicial system is working hard to cover up the alleged criminal behavior of Jeffery A. Siegmeister, Judge Munkitrick as well as Dana Johnson. They are instead prosecuting Terry George Trussell on phony charges.
I believe the critical question is:  Does the Constitution still apply in Dixie County?
Once you listen to the judges own words, it becomes clear he had no interest in dispensing justice during Terry’s arraignment. His mission was to punish a person who had the courage to report criminal behavior by a corrupt State Attorney. Please don’t forget that Florida Statutes say clearly that the Grand Jury Foreman has complete immunity for his actions with only one exception, breaching the rights of a witness. The reason the foreman has immunity is to protect him from the retribution by those in power.
Because of separation of powers, you as Dixie County commissioners can not address the corruption that has surfaced in the court directly, but you can begin the work of cleaning it up by simply recognizing the fully Constitutional People’s Grand Jury Under Common Law in Dixie County. It is The People’s Grand Jury Under Common Law in Dixie County that has handed down the two True Bills that Terry is now  being punished for.
If you do so vote, the PGJ will investigate the alleged criminal activity that occurred during Terry’s arraignment and insure that Terry and ALL the People in Dixie County do receive Due Process of Law.
Here is the link to the audio of the arraignment. Simply find the picture with the red circle on it and click the arrow.
Please read the attached Precedent case of U.S. v. Williams, beginning at page 47 “A” through page 51 “B”

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  1. Simply atrocious. A flagrant and overt act of malfeasance by Judge Hankinson witnessed by over two dozen people. The Sheriff’s deputies who obeyed the Judge’s unlawful order are also to blame. This case demonstrates the significant need to re-establish with firm resolve the Common Law Grand Jury in every jurisdiction. The Constitution still applies in Dixie County and in every other county in the United States. “We the People” need only use our God-given rights to self-governance and make it known to the criminal element to which some Dixie County official belong that “We the People” have had enough of their unmitigated gall. The gall to believe that they can flout the Law with impunity. The general environment of a Nation run by tyrants and despots is an atmosphere that “We the people” of this nation must no longer acquiesce to. We MUST strengthen and replace the constitutional fetters of constraint which have somehow become loosened over time. Judges like Hankinson must be removed from the bench and jailed. The Sheriff deputies who arrested Terry Trussell should also be disciplined. Yes, the Constitution still applies. It is a moral imperative that “We the People” make that known to recalcitrant malfeasors like Hankinson who has, by his actions,lost the privilege of being referred to as “Your Honor.” His are the actions of a dishonorable man.