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by Sharon Rondeau

Is the CDC being truthful with the American people about how Ebola spreads?

(Oct. 12, 2014) — The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) immediately pronounced a “breach in protocol” after a Dallas nurse caring for a Liberian man who died last week from Ebola was found to have contracted the disease on Sunday.

CNN reported that the nurse “had on a gown, gloves, mask and a shield during her multiple visits with Thomas Eric Duncan, but there was a breach in protocol, health officials said.”

Duncan, a Liberian national visiting relatives in the U.S., died of the disease last Wednesday after exhibiting symptoms that were reportedly misinterpreted and being sent home from the Dallas hospital which treated him.

The CDC has stated that Ebola cannot be contracted through the air, although the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that it can be acquired through touching contaminated surfaces.

Director of the National Institutes of Health Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that “an inadvertent breach” in Ebola protocol caused the woman to test positive for the disease.

In Boston, a man who had visited Liberia, one of the three nations in West Africa where hundreds, and collectively, thousands, have died from the disease, was quarantined at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

As people around the world worry about the spread of Ebola, a deadly enterovirus has taken the life of a sixth American child, the sixth over the last two months.

The outbreak of the virus roughly coincides with the arrival and placement into U.S. public schools of tens of thousands of illegal alien children who a 27-year Border Patrol veteran said are not adequately screened.  Health care workers at Lackland Air Force Base were reportedly threatened with their jobs or criminal charges if they were to speak to the media about the conditions they observed at the makeshift center established at the base.

The same Border Patrol retiree, Zack Taylor, told Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet that ill people are being admitted to the U.S. and being allowed to disperse among its population at will.

One study found that a strain of virus similar to Enterovirus EV-D68, which in some cases results in paralysis and severe breathing difficulties, was found last year in very young children in some of the same Latin American countries from which the illegal alien children hailed when they were placed in holding centers and then processed for placement this past summer.

Obama has sent approximately 450 U.S. Army soldiers to allegedly help to build treatment centers for Ebola treatment in Liberia, with more expected to deploy in the coming weeks to perhaps as many as 4,000.  Many Americans are vehemently opposed to exposing U.S. troops to the possibility of contracting the disease.

Illegal aliens from African countries are coming into the U.S. through its southern border.  Members of the terrorist group ISIS, or the Islamic State, have been reportedly observed in Ciudad Juarez just over the Texas-Mexico border.

The Obama regime has refused to enforce existing immigration laws, instead arguably encouraging illegals from Central America and other countries to enter the country.  It has stated that barring flights from Ebola-affected countries to the U.S. is not necessary and “could impede efforts by aid workers to stop the spread of the deadly virus.”

According to blogger and former White House correspondent Keith Koffler, Obama played golf for the 200th time on Sunday as news of the Dallas nurse now infected with Ebola circulated.

Over the last six years, Obama and members of his regime have lied to the American public about the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012; the health care bill about which “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” was Obama’s mantra before it was enacted; and Obama’s proffered documentation, which has been found by a law enforcement investigation to consist of “computer-generated forgeries.”

Both Obama’s apparent lack of proper identification and the porous southern border have been identified as national security issues about which Congress has taken virtually no action.

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  1. According to the talking head on Faux News this morning only four hospitals are trained and experienced to handle the Ebola level of hazardous material. It could very well be that the most currently effected nurse did not have the needed skills to “don” and “doff” the full HazMat ensemble used in care of Ebola patients. And that may be why the CDC is “rethinking” the process.
    If we could just have honest and competent journalism there would be much less “panic in the streets”.

  2. A virus is said to be airborne or contact based on it’s weight. The rhinoviruses, of which there are over 100 varieties, cause the common cold. They are heavy viruses so they do not remain airborne for long. They settle on to surfaces that people touch. The rhinovirus is then transmitted by touching one’s eyes or mouth. Sneezing will emit the virus but they are so heavy that they fall from the air. Some viruses can be both contact and airborne. These are light enough to be blown around but heavy enough so that some settle on a table and on the floor. The heavy weight of a so called non-airborne virus which serves to keep such viruses earthbound can be counteracted by the forces of nature. Wind can render heavy viruses airborne. The line between contact and airborne is extremely thin. There has been conjecture that the Ebola virus will be more transmissible during the winter months. It is apparent that the virus is extremely virulent. One has to wonder whether some of these virulent viruses weren’t engineered in order to be a modern day population culling agent or weapon.

    Obama has gone so far over the line in both his inaction to control major and extremely significant health issues and his actions to overtly and without fetter to sabotage America in any way that he could. Obama is public enemy number one.

    “My larger responsibility is to protect the health of Africans”-Barack Obama

  3. In 1995 the National Institute for Health placed ebola toxin in an aerosol and sprayed it in the vicinity of test monkeys. They were dead in 4 days.

    Search “NIH 1995 Ebola aerosol study”