by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH

(Oct. 10, 2014)Immigration undeniably was the life’s blood of the new and fledgling America.  East to west, north to south, the vastness of its territory, the boundless resources and millions of acres of fertile farmland, unowned and undeveloped, needed industrious people from across the globe to come here with work ethics, morality and a desire to make a good life for themselves and their families. As a consequence they helped build a powerful, rich and prosperous country the likes of which the world had never seen.

Open borders at that time made sense. Those who would come came for opportunity derived from work, not charity derived form handouts. They came with values bred of Christianity which taught love of man, God and country. The birth and growth of America required immigrants.  However, no one with an iota of intelligence, able to study the past, view the present and perceive the future can deny that that symbiosis, born of immigrants and a young America, has now morphed into parasitical diminution.

There are those in this country who have a real hatred for America.  Some are extreme leftists or communists.  Some belong to terror groups or cater to racial instigators or subversive international organizations with agendas ranging from pillaging our wealth to dominating our daily lives.  Those people are the enemy of our future, our culture and America.  They are the purveyors of our destruction, many of whom are traitorously embedded in our local, state and federal governments.

But for the rest of us, Democrats, Republicans, conservative or liberal, Independents or Libertarians, black, white or Hispanic, it is you, it is us, it is we the people, who must awaken to what is happening to our once-exceptional country.

During the comprehensive immigration reform debate how many times have we heard, “I’m not anti-immigration, just illegal immigration?”  Well, TPATH is here to state, it is time to end all immigration.  Legal or illegal.  Stop the hemorrhaging of our culture, of our resources and our hard-earned wealth, before it’s too late, if indeed it is not already.

America owes the world nothing. America has, more than any other people in history, done much good for the world. America has sacrificed her sons and daughters, spent her wealth and shared her technology in defense and support of other nations. In fact, much of the world owes its freedom and its very existence to America’s compassion and might.

If our way of life is to continue, for this generation and those of our children, halting the dilution of our values by those who infest from without and besiege us from within, we must first see it happening and then come to grips with the need to stop it.  The world should know and understand that as goes America so too will they go. The survival of freedom in this world depends on the survival of America.

America needs an immediate, if only temporary, moratorium on all immigration.

If she is to survive, this present onslaught from people with nothing to offer in return for what they require, if deadly diseased carriers from around the globe are allowed through open borders or on airliners, if Islamic terrorists are not stopped from embedding themselves into our society as they plan our death, our county, our culture and our future will fade into oblivion.  We will be the first people in the history of mankind to have invited and encouraged the onslaught of our own demise.

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  1. It’s our corrupt government that is encouraging our demise…and they are able to get away with it because the vast majority of the citizenry are clueless, i.e., stupid or ignorant. You can certainly heap much of the blame on the lapdog media but it is imperative that we wake-up real quick or we will no longer be living in the land of the free. What is happening here in America is no different than what transpired in Nazi Germany.

  2. The question of “saving America” has come and long gone: she was gone Jan 20, 2009, the “Day Freedom Died”.
    Some of us were paying attention; others weren’t, but it wouldn’t have made an iota of a difference anyway.
    No, what’s on the table, today, is do we TAKE BACK America or not?
    And, face it, it won’t happen by the illegal voting system that’s given us Harry Reid, Al Franken and Obama, among others.
    It won’t happen in the civilian courts, just look at my track-record in attempting to force the government to vet the de facto joke in the White House for proof.
    And our so-called “brave” fighting men and women in our military didn’t lift a finger to come to the aid of LTC Terry Lakin as he was being railroaded in a kangaroo Court Martial.
    The DOJ and the FBI are worthless, as are all the other government jokes, from our local police force “to serve and protect” to the Department of Homeland Security.
    Congress is just a figurehead without any power, for, had they any power, Obama would’ve been in a cage down in Gitmo for the last 6 years.
    No, there’s only ONE way to get our country back and deporting each and every Muslim and illegal immigrant is just a fraction of what must be done.

    1. Funny you should mention “Deporting each and every Muslim”. Currently, Attorney Larry Klayman, God bless him, is attempting to Deport the Muslim in Chief, “Grand Caliph” nominee Barack Obama. Although Obama deserves the death penalty as a traitor, deporting him would be a message to to other usurpers and prospective usurpers that “we ain’t gonna take it anymore”.