Congressional Candidate’s Wife Responds to Insulting “Token” Comment


by Dan Bongino, Congressional Candidate for Maryland’s Sixth District

Dan Bongino provided Secret Service protection for Barack Obama and George W. Bush as an Elite agent. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Psychology and was employed by the NYPD prior to joining the Secret Service. He is currently a candidate for the House of Representatives from Maryland’s Sixth District.

(Oct. 10, 2014) — So today I appeared on the Kojo Nnamdi radio program on NPR in Washington DC. Although the hosts and I had a number of differing opinions on issues, the debate was cordial and respectful.

Upon leaving the studio I checked my twitter account (I handle my own social media) and saw a tweet from a woman who, rather than engage in a dialogue, decided to immediately attack (here’s the link on Twitchy if you would like to read the exchange )

I fully avail myself on social media, attacks and all, because I think it’s important for me to see your thoughts, not a consultant or staffer. But this woman decided to attack my wife when she got nowhere with the ridiculous “war on women” meme. My wife is a first-generation immigrant from Colombia and the woman, despite never meeting any of us, told me she was just a “token person of color” in my life.

Although I don’t do any guest-postings on my page, here is my wife’s response:
Dear Ms. Savad,

Nice to meet you, albeit only through your colorful comments in the social media arena. I noticed that you referred to me as a “token” wife to my husband. Odd, seems you do not understand what a “token” is.

You see Ms. Savad, growing up in poverty in New York City with my mother, sister, and brother and crowded into mostly tiny apartments, “tokens” were what we used to travel around on public transportation. We couldn’t afford a good car so we travelled from our multiple jobs and schools on buses and trains.

We didn’t speak English when we arrived here but we knew from the beginning that hard work would be the key to open the door to that uniquely American better-tomorrow. So we learned English and, more importantly, we learned that only in America is hard work a near guarantee of a chance. A chance to be something you cannot be anywhere else. What only exists in the dream world in my home country exists in the real world in America.

I now own a small business where I consult on web-technology. I really wish people such as yourself would step out of your ideological prison and understand that not everyone who disagrees with your particular brand of politics is worthy of your derision. I’ll leave you with this thought. Although I disagree with your approach, I will always vigorously defend your right to voice your opinions, and I came to this great country because brave men such as Dan’s grandfather, a veteran of WWII and the Battle of the Bulge, fought for your right to do so.

Paula Bongino

P.S. The attached photo was taken at our family party celebrating the day I became a US citizen.

One Response to "Congressional Candidate’s Wife Responds to Insulting “Token” Comment"

  1. Stephen Hiller   Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 6:35 AM

    I feel that it would be a waste of effort to even bother to reply to such an idiot. That being said, I highly applaud Paula Bongino for the “Amazing Grace” she demonstrated.


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