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by OPOVV, ©2014

Is the real goal of “same-sex marriage” to destroy ecclesiastical institutions?

(Oct. 7, 2014) — It all started over hospital visits, of all things. “I’m so sorry, but only the immediate family is allowed that information.” So the person is in the Big City and there’s only one friend in sight and the hospital is keeping information close to the vest? Okay, some information may be private, so for hospital information purposes, same-sex couples decided to get a Civil Union Certificate.

Insurance companies jumped on the bandwagon by acknowledging that, yes, a person can name anyone as a beneficiary, even a person of the same sex, but they could’ve done that before the Civil Union, if anybody cared to do a little bit of research. Insurance through an employer, however, was a different story, which the Civil Union put an end to by redefining “spouse.”

So all the same-sex couples ran down to City Hall and were happy. Then someone decided that a Civil Union wasn’t enough, for some unstated reason (but we’ll state here and now). A Civil Union gets visitation rights, but then so does a marriage license. A Civil Union gets one to name insurance benefits and anyone they want in their will, but so does a marriage license. So what’s the big deal? Why blemish the word “marriage;” it’s not as if it’s some nuclear family with parents and the ability to produce children.

The public school system in the USA has been going through a change that is neither beneficial to the students nor the country. Students are being pushed through, grade by grade, irrespective of successfully passing tests proving that they mastered the information of their age group and of the grade from which they were promoted. Our high school graduates, on the whole, fail miserably on competing with other countries. They are successful, however, at gaming the system by getting student loans and welfare.

Low-information citizens directly equates to low-information voters, and we end up with the likes of Obama in the White House. Low-information citizens are people who are too stupid to know when they’re being used and/or for which nefarious purposes.

Perhaps the most recent example of people being used is of those who took part in the “Occupy protests” throughout America who were supposedly supporting Socialism and “free” stuff yet hadn’t a clue on how to pay for it. That they made complete fools of themselves goes without question, but then that wasn’t the exercise. The reason for the “Occupy protests” was to see if the White House could dictate (control) local police forces to do whatever they were told, and they were successful beyond reason.

Now if you or I were to loiter, maybe camp overnight, in any of the “Occupy” locations, we would’ve been arrested immediately, but those protesters weren’t.

Same-sex marriage is not about any added potential benefits. Same-sex marriage does, however, bolster the overall attack on “the Church” (Christianity) by weakening a heretofore sacred domain between a man and a woman and their covenant with The Lord. Same-sex marriage makes a mockery of the church, which is the end-game of same-sex marriage in the first place.

Ironic, is it not, that the very people who yearn for “marriage” are the very ones to make the word “marriage” meaningless? Ironic, is it not, that the same-sex couples (overwhelmingly Democrat) who voted for Obama in reality voted to have their “spouses” (and themselves) hanged by the nearest street light if Obama’s Sharia Law ever takes effect?

Supporters of same-sex marriage are people being used to destroy the church: it’s a direct attack on Christianity. Supporters of same-sex “marriage” are, in reality, destroying the very social institution in which they purportedly so desperately want admission.

Semper Fi


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  1. Vladimir Lenin: ‘Destroy the Family, You Destroy the Country’

    And that’s JUST what these folks want to do. It’s not about marriage to them, we know that & they know that, it’s about destroying this country via destroying the “family unit”.

  2. Great article. Just want to add that nowadays when we go to the hospital even for a surgical procedure, we are asked if we have a living will. I would think that a living will prepared by these couples should end all of their so called “problems”. I do not believe they should be united in “marriage”. Marriage should only be reserved for a man and a women’s union as seen in GOD’s eyes. Period, end of story.