by Tom DeWeese, Founder, the American Policy Center, Kathleen Marquardt, Editor, ©2014

(Oct. 7, 2014) On September 21st we started the drive to teach activists to fight back against Agenda 21. And the session is now available in the webinar archives on our website.  Go there now to see the entire program – FREE.

I began the session with new tools and tactics that you can use in your community to deal with your local government as it attempts to impost Sustainable Development policy. Get a copy of APC’s “Resolution for the Protection of Citizen’s Property Rights” and listen as I explain how to use it.

I then introduced my two guests for the evening.

A. Mark Fitzgibbons – is an attorney and property rights advocate who helped write landmark property rights legislation to help small farmers stand up to over-reaching county governments. That bill (The Boneta Bill) passed the Virginia state legislature. Now Mark is working on new legislative efforts that will make local and state officials responsible for their actions by removing their government shield of protection and allowing property owners to sue them directly. Hear Mark explain how this remarkable legislation will make overreaching officials think twice before they act.  He is also working on legislative ideas to stop zoning abuse – the root of Sustainable Development tyranny.  Mark Fitzgibbons is a one man revolution in the battle to rein in government sprawl and he tells you how to do it in your legislature. A sample of Mark’s proposed legislation to make local representatives accountable for their actions is post4ed on the site. Use this as a guide for your own state legislatures.

B. Rick Buchanan – is a local activist in Fauquier County, Virginia. His county government is getting a national reputation as one of the worst in the nation, essentially run by a tyrannical green group called the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC). They have worked in collusion with county elected officials and bureaucrats to harass property owners in the name of environmental protection. What is happening in Fauquier County is happening in nearly every community in America. That county is a perfect laboratory as a study on what is happening and what to do about it.  Rick Buchanan has been a leader in the fight to stop them. And his tactics are valuable to every freedom fighter in the nation. What happens when the Greens power structure is challenged? What will they do to fight back? How do you counter it? Rick has faced it all and is developing effective strategies for precinct organizing, creating alternative news sources and dealing with a reluctant GOP establishment that doesn’t want to fight back. Rick Buchanan is the activist you want in every state.  In his webinar session he particularly focuses on local precinct organization. Valuable stuff for your fight at home.

This is the start in our efforts to fight back and crush Agenda 21 across the nation.

Each of the 4 sessions, so far, has been a building block toward educating a cadre of activists to fight back in your own community.

That will continue in the next session, set for October 19th. That session will feature John Anthony of Sustainable Freedom Lab – an expert in dealing with and countering Planners. He’ll tell you how to do it.

Also on the October session will be John Birch Society field coordinator Hal Shurtliff and local activist Larry Cleveland from Rindge, New Hampshire. Together, they succeeded in stopping Sustainable Development in this small community. They’ll tell you how they did it.

The first four sessions are available FREE now

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