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by OPOVV, ©2014

Have Americans abandoned the U.S. Constitution in favor of statism?

(Oct. 2, 2014) — I named the horse Rocinante, after Don Quixote’s famous steed. I made it snow-white and then thought, “Why ride when I can be pulled?” as in put me in a chariot with a pair of steeds, “one’s like snow, the others more like milk,” so I named the other Bucephalus, the horse that Alexander the Great rode.

So there I was, in a chariot pulled by two white steeds, oft to battle the forces of evil: all I needed was the votes. My greatest failure was to think that all Americans considered the Constitution, if not sacred, at least an admired document not to be messed with. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Not only do millions of Americans have absolutely no understanding of the history of the country they live in but couldn’t define the word “Freedom” if their life depended on it, which it very well may.

So the greatest ideas are worth naught if they’re not packaged in a slick 30-second TV commercial. Newspapers and magazines, radio talk shows and, maybe, an interview on the idiot box will spread the word, but, still, if the ideas aren’t approved, or the “Powers-that-Be” aren’t “on-board,” the chances of being heard are nonexistent.

I tried to get in on the presidential debates, but no banana. They knew what I was going to say: “Enough of this pussyfootin’. Obama’s an illegal immigrant; Obamacare is nothing if not about total control, and America is going down the road to Socialism. The immigration laws are just fine, thank you; the refusal to enforce them is why we have an illegal immigration disaster on our hands which, by the way, is entirely fixable. We need to define the enemy, and the enemy is Islam and stupidity, got it?”

Too much for the RNC. Forget China. Too much for everybody. America wasn’t looking for a Knight-in-Shining-Armor; America wanted a cookie-stamp presidential candidate; more-of-the-same; don’t-rock-the-boat; Heaven forbid if anyone would introduce Obama as Barack Hussain Obama; and the fix is in: the “New World Order” is a done deal; accept it.

No can do. And no votes. Meanwhile, America is continuing her inexorable slide into the “The Land of the Asterisks”: countries that once were on World Maps, but soon to be only found at garage sales and the “Antique Roadshow: “Sorry, not worth anything.”

No bitterness, just disappointment. No, America isn’t looking for any Knight; America isn’t looking for anything. America is 1930s Germany, with the Gestapo taking names, and the Administration whittling away at our freedoms through a myriad of Executive Orders. Add to the mix the IRS, Department of Homeland Security; and all the other alphabet-soup wasteful bureaucracies (each with its own rules and regulations) and add them all up and look around: we’re losing our country right before our very eyes and we can’t even see what’s going down because we’re in the forest and can’t even see the trees. We’re being smothered by rules, and each rule is that much less freedom.

And we’re just sitting around watching it happen because we don’t have the brains to back a Champion Knight in Shining Armor. All we’re doing is pandering to more-of-the-same: each one afraid of the word “deport”; each one afraid to name the enemy as Islam; each one afraid to kick the UN across the Atlantic; and each one fearful of China.

Okay, I had the illusion that our country would’ve been saved by now. Maybe I am bitter, after all.

Semper Fi


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  1. OPOVV-it’s all a sell out for the DNC. There is no intellect here, you must think “below the belt” theology here with a little “break and enter”- nothing real challenging especially when you look at Joe Shotgun Biden.

      -bot (the first letter, or the first couple letters of a person’s last name, are added to the suffix “bot”, as in O-bama-bot): a lost soul; a person who is, by choice, ignorant of the ramifications of claiming not to be versed or give a hoot about the US Constitution; a person who may act in a sane and rational manner but, truth be told, is actually a traitor to his or her country by turning their backs on the rules the writers of the Constitution set forth so we can live in peace and harmony; people who haven’t a clue; a group who are so totally politically naive as to believe that Socialism is perpetual and that Islam is “peaceful”; a group of people who are the desired end product of the Teacher’s Union and Public Education, as designed by the Communists who wish to destroy the USA from within.