Report: ISIS Within Five Miles of Baghdad


by Sharon Rondeau

Does Obama wish to defeat ISIS, or are his efforts half-hearted?

(Sep. 30, 2014) — On Tuesday evening, Megyn Kelly of “The Kelly File” reported after a conversation with a British cleric stationed in Baghdad that the terrorist group ISIS, or the “Islamic State,” is very close to Baghdad and may overtake Iraq’s capital city.

Car bombs and mortar attacks killed 35 people on Tuesday believed to have been launched by ISIS members.

The UK Independent reported that ISIS could reach Baghdad in “an hour” and that the Iraqi army “has little chance against Islamist fanatics using suicide bombings and fluid tactics.”  The Independent added that “US airstrikes are making little difference.”

The New York Daily News stated that ISIS was within two miles of Baghdad on Tuesday.

ISIS has been overtaking Iraqi army bases which are reportedly not well-provisioned amid a corruption crisis within the ranks and a new prime minister who has not yet filled open positions within his government.

In early August, Obama ordered air strikes in Syria and Iraq targeting ISIS compounds but assured the American public that ground troops would not be necessary to quell the barbaric terrorist group which even Al Qaeda, from which ISIS stems, has denounced as too extreme.  Sen. John McCain does not believe that air strikes alone will be sufficient to stop ISIS.

Obama admitted on Monday that the U.S. had “underestimated” ISIS’s capabilities, although U.S. intelligence personnel have indicated that they knew that ISIS existed and was growing in power a year ago.  Several weeks ago, Obama called ISIS a “JV” terrorist group.

Over a period of months, ISIS has brutally killed, raped, captured, and tortured thousands of Shia Muslims, religious minorities, and destroyed Christian churches and communities.  It has buried hundreds of women and children alive and continued to take in millions of dollars from oil fields taken from the Iraqi government.

As many as 150,000 Syrian refugees have entered Turkey in recent days, having been displaced by ISIS advances.

Obama has favored increased numbers of Muslim immigrants to the U.S. from various Middle Eastern nations and characterized the U.S. early in his regime as “a Muslim country.”  According to his life story, Obama spent four years in Indonesia between the ages of 6 and 10 and finds the Muslim call to prayer “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

On Wednesday, the International Business Times reported that Obama is seen as weak on Islamic terrorism, which may adversely affect Democrats in the upcoming November 4 elections.  Obama has also been criticized domestically for his “inaction” on ISIS.

Obama tried to assure Americans in a televised speech on September 10 that “ISIS is not Islamic.”

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  1. Bob1939   Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 3:49 PM

    Frightening Stuff, something that we all should be aware of… Muslim Leaders Declare Aim Of World Domination. Rome, London, Spain, Paris, America, ISIS…

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