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by OPOVV, ©2014

Former Rep. James Traficant, Jr. died on Saturday after a tractor accident on his farm near Youngstown, OH. He was 73.

(Sep. 29, 2014) — What would you say to the chances that the only person in Washington, DC to badmouth China would be singled out and censored? Out of the thousands of politicians, staffers, editors and reporters, only one was sent to prison, never to be heard from again, the lone voice of how China is doing us wrong, silenced. The one person to publicly complain about the non-existent “balance of trade” between the US and China (a multi-billion-dollar lie), fingered and carted off to a federal penitentiary, was James Traficant, and nobody stepped in to fill the vacuum.

Nobody took his place then, and nobody will take his place now. None of the 2016 potential presidential candidates have yet to utter a whisper about reversing the “most favored trade status” with China. Nobody. Not one. Because all they have to do is look at what happened to Traficant to get the message, right?


Eric Holder should be arrested, tried and convicted for aiding and abetting in the murder of border agent Brian Terry. Same with Hillary Clinton in her “incompetence (?)” in the murders of those in Benghazi, including the US Ambassador, Chris Stevens. Yet Traficant was singled out of all the lawbreakers in Washington, DC, for his attempts to protect the American worker; in letting the public know what was really going down between America and China; where the bribe and payoff money was going; and for what, exactly, some were getting paid their  “thirty pieces of silver.”

Listen: all of Traficant’s obituaries will not mention one word about his brave and honorable stand against China. Not one, you can count on it. But you and I will remember him as a man who stood alone, courageous in his stance against a system that sends American jobs overseas to slave labor and then those same goods that used to be manufactured here allowed to enter our country tariff-free. No wonder our balance of trade with China is out of whack.

And so, if you can hear me, James, thanks for the effort; just wish there were more like you out there.

Semper Fi


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