by Ron Ewart, ©2014, President, NARLO

(Sep. 28, 2014) — Good Lord, what has America come to when the main headline is NFL football player Ray Rice?  It seems he knocked out his fiancée in a casino elevator and got sacked by the Ravens and the NFL?  If anyone is surprised, they are deaf, dumb ….. and blind.  He should have been sacked.  He should go to jail.  This big brute’s fist is virtually a deadly weapon.  He could have killed her.  Rush Limbaugh spent almost an hour on the antics of this savage gorilla that can’t seem to control his temper.  The mainstream media and cable news are having a field day with it.  But the fiancée, Janay, now wife, if you can believe that, is sticking up for the creep.  Can it get any dumber than that?  So much for self-worth, intellect and intelligence.  Janay sounds like an emotional slave child.  Rush calls them low-information voters.  We call them savages.  And this is called news?  It’s news only in a shallow, hollow and just plain stupid America.

Then there is the item about some Hollywood beauties that photograph (or video-taped) naked “selfies” and sexual antics of themselves on their I-phones and uploaded them to Apple’s Icloud.  Then they get all hot and bothered when these delicate tidbits of erotic, high-tech pixels end up on the Internet for all to see.  This is news?  Are we supposed to feel sorry for these rich, self-absorbed and spoiled nut cases?  Perhaps, in a shallow, hollow and just plain stupid America.

Now race is a “fun” game for shallow, hollow and just plain stupid Americans, especially liberals.  Liberals never let a good race riot go to waste.  If a black man is shot or beat up by a white cop or a white man, or a half-white man, well, that’s a good excuse for other blacks to riot, pillage, burn and loot totally innocent whites, businesses and private homes.  They think they are entitled to riot because of past sins against them.  Really!  You never hear Asians complain, moan, or riot because of what was done to them in early America, or even now.  They just work hard and prosper.

Race riots are also an excuse for black presidents, black attorneys general and black race-baiters, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (or liberals of any stripe) to exploit the black-caused chaos for political or monetary gain.  Is it news when a black cop kills or beats up a white man?  Do whites riot because of it?  Never!  This can only happen in a shallow, hollow and just plain stupid America.

(NOTE: We prefer to call blacks “blacks,” because if they are African-Americans then we would be an American-American and that, of course, would be an oxymoron, if not wholly redundant.  Why are blacks not just Americans like the rest of us, or are they somehow special because of the color of their skin?  We ask you, name a race that hasn’t been persecuted sometime in history?  Whites are being persecuted by their government right now.  They just don’t know it.)

Then there are the brown-skinned illegal aliens flooding into America from all over the planet, thinking they will find a free lunch, salvation, or promote terror in the great and generous America.  We’re so generous (at least our all-wise government is) that we welcome them into America with open arms, forcing those here legally to pay for the mostly ignorant, peasant lawbreakers.  Unfortunately, uncontrolled, illegal immigration will have the same result of people drowning in the cold waters of the ocean trying to get on a lifeboat crammed to the gunnels with other people.  They may not swamp our lifeboat right away, but they certainly will seriously change the character of our country before they do and deliver the rest of us into the bowels of socialism.  It is abundantly evident that America cannot absorb all the poor and peasants of the world.  We risk becoming just another Banana Republic if we do.  We’re well on our way.

Now we’re really going to get into trouble for this one.  So just consider it as the possibly distorted observations of an old man.  Then there are women (mostly under 45) who are obsessed with their faces, their hair, their nails and toes, their shape, their clothes, their shoes, perfumes and their jewelry.  Of course, if they weren’t, the entire American economy would collapse overnight ($426 Billion annually on beauty products alone).  Nevertheless, we are deeply concerned about what the fashion industry does to young girls in their impressionable years.  Slick, sexually explicit, full-color advertisements, erotic TV shows and glamor magazines cheapen women and have boxed them into that dangerous world of sex objects.  It is tantamount to robbing young girls of their innocence and creating a false image of what it means to be a woman.  Many women say they want to be known for their minds, but how are they to be known for their minds when they hyper-accentuate their sexuality?  No, we are not advocating burqas for women.  But, as has been said many times, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Could all this be because too many Americans have become shallow, hollow and just plain stupid?

No, we are not going to let men off the hook.  Somehow, in the blending of the sexes, many men are becoming more like women.  To be a strong, virile and demonstrative man who is truly male, forthright and in control, has become unexplainably passé.  We’re not talking about a brute like an NFL football thug or a Neanderthal.  We’re talking about a strong, intelligent and honorable man who can be gentle when being gentle is appropriate and where his word is his bond.

Although we are aware that the issue is arbitrary, earrings, necklaces and long hair are not necessarily the signs of a real man.  Perhaps if there were more true males in our midst who were honorable, confident and proud of their manhood, we wouldn’t have let a pussy-footing, slick-talking, snake-oil con man, much less an over-aggressive, plump, demanding and scheming woman, to ever become president of the United States.  No, we know “she” isn’t president yet.  “She?”  You know, Bill’s loving and endearing wife who gets her kicks out of exposing Right-Wing conspiracies against her faithful and loyal husband.  That millions of voters would hand the presidency to this warped, overly-ambitious woman of highly questionable character can only be explained by the fact that way too many Americans have become shallow, hollow and just plain stupid.

Our impression of Obama, this girly half-black, half-white “man,” is that he would be sorely tested if a bully came up and punched him in the mouth; you know, like Putin.  We can see him getting up off his feet (if he can even get up), rubbing his bloody lip with the back of his sleeve and then asking a group of onlookers to become a coalition of the willing to negotiate with the bully.  We could only have this vision because too many Americans have become shallow, hollow and just plain stupid.

Oh, and let’s not forget the kids totally absorbed in their hand-held gadgets or video games, given everything they want and spoiled rotten by parents who are shallow, hollow, or just plain stupid.  Discipline, responsibility and a true education ….. what are they?  Prepare them for life’s experiences ….. what for?  Values and morality ….. who cares?  No, not every parent is that way, but way too many of them are.

Which brings us to Megyn Kelly, the feisty Fox News anchor, who found it necessary to interview two of the most well-known radical men in our country, Bill Ayers and Ward Churchill.  To give them a national platform to spew their vile, inflammatory and anti-American filth could only have been done for shock value and TV ratings.  Can this be anything else but shallow, hollow and just plain stupid?

Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, as Americans wallow in their trivia, infantile sports figures, mind-altering drugs and drool over scantily-dressed women, Russia’s Putin is hell-bent on imitating Hitler; Iran will probably get the nuke they have always wanted; Syria may start a third world war; ISIS is rubbing our collective noses in the savage act of beheading Americans while gobbling up more desert; Libya has fallen to the insurgents and the Benghazi cover-up is alive and well; China is looking to take over, by force, if necessary, some islands in the Western Pacific; Egypt is under the control of a junta; Greece, Italy, Spain and probably France and England are broke; NATO is a paper tiger; the European Union is a joke; our southern border is so porous you could float a battleship through it; 47 million Americans are on food stamps; America is over $17 Trillion in debt and heading for the shores of oblivion; the president, motivated only by poll numbers, is golfing, fund-raising and totally detached and doesn’t care; the Congress is so divided, unity on anything is all but impossible; federal agencies like the IRS, the EPA and the BLM are out of control and acting outside of the law, and our kids are being brainwashed in our public schools and colleges.  On top of that, the whole planet is dancing to the whip of the Central Bankers.  Sure there is more, much more, but a normal, reasonable and prudent person cannot help but see that America is an avalanche in the making, if it hasn’t already started crashing down the slope.  Oh, but who is the man in charge of our perilously listing ship of state ….. a lily-livered, fast-talking community (communist) organizer with virtually no executive and leadership experience?  Could it be because way too many Americans have become shallow, hollow and just plain stupid?

No, not every American is shallow, hollow and just plain stupid, but unfortunately at least half the country is, leaving the other half responsible for saving America’s future from the growing hordes of freeloaders, dolts and illegal aliens.  Most of the rest of the world is hoping the responsible half will finally take control of the great engine of freedom that is America and set the world straight.  But lack of strong leadership, a failed ideology and an abundance of corruption, apathy, fear, political correctness, radical environmentalism, social justice, stupid sports figures, drugs, scantily-clad women and wimpy men stand between the salvation of America and its ultimate destruction.

Let’s see now.  It’s quite possible we have succeeded in insulting just about everyone in America in an uncensored “splash” of political incorrectness.  But we make no apologies.  Unless other authors start saying it straight, as we have done here, no one is going to get it and there is no silver bullet and no leader or soldiers that can put America’s train back on the tracks.  Those are the facts today, unless the strong-hearted, fearless and courageous American spirit that we know still exists rises to the occasion, shoves the do-nothing, corrupt and contemptuous leaders aside, and takes control of the “wheel” in an act of relentless mutiny.  If we do not resist low-level and high-level tyranny on a grand scale, it will overwhelm us, and right now it is.

Ladies and gentlemen, this war of tyranny in which we are now embroiled won’t be won by wimpy men with rings in their ears, sports-figure bullies, illegal aliens, whiners, freeloaders, druggies, or scantily-clad women.  They will just be in the way because they are shallow, hollow and most are just plain stupid.

There are tens of millions of fine, decent people in America.  Hopefully, one day, these fine and decent people will stand up and right the egregious wrongs that have been inflicted upon their beloved country.

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NOTE:  The foregoing article represents the opinion of the author and is not necessarily shared by the owners, employees, representatives, or agents of the publisher.

Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property rights issues and author of this weekly column, “In Defense of Rural America,” is the president of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) (http://www.narlo.org/), a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners.  He can be reached for comment at mailto:info@narlo.org.


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  1. Appropriately titled “Too Many Americans…” however I am not in agreement with Richard’s quibble. I have said this in the past,”the Majority of the Minority is in control because a Minority of the Majority vote”. In other words, the Shallow, Hollow, and Just Plain Stupid are allowed by the overwhelming majority of Americans too willing to let the other guy do it. Ron, we are members of the Minority of the Majority but as long as you and other great writers continue to produce such well written articles on P&E I feel our numbers are rising.
    Semper Fi

  2. Perfect article that really NAILS THE PROBLEM WITH THE FORMER USA. I quibble with only one phrase ………. you state that half the country is ( stupid, shallow, etc). I am most certain that the number of stupid knuckleheads exceeds 85 per cent, at a minimum. I am currently on extensive travel, and the stupid factor is much worse out west. First hand experience.

  3. It is so very true that a little yeast will leaven the whole lump of dough. Now that we have tons and tons of yeast, what chance does the little lump of dough (honest America) still have?